Eastside Property: Echo Park green home builder goes for gold


Photo courtesy Sunia Homes

The Eastsider last February reported on the Echo Park home designed and built by Jerome Pelayo, who wanted the two-story home to serve as a showcase for his new company focused on building energy-efficient homes that were relatively affordable as well as stylish.  Last month, however,  Pelayo sold the 2,100-square-foot Echo Park home, built with partially pre-fabricated walls and a wood-pellet stove for heating, on Rosemont Avenue for $779,000, according to Redfin.  Why did Pelayo sell the newly built home?

“As much as my wife and I loved our home, we got excited about the prospect of a new challenge,” Pelayo said via email. “We’re looking to build a house for ourselves, that will push the limits of what’s possible in terms of environmental features.”

Pelayo did not say where his new home would be located but his green home building company, Sunia Homes, is preparing to  break ground on two Silver Lake homes on Descanso Drive, he said.  “We couldn’t be happier with our progress.”


  1. I volunteered at this house during the deLab home tours a while back – Jerome and his wife were so friendly and welcoming. It was great to see what they’re doing with green-building.

  2. Wow. very impressed. score one for “thoughtful” gentrification!

  3. That might have good environmental stuff about it, which is commendable, but otherwise that has got to be the ugliest ugly square box I’ve seen! I would HATE to live across the street and have to look at that place!

  4. Cha-ching!

    I think it looks cool and it’s on a cool street.

  5. Congrats your guys!

    It was a pleasure working with you on the sale and can’t wait to see your next projects in Silver Lake! Your doing things no other builder is doing and I’m glad you be a small part of it!

  6. For those who follow the real-estate mantra “location, location, location,” this property seems overpriced for the area. If I had a client who qualified for a $780,000 property, I’d recommend a (possibly smaller) home in the Silver Lake Hills or Franklin Hills, or even Los Feliz, north of Hollywood Blvd. The area around Sunset and Alvarado just doesn’t seem to justify paying such a high price for a single-family home, as nice and ecologically-friendly as it may be.

    • Nine Double Ohh 2 Sixxxer

      Good luck finding a…

      “(possibly smaller) home in the Silver Lake Hills or Franklin Hills, or even Los Feliz, north of Hollywood Blvd.”

      …for $780k or less. That’s where property has appreciated the most. I’d imagine that this buyer had a large portion of cash down and didn’t have to qualify for much. Many of the SL and LF homes are being snatched up by all cash buyers.

      I like the house too, keep it up!

      • I just searched the MLS and found these current listings:
        2323 Earl Street, Silver Lake, 1844 square feet: $675,000
        2980 Waverly Drive, Silver Lake, 1942 square feet, close to Ivanhoe School: $729,000
        There isn’t much out there in Silver Lake in that range, I admit – and even less in Los Feliz/Franklin Hills – but listings do come up in those areas in that range. I’d rather send my child to Ivanhoe School than to that charter school with a view of Lucy’s Laundromat.

  7. This isn’t the house I was thinking of – there is a similar house on Silver Ridge Ave. in Silver Lake.

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