Gunfire but no injuries in Silver Lake

Some Silver Lake residents living near Parkman Avenue and Silver Lake Boulevard awoke at about 3 a.m. to the sound of multiple gunshots and screeching tires. “Last night we were thrown from our bed from the sound of gunfire,” said one Silver Lake man who snapped photos of the bullet casings this morning . “Very scary. Not sure what happened but there was about 7 shots and then a car tearing away.  Tired of idiots like this claiming turf.”   An officer with the Rampart Division said officers did respond to a call of shots being fired but found no evidence that anyone had been injured.

A few hours earlier in a separate incident nearby, “tons of cop cars and cops on foot with flashlights and a helicopter circling [overhead]” descended on Occidental Boulevard and Reservoir Street at about 9:30 p.m. on Sunday night, said one Silver Lake resident. “It was a little unnerving to watch.”

The Eastsider is seeking information from the Northeast Division regarding the incident.


  1. That happened last week 2 blocks away as well – I think it was by Marathon and Vendome-ish. 5 gunshots that time. Also around 3:00am. Ugh..

  2. First time I’ve heard shots fired since I’ve lived on Parkman. Not fun

  3. them thar pigs should be happy that they were only .22 calibers.

    • Where did you pull that gem of information from? If it’s based on the picture it can’t be a .22 since those are rimfire. Those clearly have a center firing pin indent and look like 9mm or .38 cal based on diameter to length. Based on the reaction from this site it would seem this much attention would not be given to the light crack of a .22 being fired.

  4. I awoke just before hearing the shots get fired. Scared the crap outta me. What is wrong with people that they feel the need to shoot off like that? Jerks.

  5. Wouldn’t it be important for the police to collect those casings, rather than just leaving them on the street?

  6. I had just gotten to sleep when the shots went off – glad nobody was hurt.

  7. The LAPD should have collected the casings but they are too busy shooting up trucks looking for the guy who is trying to expose all of their bullish*t. No time to serve and protect the people that pay them when they are busy serving and protecting themselves.

  8. It wasn’t 7 shots. I was awake last night and heard it. Started counting from the the first shot. It was 13. We better start getting ourselves together here and try to understand what’s going on locally and what we can do to encourage our Silver Lake young people, support their families, etc so they can have the opportunity to make productive rather than destructive choices. They have so much to offer!

  9. Helicopters also this morning and again tonite. What is going on around here lately?!

  10. Those are 9MM Lugars not .22

  11. I agree with above commenters–buzzing a few helicopters around after the fact doesn’t seem to be an effective deterrent to this kind of activity.

    Would Lt. Wes Buhrmester please respond to explain why the shell casings were not collected as part of an investigation, or why LAPD never showed up to investigate the suspicious car fire at the same location? (Only LAFD responded, and that was not until the following day.) We can all hear what they’re doing in the air, but what is LAPD doing on the ground to investigate these incidents?

    It seems like this area is becoming a hot spot, even if no one has been hurt–yet. Nearby residents like me are very concerned.

    Can the Eastsider follow up with the police for a comment? We know this isn’t going to make it into the LA Times, but violence like this really effects those who live in the neighborhood.

    For a while (e.g., a few weeks before and after new year’s), it seemed like they were stepping up patrols along/around Marathon, and that extra police presence was very welcome and appreciated, but I haven’t seen a patrol car in weeks now.

    • the area is becoming a hot spot? its L.A. hommie where you been .. the homies, been down for years . you should have known this before you moved in from westwood. hahaha silly Marked.. you fools that say whass going on are all the new yups .. that don’t know the hood. this is pandiejo hood,, learn it .. love it sur califas.. por vida .. cant stop .. wont stop.. que no haha

      • OK, you got me: I’m not OG Silver Lake like you, but I wasn’t pretending to be that either. I meant “hot spot” compared to, say, the last year or so, which has been pretty quiet compared to 3-4 years before that. I’ve been living in the neighborhood longer, and didn’t come from Westwood, but that’s the general time frame I meant in the comment above, in case you were wondering.

        No matter what the longer history of the neighborhood has been, I strongly prefer fewer gunshots to more gunshots, and I don’t think there’s anything “hahaha silly” about that position. Do you, Li$To? If you’re in favor of more gunfire just because it used to be that way and you’re convinced that it can’t/won’t stop, then I really, strongly disagree with your viewpoint. But thanks for sharing.

        Even if you want to keep romanticizing the violence in the neighborhood’s past–and that’s you’re right, I guess, since you lived through it–can we both agree that it’s not welcome today? Or is there something positive that I’m missing about random gun shots and car fires?

      • I have Lived in Silverlake for 42 years. . .

        First, and foremost to everyone reading this it was 13 shots. Every night before I go to sleep I listen to the police scanner. Now when the shots happened I heard the police saying they are looking for two cars involved . 1 a white toyota , and Volkswagen. They did push out a few units , and a few units did respond. The problem was that once those shots happened the car raced off. Airship was called in but then dispatched after to another location because things were getting out of hand on another street.

        Now to “Li$To” … This I believe you will find very yummy ; Because lets face it i know i found it delicious.

        Li$To before you can even think of what to type out as a response think about this. I know for a fact this is nobodies “Hood” … All the gangs that were previously here got pushed out but gang units , and concerned residents. Lets not forget undercover officers as well ! But ! Thats not even the fun part. The fun part is certain houses , and certain streets now have hidden cameras. Yes thats right. Homeowners are now putting cameras that face the street , just because of graffiti issues , and the graffiti attracting unwanted guests. But ! It gets better ! . All those little gangmembers running around or shall i say “Taggers” … Well… I get their info too. . . I guess it helps when you’re an “OG” , and you know the mothers that raised the troubled youth that keeps shooting up Silverlake…. No worries Li$To .. I mean its your hood right ? …. How hood are you , when they push out all the info on your gang friends or shall i say “Homies” ?… Like names, Addresses , and maybe even recorded activity ? … Like i said this is nobodies hood. This is a community . Me myself will not be scared off by some punk hooligans that think they are tough just because they run around shooting up people . Its time for the people of Silver Lake to stand up , and work against these morons. Its time to keep an eye out for those that are unwanted.

        • Hahaha .. get a life old man.. silly ass MARK.. stop watching all those TV shows .. lol.. take ur vitamins old geezer.. when the sun goes down we come out and play !! and all you do is stay inside lockd up.. punkass Mark.. hahaha.. ur funny old man ..lol.. chuck Norris wana be !!!!

  12. I collected the casings and put one in a plastic bag. Most of them had been run over and damaged but I got one clean one. Its not worth LAPD fingerprinting shells that are not linked to someone getting hurt….. I guess.

  13. That area is not in the middle of the hood. The LAPD should be able to figure out where the trouble home/apts are and investigate. At least they should be present as a deterrent and patrol the area. It is very concerning.

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