It’s been a busy month for Highland Park car thieves

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Car and truck owners in Highland Park and Garvanza may want to make sure their vehicles are locked up after more than 20 vehicles have been stolen so far this month, according to CrimeMapping.com  The vehicles have been stolen across the neighborhood, from north of York Boulevard as well as in Garvanza, where two vehicles were stolen from the 600 block of Chestnut Avenue. But car thieves have been particularly active along or near Figueroa Street, where  seven vehicles were reported stolen from around Avenue 50 on the south to Avenue 58 on the north. The vehicles thefts have taken place all month long,  beginning on Jan. 1 and the most recent on Jan. 28, according to CrimeMapping.com.


  1. Ya know what would help prevent these theft? Cop’s actually patrolling. Or at least responding when you call in a complaint.
    As is, don’t expect to see these numbers drop anytime soon. Like most things in the hood this tends to be very low priority for the police.

  2. Shaun, I am a police officer assigned to LAPD Northeast Area, and I can tell you that Auto Theft is a very high priority for us. We closely monitor the crime patterns, adjust strategies and missions, and measure results.

    Our Special Problems Unit (SPU), patrol, and detectives cleaned up a major hotspot in the East Hollywood & Silver Lake areas earlier this month. Our Gang Unit, which is commonly deployed in Highland Park because of gang activity, is also being tasked with GTA suppression (and there is frequently a nexus to criminal street gangs). The area is also receiving additional resources to fight this problem.

    There has been an effect already: most of our auto crime occurs between midnight – 6am, but this week, it has shifted to 6pm – midnight. As I stated, we monitor and adjust. We also ask for the public’s cooperation in this battle. We encourage the community members to call 877-ASK-LAPD for non-emergencies (reserving 911 for emergency calls) when they see suspicious criminal behavior. We also promote a Lock It, Hide It, Keep It program to remind folks to lock their cars and hide their vehicles. Finally, Northeast offers a subsidized cost on The Club — an excellent deterrent available for only $12 at Northeast Station.

    Officer Scheerer
    Northeast LAPD

    • With all due respect to Officer Scheerer, my experience of the NE Area police response was very disappointing. My car was stolen from the York/Figueroa area on January 6th. I reported it to the officer on duty who was simultaneously chatting with a female about obviously non work-related matters and discussing his take out dinner order. He could have at least had the professionalism to put me on hold while he did so and then give me his undivided attention while I made my report. He said he would call me back in 20 minutes. 45 minutes later, I had to call him back. After this, I heard not one word from the police. I went in person to the station to purchase The Club and at that time found out the name of the detetective assigned to my case (well, cases, as my car had been broken into as well on 12/25). I called the NE Area Station twice trying to reach that detetective and once left a message specifically asking he call me back. Nothing. Could the detetective not have taken 5 minutes to call me and say, SOMETHING with regard to my stolen car and what the police were doing about it? I will say that after the break in on the 25th of December the police distributed flyers on windshields on my street about keeping your car safe. Otherwise, my experience with the police in this matter was entirely negative. I know the police have more important things to occupy their time but there is no excuse for the unprofessionalism of the person who took my report over the phone, nor for the inability of the detective to have the professional courtesty to return my call.

  3. i would recommend that everyone put a ‘no radio’ sticker [well, this is what they said in the seventies] on your driver’s side window. i have a “no laptop, iphone, ipad, money, etc.” on my window, & i am certain that this acknowledgment that thieves are ‘shopping’ while scoping out the car, are figuring there really is nothing in the car. my car remains
    untouched while every one else on the block has been hit.

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