Echo Park journalist pursues a different kind of beat

When she’s not writing stories for the L.A. Times, reporter Kate Linthicum of Echo Park performs as a vocalist for a group called Basement Babies, which this month released a music video featuring a new song, “Avenues.”  Most of the “Avenues” video seems to have been shot in Echo Park, including scenes on the Laveta Terrace Steps and at  A Grocery Warehouse on Sunset Boulevard.  What’s a journalist doing singing in clubs and shooting  a music video?  Linthicum, in a 2011 West Coast Sound interview, said:

“In the post-digital world, there’s a whole new set of references, and we’re compressing our lives into keys and screens,” says Linthicum. “So more than ever, we need to hear singers and the beat of the drum. The power of rock and roll is still there, but can we be, like, not too embarrassed to fully embrace it? That power is still relevant.”


  1. This video has two people reading an ArtForum together.

  2. without reading the article, & based SOLELY on the picture, i’m going to assume this is a hipster-agenda-pushing thing?

  3. I love that people are revisiting the grunge DIY era. However, this video was painfully acted and embarrassing. I will not comment on the ‘styling’ of the band.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if a rival Los Angeles Times reporter writes a song that celebrates trees and entitles it “Cypress.” (Am I being too obscure here?)

  5. This shit is weak. Stick to writing sister.

  6. I need to get out of LA.

  7. I’m guessing she wishes that quote would disappear forever.

  8. ease up people. you’re supposed to do pretentious, potentially embarrassing crap when you’re young. let them be.

  9. A good journalist and singer both; great stuff, Kate.

  10. i kinda like the song its fun but yea the video is horribly mis styled …and and trying waaaay to hard to be cool. being young is is not a good excuse, there are so many talented people their age doing cool shit… Art Forum? Really?

    • yes, many people who are young do really great stuff. but that doesn’t mean that those who lack talent should just give up on the idea of doing anything artistic. it’s the act of doing it that matters. who cares if it sucks? art is such a subjective thing that there is always someone who will think it is terrible. if you like it: great; if you don’t: don’y pay attention to it. as long as they had fun. i would rather people make bad art, than join gangs or do drugs or something that’s ultimately bad for them (and society).

      • The vibe they give off is that they are not trying to suck so its a fail. Dig a little deeper so that you dont suck that’s all i’m saying. Personally I don’t think its that subjective but yhea I guess if its a choice between making pretentious videos rather than committing crimes its a win.

  11. I LOVE this!!! You guys are crazy this song is so catchy! So they dress bad especially the dude with the raybans but who cares that is one killer guitar line!!!!

  12. Great song! I know these guys and they definitely are not trying to be cool- hence the imperfect acting, obvious irony at reading an Art Forum, nods to the 90s, and kitty cat purrfect for youtube shots. The vid seemed to me embarrassing but enjoyable and good for a couple laughs

  13. Silver Lake journalist

    Newsflash: Most local musicians have day jobs. A lot of them are journalists. This “band” is nothing special…and if Eastsider is going to cover music, why not a better local band that actually writes solid tunes and doesn’t piggyback on it’s frontwoman’s high profile paycheck gig for publicity?

    Also, that quote is pretty pretentious and lame.

  14. Welll at least they are, apparently, not using the Baxter Street Stairs. I’ve been in this ‘hood longer than anybody; I’m 116 years old and lived here most of my life. My longevity is attributed to many secrets, including, but not limited to, eating special mushrooms in Elysian Park and having had an affair with Amy McPherson, with whom I did the “McPherson” strut back in the day.

    What was the problem or question asked? Oh, about vibrancy…depends what drug you take.

  15. I Brake for LA Natives

    Lame. The reason why Echo Park is just a big American Idol stage.

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