Sponsored Post: 1864 Lemoyne Street in Echo Park open this coming weekend

2013 begins with a revitalized real estate market, the L.A. landscape churning again with profit-minded flippers gunning for quick rehabs. But among them is a firm carving their own, more mindful path: Re-Inhabit. A design+build partnership of passionate, highly skilled artisans, the Re-Inhabit approach can be found in the roots of their name, “restore and inhabit.” Their latest effort, 1864 Lemoyne Street in Echo Park, will be open this coming weekend, Saturday & Sunday February 23 & 24 from 1 PM  to 4 PM. This exclusive offering from Tracy Do Real Estate has a list price of $849,000.

1864 Lemoyne Street is a seamless blending of old and new. Prior to its ground-up renovation, every board, nail and knob of the structure was evaluated for adaptive re-use. The Re-Inhabit partners challenged themselves, like it was a big puzzle that had to be disassembled and put together again, only the pieces might be slotted into a different place. As a result, the wood siding from Lemoyne’s once broken-down garage has been turned into the treads of its new stairway. Window panes have been removed, stripped, put back, and the iron kitchen sink has been cleaned up and re-installed. Plaster lath from Lemoyne’s toppled walls was recycled — even as modern, top-of-the-line insulation materials were used to maximize energy conservation.

Creating a unique, detail-oriented residence, Re-Inhabit and Tracy Do Real Estate are proud to present this wonderful alternative to the many cookie-cutter remodels that have lately been on the market. For buyers who want more from their living environment, homes with distinction, soul, and a great story they can share, there is 1864 Lemoyne Street in Echo Park. www.1864lemoyne.com

More details and photos at www.1864lemoyne.com
Photos by Charmaine David
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