Transient found dead near Echo Park recreation center*

The body of a homeless person was found this morning near the Echo Park Recreation Center on Bellevue Avenue, according to police.  There were no signs of foul play and the body was transported from the scene by the coroner’s office, according to an officer with the Rampart Department. He had no further details.  One person who drove past this morning said he saw police and “what looked like a body on the play equipment in the center of the playground.”

Update: A Recreation and Parks employee was told that a maintenance worker discovered the body of a man early this morning on one of two small bridges in the playground. The man was barefoot and clad in shorts when his body was found.


  1. Probably froze to death. It’s so sad that we don’t take care of our needy!

  2. Yes. And at the Rec Center too. The city could open these centers at night to the homeless for shelter, so they don’t freeze to death or otherwise are subject to danger. Instead, the city, and under Garcetti’s leadership and push when he was Council president, chooses to roust them on Skid Row and find reasons to throw them in jail. And run them out of any other place in the city where they might take hold — again under Garcetti’s push, as when he did that to the ones on Riverside Drive (but then, it turned out he had a real state developer wanting them out, and you know how money speaks, very loudly with Garcetti).

  3. May this person find peace and comfort.

  4. My family actually knew the guy

  5. Bobby- could you tell us about him?
    the nearest cold weather shelter is in Glendale and only sleeps 80 people. Next nearset is Pasadena and also take abotu 80 folks. Instend of rec centers (a good idea but the winter shelters need to open each night by 5:00pm) we should use all LAUSD middle and high school gyms for for winter shelters.

  6. That man was my first cousin.
    Lost touch with him some time ago from his moving around a lot.
    Please keep our family in prayer.

  7. That man was my cousin who leaves behind a daughter and sons who loved him! Its sad that you lose touch with family members not knowing how bad things are for them until something bad happens! We need to make sure that everyone has a warm & safe place to sleep at night! Please pray for the whole family to find peace and that my cousin rests in peace!

  8. Mary- so sorry for you and yours.

  9. Glad some of you see Whay GARCETTI is all about. I will not be voting GARCETTI. He Sold US out.

    • I’m not a huge fan of Garcetti myself, but I don’t think this story is the proper place to express your dislike for him. It isn’t Garcetti’s fault – or the fault of any politician – that this man passed away.

      • the politicians could have opened more winter shelters in the City of Los Angeles. There are none in Silver Lake, Echo Park, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Highland Park, or any of the communities near by (except Skid Row). Other cities have found a way to have winter shelters. As far as Mr. Garcetti; I have not decided who I will support for Mayor yet, but I will say he has done a lot in developing housing for formerly homeless and other very low income.

      • Actually, the city’s policy to dealing with the homeless is VERY much a proper topic linked to this story.

        Garcetti helped LEAD the city’s policy about the homeless! Don’t listen to what he might tell you he wants and is doing; look at what he actually does! The great liberal wants to roust the homeless everywhere they go, and find reasons to toss them in jail so as to clear the streets.

        Had Garcetti instead pushed a very different city policy, one that actually helps the homeless, this story might very well not be published now.

  10. I wish this blog had comments disabled, I hate all of you.

  11. With all due respect to his family and this man’s life, he was found wearing shorts for goodness sakes. Let’s not jump to conclusions and blame the city, politicians, and etc (or even himself…dare I say it?). If concern is so great, please donate warm clothes and blankets to a shelter or give it to those in need directly. I know that is what I’ll be doing right now. Let’s do something proactive rather than be passive aggressive and voice it on comments section of this blog.

  12. The man we speak of was my father.. as I read these comments it rips my heart in half. He was not a homeless transient man.

    See for yourselves.. Check Facebook.. Gilbert Rodriguez

    Updated Artwork, please share this flyer: My dear friends, we are proud to announce the lineup for Gilbert Rodriguez’s Memorial Fundraiser, happening February 23rd at Nick’s Taste of Texas. Pre-Sale tickets are $15 and will be on sale at http://www.GilbertRodriguezTribute.org and the Taste of Texas (626-331-2824.) Proceeds benefit Gilbert’s family as they recoup his funeral costs. Please come out and support this loving tribute to our friend Gilbert. — with Manuel Gonzales, Latin Vibe, Lorie Lola Rabago and 15 others.

    He was known by many, he served as a Marketing manager for Latino Musician bands. He became terminally ill, physically he didn’t get to have his surgery. He had gone to the hospital a month before he passed..He was too ill to continue traveling to his residence. I had not been able to reach out to him due to phone issues.. I want to remember him as a loving father and a helpful man to all.. He was also involved in doing Fundraisers for the Needy, helping out at Food banks and working for a cause to help anyone he can… Please keep politics off this post.. Let’s start a blog on Facebook or Twitter to raise awareness for homeless and politics.

    • Dear Left Behind. I just found out about Gilbert’s passing being that my Landlady received this information only about a week ago. I met Gilbert and found him to be so nice an friendly and helpful with my yard work. He always wanted to help out whenever he could. Then all of a sudden I did not see him walking up the hill on Avon and Ewing where he lived in a house. So I know for a fact that he was not homeless. He will be missed greatly. He had a big smile every time I would see him and he was always so positive. I did not know he was ill. My deepest condolences to you and yours.

    • Dear Left Behind, I just learned of Gilbert’s passing yesterday from my landlady. I read this website all of the time but never would have thought it was him when I first saw the post back in January. I knew Gilbert very well. He tended to my lawn and offered my help with services from the county that I never followed up on. He was always so postive and would listen to my banter more then a few times. He also had that big smile. I did not know he was ill. I just didn’t see him anymore walking up Ewing to Avon where his house was. I thought he had moved away. My deepest condolences to you and yours. I will post a message on the facebook page.

  13. On The Week of Jan,21 2013 a Homeless man named Danny Was Found dead as he sat on a bench adjacent to the tennis court’s located at the intersection of Temple St & Glendale Blvd. on the south/west corner of the Echo,Park Recreation center. Does anybody have any new info pertaining to this latest Death on L,A. City Park Property?

  14. this current Death occured 8 Days apart from the posting of Mr. Gilbrt Rodriguez’s Passing. which was posted jan 14 2013. Danny’s passing was early morning Tues Jan 22 2013, according to witnesses at the scene.

    • Black Danny's Daughter

      I was just looking online to see if I seen anything written about my dad. My dad’s name was Daniel d. Flores he was the man found at the park on January 28, 2013. My dad was very was a great loving father to 5 of us. Like many people he got caught up and couldn’t seem to get back. For years my dad drove a 18 wheeler for a living and took care of his family even after his marriage to my mother ended. Wellv one horrible day he hit a car pared on the side of the freeway and injuries accrued. My father paid for that accident for a few years incarcerated. After being released he ended up in the street and just you say got use to it. Well all I can say is that my dad was always in my life and I was never ashamed of how he lived, although my older sister and I took him to our house many times and many times he left. I always looked for him and I always found him. His last three years of his life we spent them together. And i gave my dad the proper burial a person deserves. So this is for the concerned ones. It’s so hard to see your loved one out in the street butv until you’ve threw what they have don’t judge them. Thank you those who knew him and helped him out in anyway….black Danny’s daughter

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