Caltrans to shed more light on 110 Freeway

lightsEarlier this week Danny Duarte posted a message on the ASNC Yahoo Group asking residents for help to restore the lighting along the 110 Arroyo Seco Parkway, including the Avenue 43 Bridge in Montecito Heights, by filling out an MSR or Maintenance Service Request. Duarte wrote:

It’s a rather simple form and can be filled out in a minute or less. I don’t know if anything will be done but I do know it can’t hurt in a strength through numbers approach … For those of you that travel the freeway and or bridge I am sure you have noticed it is pitch black and this darkness poses a safety and security risk both on the freeway and surface street(s).

Apparently enough people submitted service requests because Caltrans is now in the process of restoring those lights.

Caltrans spokesman Patrick Chandler said copper wire thieves are to blame for those darkened lights along the freeway. It’s a frequent and costly problem the agency is struggling to deal with amid budget and personnel cutbacks. Still, Caltrans workers were spotted on Wednesday afternoon working on lighting.

“Currently, Caltrans electricians are working (under the direction of the Special Crews Manager Jerry Gonzales) along the Arroyo Seco Parkway (SR-110) to repair several of the lights along the highway that shut off due to wire theft,” said Chandler in an email. “Our crews expect to have the lights operational and theft deterrents in place within the next several weeks. Generally, our crews have very short windows to work because they can only close lanes of the SR-110 for short periods of time so they do not disrupt traffic.”

More lights out? Let Caltrans know by submitting a service request.


  1. Why on earth can’t/won’t Caltrans and the city of LA inspect and maintain freeway and city street lighting without the need to be prompted by residents filling out and submitting forms to ask them to do their job? This seems quite absurd to me.

  2. Like everything…resources – they don’t have enough to fix the lights let alone hire people to drive around and look for out lights. They could install sensors but again huge costs for that. In the meantime when anyone sees a light out – call 311. Same with graffiti…don’t wait for “someone” to do “something”, take the 10 seconds and fill out the form (it works too!) http://anti-graffiti.lacity.org/welcome.cfm?CFID=418&CFTOKEN=21C8F4AD-2435-4852-94673D6A1F252366

  3. Copper theft is also one of the reasons lights are out so CalTrans has to fight a constant battle to catch up and replace stolen wires.
    I once saw a guy stealing wire from the street lighting pull-boxes on the 110 northbound bridge over the LA River, just past the last of the tunnels. The guy was on the second out of five or six of those boxes. I immediately called 911 to report it. The next day when I drove by, all the boxes had been pried open and the lighting no longer worked. I guess they didn’t get there fast enough or never came at all.

  4. Let’s just turn the 110 into a bike path! Everyone should ride their bike to work!

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