One dead in Lincoln Heights shooting

lincoln mapA Lincoln Heights man was fatally wounded Tuesday night after being shot multiple times while sitting outside his home, police said.  The shooting on Smith Street near Pasadena Avenue involved two unknown suspects who opened fire on the victim at about 7:30 p.m., said Hollenbeck Homicide Detective Douglas Kirkland.  No further information was immediately available.


  1. Whats up with all the shootings? Is the ghetto coming back?

  2. No, just police not enforcing the laws, serving and patrolling our communities. They need to change the slogan on their police cars “to protect and serve”… yeah right.

    • JR, there will never be enough cops to prevent crime. The problem here is parents not doing their jobs.

      As long as you have religions telling people not to use birth control because “god will provide”, you will have these problems. People having too many children they simply can not afford often leading to either the parents having to work around the clock to try to make ends meet or (more likely) the father checks out either by leaving physically or mentally or both.

      Our society will continue to create these problems until we educate people on what is expected from them if they choose to create life.

      There will never be enough cops to change this situation. Think about it…

      • Keyless Chuck u dont even kno what happen. That was my neighbor rite there a son a brother, it has nuthin to do wether ppl have to many kids or not. It has todo wit him dying in his mothers arms. Geesh respect dat at least. I hate da fact something happens n ppl like u try n blame it on a different cause. Like dammit that could b your family. Have somd respect tgsts all. N i hope dey do find the two damn bastards dat did this shit. Rest in paradise Hugo

      • N incase u didnt read what it said ill put it in caps for u HE WAS SITTING OUTSIDE HIS HOME..meaning on his doorstep

        • Sitting out his home which seemed to be an alley at 7pm in a neighborhood with known gang violence, don’t forget to mention that

  3. No, just police not enforcing the laws, serving and patrolling our communities. They need to change the slogan on their police cars “to protect and serve”… yeah right.

  4. Seriously some of you people talk a lot of crap. Nowhere on there did it say he was a gang member it doesn’t say how many brothers/sisters he had, and so what if he lived in a bad neighborhood, that doesn’t mean shit. So keyless chuck and food4thought please stfu. You guys are so tough on the computer Im willing to bet you people are the type who lock their doors, and don’t go outside at night. Live in fear, for those who have no fear have nothing to hide. He wasn’t hiding. Justice will be served maybe not by the law of man, but it will by god. I hope their conscience eats at them till their last breath, that they never have a moment of peace, and that they become paranoid, sick, and worthless.

  5. Well ive been seen all this talk about wat happened and well everyone is entitled to to their opinion, thats why this country is great. That man that was shot was my brother and just to set things straight he wasnt no gangmember or wasnt involved in nothing bad like that. He was a man that did his thing like any other person work, hangout with his friends and most of all take care of my son which he loved very much thats why I made him his godfather… yes he was sitting outside my moms house stairs and just have gotten home from work about to drink a beer and well these ppl came in took his life like it was nothing….he was killed for no reason but thats life….anyways one thing is for sure he was not a gangmember or wasnt involved in anything illegal….and as for the whole money and parent issue let me tell you this both my parents are humble hard workers that dont need to show off their money to say they got money they make good money that we didnt need anybodys help to give him the proper burrial that he deserved and burried him within a week so now hes resting in peace next to a beautiful lake filled with fish and ducks and overall beautiful place….my brother was good man that he won a lot of hearts of many ppl that ever since he died and if u dont belive me show up to my parents house and see for yourself…ever since the day he got shot we haved prayed for him to lead him to his new home and come see how many ppl are outside my moms house in the evenings and see if wat u posted up is realy wat it is that u say my brother was. Talk is cheap trust.

    • Carlos,im sorry for your families loss..i kno he didnt deserve what happen to him nobody does. I pass thru there every single day n it just makes me realize dat tomorrow is never promised.life can end in an instant. I pray u n ur family will one day have justice. now hes in a better place. Again im very sorry. Wish I could actually tell u in person but im very shy. Keep ur head up. God is good n he will take care of da rest!!!

  6. It sucks to see ppl judge other ppl just because of their background or race etc.without even knowing the person. But all I can say is dont judge a book by its cover …as for keyless chuck and food4thought hope u guys next time get ur stories straight and well I forgive u guys for saying ur nonesense as long as the people that were close to him knew the type of person he was thats all that matters….thats why he has gotten so much love from the neighborhood that we grew up in which I hope hes seen from up above because theirs a lot of ppl that when they die not one person cares and just moves on….my brother was special trust me

    • I’m so sorry that this happened. I live near by and heard the shots. I don’t know what has been happening around here lately, but I hope it stops. Neighbors, please realize that you are not powerless to live in peace. Parents, watch over your children so that they may be engaged and involved with the positive, and more importantly raise them to do no harm. You are hurting your community if you are enabling your kids and looking the other way knowing that they might be involved with gangs. And if you can’t or won’t control them, then it is up to the rest of us to call the police if we see or hear any suspicious behavior. If you see tagging, report it to the graffiti removal service. If you know someone is selling drugs, don’t tolerate it, call the police station or report it to your councilman. And for the love of God, if you know or have heard anything about who might have been involved with the murder of this man, then it is on YOU to tell the authorities what you know, otherwise you are just as guilty.

      If you don’t care about what is going on in your neighborhood, no one else will either, so let’s do what it takes to be safe!

    • I wasn’t judging and i didn’t mean to offend you, i was just pointing out in a bad neighborhood like that you shouldn’t be outside that late even if its outside your home, people over there get shot at in broad daylight, i don’t judge people by the way they look or dress but this generation of gangsters or punks do and they shoot without asking questions… like i said i wasn’t judging or trying to offend you sorry if it looked that way, sorry for your loss i know how it is….

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