Five injured after pick up truck tumbles off Echo Park freeway

A pick up truck traveling on the northbound 2 Freeway veered off the highway this afternoon and tumbled across an Echo Park street, injuring five passengers, including three children. The white, Nissan Tundra landed upright on Allesandro Street near Whitmore Avenue after crashing through some brush and plunging more than 100 feet from the onramp, said CHP Officer R. Myrie.  The truck did not strike any persons or vehicles on the street that parallels the freeway.

It’s not clear what caused the truck to drive off the freeway, and no information was available about the nature of the victims’ injuries.

Zimry Sanchez, who pulled three children from the back seat of the truck, said the children and the two women in the front of the truck were bloodied but conscious when  he and other Allesandro Street residents emerged from their homes after hearing the truck tumble across the street.

A woman named Maria came out of her home and “saw something that was rolling over and over with a lot of smoke. Then I saw it was the truck.”

Allesandro was closed to traffic as the CHP conducted an investigation.

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  1. People, please slow down!

  2. Let’s close this section of the 2 and make it a park, screw the ugly sound barrier wall. It’s nothing but trouble and was never used for what it was intended for anyways.

    • I’m curious why you consider it nothing but trouble, and what you mean by never being used for what it was intended for.

      It’s a freeway entrance stretch leading to five other freeways, that’s a problem?

      • It was originally supposed to be connected with another freeway that never got built, years ago and the whole project got scrapped, it’s a bottleneck of a mess of a freeway there. I live off of Allesandro and would love for the too to begin/end at the 5 freeway and would love for them to not cut down all the trees along the freeway in order to build a 20ft graffiti canvas, oops i mean ‘sound barrier’ wall. So yes, Its a problem. 🙂

        • The 2, I mean, not the too.

          • To clarify … this is from metro …

            The Glendale Freeway (SR-2) was originally planned and constructed in 1959 to connect with the Hollywood Freeway (US-101) through the neighborhoods of Silver Lake and Echo Park. In 1962, as a result of local community opposition, the full build-out plan was rescinded and construction was terminated at the present SR-2 terminus near Glendale Bl and Duane St.

          • Ah, got it. Yes it does bottleneck (mostly southbound onto Glendale I’ve noticed) but you are right – I wish it would connect to the 101 as well and clear off Glendale Blvd altogether.

            The reason i asked was it seemed you were blaming the 2 freeway for the accident, but it seems to me Allijill’s comment is more appropriate, that it does take special driving talent to have an accident like this. I’m curious to know more. Because as fas as I see it, that stretch of 2 is pretty much just wide and straight and not dangerous per se at all.

          • Not quite right, SquiggleySpooch. The 2 Freeway was not simply to go to the Hollywood Freeway. It was to go across the city to the Westside, through Silver Lake, generally along the Melrose corridor, and through Beverly Hills to the 405. Yes,it crossed the Hollywood Freeway on it way, but that was never the destination.

            Due to a LOT of opposition, especially from Beverly Hills, it never got past where it ends now.

          • Cool, thanks for the clarification Mark.

  3. This is a reason why that freeway there should have a concrete barrier alongside. This particular location simply has a chain link fence!

    (Of course, I can’t be clear on the location, since the story says near Whitmore, but also says about 100 feet from the onramp. Well, the nearest onramp would be off Glendale Blvd,. at least 7 blocks away, not 100 feet!)

    Sorry eastside arts, but the story says they were on the freeway, not a local street. The speed limit is 65. The issue here is not likely to be that they were speeding.

  4. Kudos to Zimry Sanchez for coming to the rescue of the children in the back seat!

  5. My wife and I were just pulling up to the stop sign at Allesandro and Whitmore when we saw the truck coming to a stop on Allesandro after rolling off the 2 freeway. We heard screams and we saw smoke was pouring from the vehicle… there were fluids leaking on to the street from under the hood and chassis. Several people stopped to help as the vehicle occupants were pulling themselves and children out of the truck. One woman ran back to the smoking wreckage and began looking for items to retrieve, while one onlooker began shouting at her to get away from the vehicle. A witness said he actually saw the vehicle roll down the embankment from the freeway onto Allesandro. I could see the path of destruction where the chain link fence sagged and a tree sat toppled in the middle of the street. I’m not sure if speed was an issue… but obviously the driver lost control for whatever reason. My first thought was that perhaps a tire blew after hitting one of the treacherous potholes at the entrance of the 2 fwy… but that is just speculation. I began to notice that much of the freeways around the 2 and the 5 are above street level with only chain link fence for protection from out of control vehicles .

  6. Not that it matter but its a Nissan frontier, the tundra is made by Toyota.

  7. I drive that section of the northbound 2 every day, and I could see how the tumbling Tundra might’ve over-swerved to avoid some other driver’s insanity on the freeway. Some people do not know how to hand it when 2 lanes become 4.

  8. I saw a Range Rover fly off the 5 Fwy when i was driving down Riverside drive last year between Fletcher and Glendale blvd.
    It was pretty surreal . It flew off the FWY and tumbled down the embankment on its way down to Riverside Drive .It took down a tree and a pole. The driver looked pretty wasted . A male driver and a female passenger each got out on their own .

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