Ballot Box: Cedillo & Gardea headed to runoff for Council District 1 seat; Choi & O’Farrell to face off over Council District 13

Cedillo (top left) vs Gardea (top right) and O'Farrell (bottom left) vs. Choi (bottom right)

Cedillo (top left) vs Gardea (top right) and O’Farrell (bottom left) vs. Choi (bottom right)

Gil Cedillo beat key rival Jose Gardea in Council District 1 race while Mitch O’Farrell emerged with a narrow victory over John Choi in the Council District 13 election, according to the unofficial results of Tuesday’s election. However, since none of the top vote getters won more than 50% of the vote they will have to compete in a May 21 runoff election.

In the Council District 1 election, former State Senator Cedillo garnered 49.37% of the vote compared to 43.28% for Gardea, who is seeking to replace his boss, Ed Reyes, as 1st District Councilman, according to the unofficial results posted on the City Clerk’s website. In the crowded contest for Council District 13, where a dozen candidates were seeking to replace termed-out Eric Garcetti, the campaign for O’Farrell, a former Garcetti staff member, won 18.44% of the vote compared to 16.47% for former Public Works Commissioner John Choi.

An estimated $3 million was spent on campaigns in both council districts.  Meanwhile, in the mayor race, Garcetti, a Silver Lake resident, lead in the voting with 33% ballots cast and will face second-place finisher Wendy Greuel in the May runoff. . Garcetti was scheduled to kick off his runoff campaign today at the former Van de Kamps bakery in Glassell Park.

Mayoral candidate Emanuel Pleitez, who grew up in El Sereno,  came in at fifth place with 4.1% of the vote.

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  1. Word needs to get out. If you’re in favor of major development within Elysian Park, Cedillo is your man. If you want to maintain the park, vote for GARDEA. Traffic in Echo Park is getting worse each year. Imagine the congestion with major condo and/or retail development in the park. Many of our streets are one lane in each direction. Nightmare.

    • It’s scary. I really think all those Cedillo votes are based solely on name recognition, and are uninformed about the potential consequences, or they’re union members toeing the line. Neither case in the best interests of the district.

      • Seriously – Cedillo has no idea what he’s doing in this district. Why not hire someone who already understands how the position works and knows what to do.

    • that’s the truth, Ruth!

  2. Come on Eric, now’s the time to step up and support Mitch!

  3. Guess the barrage of junk mail any annoying phone calls will continue….

  4. I’m so pleased that Mitch O’Farrell appears to have won over John Choi! O’Farrell has been against the Barlow Hospital scheme from the start. John Choi, finally realizing this is the decisive issue facing our district, publicly came out against it at the last minute, while suspiciously offering no other opinion for months. John Choi is in bed with big developers, has only lived in our district for about a year and received the majority of his funding from, you guessed it, outside of District 13! I can’t tell you how many John Choi mailers were wasted in my mailbox leading up to March 5th, and the desperation his paper onslaught conveyed to this voter. Furthermore, I’ll be glad to see the all too prevalent John Choi billboard on Sunset Blvd. replaced by just about any other crappy ad in the next few days. Mitch O’Farrell will fight to maintain the integrity and character of our neighborhood intact, keeping large-scale developers out while promoting interests that benefit those of us who live here.

    • Think again. O’Farrell will face Choi in the runoff in May. Expect more billboards, not fewer.

    • Mitch O’Farrell has been fighting for the integrity and character of neighborhoods for years. He is the best ally a neighborhood could have. As far as John Choi’s mailers are concerned, mail the whole lot back, or keep ’em for entertainment – we all need a good laugh every now and then.

  5. It’s funny how all national elections are essentially run-offs.

  6. D’oh!

  7. Sounds like John Choi may have a bit of the ” Mitt Romney Syndrome” with his flip flop on the Barlow Hospital issue

  8. The majority of monetary contributions and monies came from outside the 13th district via union. How will unions support me?

    When Choi campaign office called me, they promised me Choi could get me a job! Ha! Not even the president of the united states can get me a job.

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