Found: Fox-like dog with bushy tail in Mt. Washington

photoSubmitted by K. Purdy

This little dog has spent the last few days and nights in our yard, and though it has a collar with bones on it.  there appears to be no contact information. Not an expert on dog breeds but this one looks a bit like a fox with a sort of long bushy tail. We are on Terrace 49 in Mount Washington, right off El Paso. Contact at kjp1627@lausd.net.

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  1. Please also post on both the Craigslist Lost and Found and Pets sections.
    Good luck.

  2. What an adorable dog. If you haven’t yet, I’d suggest taking it to a shelter or vet to see if it’s microchipped.

  3. A helpful thing to do would be to take this dog to a nearby vet or shelter to have it scanned for a chip. Perhaps the owner is looking for it!

  4. Looks like a coyote in disguise to me. I’d keep a close eye on that little dude.

  5. Theres a lost dog notice on my street for a dog that looks like this little guy. I am going to email you a pic of the notice.

  6. Pasadena Humane Society has a lost dog notice for a dog that looks just like this one. Please contact them!

  7. Thanks for all the concerned voices! Yesterday was the first day we did not see the dog!…so we left our gate open last night to encourage it to come back: ) FYI, the dog has only allowed me to pet it and approach it ONCE-two days ago-and then a neighbor and I tried to locate contact information on collar and dog ran off! Haven’t seen the little guy-or gal- since! I will call Pasadena Humane Society-thanks so much for the tip!

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