Can Eric Garcetti stick to a decision? Maybe, maybe not

garcettiAn L.A. Times story on mayoral candidate and Silver Lake resident Eric Garcetti raises questions on whether Garcetti, who currently serves as councilman of the 13th District,  stands by his promises and decision making.  The story includes two examples from Echo Park, where some constituents said they got burned by Garcetti’s flip-flops on neighborhood issues. One of the examples in the Times story deals with the controversial bid by the owner of Fix Coffee to obtain a liquor license:

Questions of Garcetti’s reliability arose for Marc Galucci, who went to the councilman for support in turning his Echo Park cafe into a restaurant serving beer and wine. Galucci assembled neighbors to back his application for a liquor license for Fix Coffee, but parents of some children at a nearby school opposed it.

Galucci said Garcetti told him that he would remain neutral but offered suggestions on how to gain community support. Then, at 10 p.m. the night before the liquor license hearing, a Garcetti representative phoned. “Tomorrow at the hearing we’re going to oppose this,” she said.

“I was just flabbergasted,” said Galucci. He later learned that Monica Garcia, president of the Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District, had asked Garcetti to oppose the request.

In the end, Galucci got the license, but he said the situation left him with a bad taste.

Garcetti, who at one point lived about two blocks away from Fix Coffee,  denied he had remained to stay neutral on the issue.  In fact, Garcetti refuted the examples in the Times story, saying he keeps his promises and spends time taking all information into account before making a final decision. “I listen to a lot of people to make sure I’m as well-informed as possible up until the last hour,” he told the Times.


  1. Fix should have NEVER got the liquior licence. Neither should have the then 15 an red hill for that matter. There ate laws that cover the protection of children. I applaud m Garcia for saying a no vote an i cant stand get politics. Im still on the undecided list. For Mayor. I will say this if GARCETTI baked OFarrill. I would vote GARCETTI. Mitch is the check an balance we need.
    ****** VOTE MITCH O******** CD13 CITYCOUNCIL.

  2. If this story is true, then it speaks extremely poorly of Eric Garcetti.

    It would make him just another tired politician who does things for political expediency instead of doing things that are just plain right and sensible.

    Los Angeles City Hall is stuffed with “Photo Op” politicians.

    But the changing consciousness will fix many of these problems.

    • He changed his position for a good reason. If you agree or not with his decision on the license it was changed because Garcetti was led to believe that there was full community support and this was not true. Those most local to Fix coffee became involved much later in the process and presented opposition to the license. It took a lot of courage for him to change his position that far into the process and take the backlash that he received because of it.

  3. Not really a fan of Garcetti, i work in the area and we have placed many calls to his office and received no help from him or his incompetent double talk assistant. We rarely even get a call back. I guess we dont contribute to his campaign so why would he care.
    But as far as a liquor licence for a restaurant serving beer and wine? Get over it! Here you have a organised restaurant serving beer and wine in a controlled atmosphere. Protecting school children? Are you kidding me? Look around . Many parents drink, smoke and do drug around their children. Kids walk into liquor stores to by thier candy and sugary drinks stepping over the drunk drug addicts and homeless. This illusion that you can protect children from the so called evils of society by closing pot shops and denying liquor licenses are really antiquated. Parents raise your children right show them some attention on occasion and stop blaming everyone else.

  4. Garcetti should have stepped in to prevent the demolition of the cottages at Sunset Junction. For that reason alone, I won’t be voting for him.

    • Silver Lake resident

      Same! I have been relaying this story (and the Sunset Junction condo/apartment clusterf**k deal) to my friends who don’t live in CD 13 — and it convinces them not to vote for him, too!

      More people need to know about this. Garcetti doesn’t care to preserve Silver Lake’s character — how can we expect him to care about helping the entire city?

  5. What is Garcetti’s position on the Barlow Development?

  6. Amen, Ruth. And Tom, I’m sure your question won’t even get acknowledged until after the election, at which time – if Garetti wins – God forbid – many many calls will go unanswered, no one will have a firm answer, and the first you learn of anything is when you see the bulldozers…..

  7. Hope all voters wake up about Garcetti !!He ignores everyone while lieing constantly at debates that he ‘knocks on doors’ for community INPUT. He refused to respond to anyone about his higher density Hollywood Community Plan, which accommodates his developer funder’s projects, that he manipulated the passing of.and lied the day it was voted on that he ‘knocked on doors’ While all present could not believe his arrogance and lieing without flinching. He ignored thousands of Hollywood Residents, he ignored an on line petition with thousands more opposing it, he even ignored the Pres. of the LAFD who warned with is higher density ILLEGAL Community Plan ‘people will die, fires will burn out of control, we cant get to people now..this is irresponsible, dangerous stuff!” Garcetti’s response? ‘People dont be afraid’, and then he got the CIty Council to vote UNANIMOUSLY FOR IT.All opposed to his HCP were told by him that day ‘if you don’t like living in Hollywood MOVE!” THAT’S how he wants Community Input! He LIES about wanting to hear from residents and having community input.OH NO HE DOESN’T!!He refused to respond to anyone or even admit the existance of his HCP to the Press.His middle name is ‘unavailable for comment’ He refuses to comment on the most controversial issues, instead GOING INTO HIDING. How can anyone running for MAYOR get away with this?He has now gone into hiding over his Millennium Skyscrapers in Hollywood. By his developer funder that his HCP accommodates.He LIED at the debate on channel 7, when asked and said that they dont exist..brushed it off and moved on..NO ONE PRESSED HIM for THE TRUTH! This was the night before the first Planning Hearing for them! He again DENIED he is for The Towers in Hollywood on that Sunday’s channel 7 AM news. He is FUNDED by the developer, who he has sold Hollywood off to..and ofcourse he listens to NO ONE. He lies and lies and lies and some people might buy his lies. But anyone who has tangled with him, gone to city council meetings, BEGGED for him to listen Or RESPOND.. knows that HE IS A LIER AND A FRAUD and will say whatever he needs to say to get elected..Guess he does not need Hollywood’s votes because he continues to ignore and screw Hollywoodians. We hope the rest of L.A. figures this out before Election Day! DO NOT VOTE FOR LIEING ERIC GARCETTI!

    • just got a robo-call asking my opinions on him: gave him all negative ratings. it’s his own fault: I voted for him originally and was sorely disappointed. wish I like one of our mayoral candidates though.

  8. Sigh, lying. I’m just saying.

  9. Hollywood is a taste of what Garcetti would back throughout LA. He wants to “force” people into public transit that does not go anywhere. How? But relieving his developer buddies of code complaint parking. Yes ERIC. If you cut the parking way down it’s as if you just put $2 or 3 million into the pocket of your developer buddies. And he lies about that too.

  10. Is it true you are not asking or answering your constiguents-will you do the same with the Van Nuys video conference-how will you encourage the city
    council as mayor when you could not do it on the councilAre you bought off by
    developers like the CRA- I want you as mayor not Wendy Greuel who owes the
    DWP is she wins

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