Ballot Box: Who has Eric Garcetti endorsed to follow him as councilman?

No one. But that has not stopped many of the dozen candidates running to succeed  the termed-out Garcetti  to exploit any connection – or photo – they may have with the outgoing 13th District councilman. Photos of a smiling Garcetti, who is running for mayor, appear on candidate websites and the glossy flyers that are flooding the mailboxes of registered voters in Council District 13, which includes Atwater Village, Hollywood Echo Park and Silver Lake.  In fact, a door hanger mailer for UCLA teacher Octavio Pescador gives the impression that he and Garcetti, dressed in his naval uniform, are on the same ticket. The door hanger in Spanish proclaims: ¡Vota Garcetti y Pescador!

Mitch O’Farrell mailer

Meanwhile, a mailer for former Garcetti advisor Mitch O’Farrell features a large photo af  O’Farrell and his former boss with the L.A. River in the background.  While the two men are all smiles in the photo,  Garcetti declined to back O’Farrell, who won the L.A. Times endorsement, and even made him resign about a year ago after O’Farrell made it clear he intended to run.

Another photo of Garcetti, smiling, of course, with his arms crossed appears on the side of a mailer that asks the question,  “Who has the experience we need to follow in his footsteps?” Turn the mailer over and you will discover a photo of candidate Matt Szabo, who is also smiling with his arms crossed. “As Deputy Mayor, there was no Councilmember I worked closer with than Eric Garcetti,” Szabo says in the flyer.

Szabo mailer

Is there any chance Garcetti will issue a last minute endorsement before the March 5 primary next Tuesday? A Garcetti spokesman this week said: “No.”

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  1. mitch4cityco9unci

    Well, it is clear who the sunset junction business community has endorsed:


  2. Does that mean fisherman?

  3. Of course he won’t endorse…..Eric “conflict averse” Garcetti hides behind his she wolf “compadrina” to advise him….Eric, man up. Dump the wolf and you might stand a chance….Otherwise….ugh…


    but sadly, NO. He can’t. He won’t….

    If he did endorse O”Farrell, he might get his street cred back…perhaps too late, but back it would be..at least in time for the runoff….tick tock Eric….or “tweet tweet”..Sitting on fences often is muy uncomfortable! But get off it MAN! take a stand!!

  4. The nautical ticket: Fisherman & Sailor.

  5. Political Watchdog

    Garcetti is being careful and staying out of it publicly, most likely doing so because he’s a mayoral candidate, but a little hipster bird told me he IS telling people around the 13th District to support Mitch O’Farrell. So there you have it.

  6. is the Eastsider endorsing?

  7. Of course he’s not saying…… the issue is still open for bidding…..

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