Ballot Box: County Supervisor Molina backs Sigala in Council District 13 election

Photo Courtesy Sigala for City Council

Photo Courtesy Sigala for City Council

Former Echo Park neighborhood council president Jose Sigala today picked up the high-profile endorsement of  Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina in his bid to become councilman of the 13th District, which includes Atwater, Echo Park, Silver Lake and other neighborhoods.  Molina, one of the most prominent elected officials in Los Angeles, praised Sigala as having  “the professional and community credentials to be an effective leader and City Council Member in City Hall.”

Sigala is running against 11 other candidates seeking to replace Councilman Eric Garcetti, who is termed out of office and running for mayor.  Sigala, who has worked in city as well as state government,  headed the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council for six years, a period in which he spearheaded several cleans up and neighborhood projects but also attracted intense criticism from opponents and former supporters.

Candidates in the Council District 13 and Council District 1 races are scheduled to appear tonight during a candidate forum in Echo Park.


  1. This is the only thing I can think of that Molina’s done during her time in Government:

  2. that makes sense….both are bullies.

  3. Isn’t she the one who insisted we call the Gold Line the Linea de Ora? I lost all respect for her right there… she obviously has low expectations for immigrant communities.

  4. Que?

    No hablan Ingles!!

  5. Obviously Gloria Molina never attended a Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council meeting. Maybe the old broad likes sumo wrestling. In any case, this is too funny.

  6. Gloria Molina endorsed Jose Sigala in 2003 when he ran (quite unsuccessfully I might add) for a school board position (LAUSD.) I recently came across Jose additional endorsements from that 2003 campaign, and I think the link is telling: a cast of interesting characters (some representing the city of Bell, a few from the city of Cudahy, Fabian Nunez and a most unfortunate John Noquez.) http://www.smartvoter.org/2003/03/04/ca/la/vote/sigala_j/endorse.html

  7. This is terrible. Birds of a feather – I hope that they bring each other down and that nobody is fooled by their antics.

    Molina and Sigala: Bad for Echo Park. Bad for America.

  8. Also, didn’t Gloria Molina oppose Fix’s (a local business!) beer and wine permit on some unprincipled, craven, “think of the children” stance?

    • Not sure about Molina and Fix; I think it might have been a school board member who opposed the project, not Molina. ( I could be wrong on this.) What I do find curious is that among Jose Sigla’s campaign contributors are both Fix and the owner of Fix. I assume this could be in the pay to play category or maybe just gratitude that the Neighborhood Council with Mr. Sigla as president did not oppose to the project. I have supported Fix but don’t understand how Mr. Sigla imagines he should be on the City Council. It would appear that his leadership on the Council couldn’t have been much worse. And then there is the fact that the head of Barlow has given his campaign a large contribution.

      • The tally is up to at least $4000. from the Barlow Camp-a Dr., Accountant, Fundraiser, Nurse, Consultants., consultants partner, and architect……Makes for some lovely reading…..very “pay to play”…such a waste of good money they could be putting towards renovations!

        Oh, and don’t forget the very “infamous” Henry Nunez, former partner of Victor Griego, now the employer of former Garcetti staffer, Marta Segura….the co- signer of all of those delicious money transfers from GEPENC to Garcetti to the HiFi Inc…..Oh what wicked webs we weave……….ain’t politics fun?


        • Henry Nunez & Victor Griego (family trust) were once co-owners of the Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Tract (the site in which 3 acres of open space turned into a pile of crap, built too close to a busy freeway….cough, cough…asthma, low birth weight, all those pollutants, etc.) Some one really needs to investigate these GEPENC, Garcetti & Hi Fi, Inc. money transfers. Ahhhhhh, nuthin’ like “Leadership in Action!”

  9. Geez louise, ugh.

  10. Many thanks to the good people of EPIA that hosted last night’s CD1 & CD13 candidate forum. Well attended by community, unfortunate that not all candidates were present. When is the next forum scheduled?

  11. Ewwww! Lower than low!

  12. How is it that this one candidate, Sigala, is running in CD 9 and CD13 at the same time?
    No one else is doing this… this seems very irregular as many of the folks that are donating are maxing out or close to it… $500 in CD9, $200 in CD13? Really?

    Book keeping error? Or is this a pattern of deception? Do the Donors Know?
    Does Molina Know who she has endorsed?

    This is the Leader of GEPENC that got the Funds Frozen. This is not about Barlow there is a larger pattern of corruption here.

    Cecilia Ramos, VGR and Associates, gave $800 in total isn’t that over the $700 limit?

    Now she has given $100 to Matt Szabo… Is Ramos hedging her bet?

    Go and look for yourself at Sigala’s record:


    If you don’t put in any CD number you’ll see this file if you go and look at other candidates you’ll see what is up.

    • David, have you contacted the media? This possible “irregularity” needs to be highlighted. I see that 7-11 provided a donation and Senor Fish made a second donation. Silly fools….take your money and spend it Echo Park, you get more for your money there. People, don’t waste your money on Jose Sigala.

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