Hollywood Half Marathon takes a detour into Echo Park and Silver Lake

It’s been less than a month since thousands of runners poured through the streets of Echo Park and Silver Lake for the Los Angeles Marathon.  But, this coming Saturday,  April 6, the streets of Echo Park and Silver Lake – primarily Sunset Boulevard and Silver Lake Boulevard – will be closed for yet another marathon, the Hollywood Half Marathon.   Apparently in an effort to come up with a less hilly, faster course, the Hollywood Half Marathon organizers abandoned portions of the 13.1-mile route that stretched out to Universal City and West Hollywood.  The new course is now flatter but now half of the Hollywood Half  Marathon appears to go through Echo Park, Los Feliz and Silver Lake, with the route taking runners as far east as Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street.  One leg of the marathon jogs up Silver Lake Boulevard to the Silver Lake Reservoirs.

While  the marathon runners prepare for the new course, Echo Park and Silver Lake residents should prepare for Saturday morning street closures.


  1. Not Another Neighbor

    The runners should just make sure they don’t run towards the police when in Echo Park.

  2. Wana last … Be the first to blast !!!
    Now Whassup.

  3. i wish when they did these marathon things they’d open the underpass at micheltorena. Grass is greener on the other side of Sunset.

  4. “While the marathon runners prepare for the new course, Echo Park and Silver Lake residents should prepare for Saturday morning street closures.” i thought it was on Sunday?

  5. this sucks. At least streets were re-opened by 11am for the LA Marathon. And it was a Sunday morning , which is slightly less inconvenient.
    I cant believe the city lets them close an artery like Silver Lake Blvd until 1pm on a Saturday. I live right off Silver Lake Blvd. and Ill be trapped. There is not a lot of ways to get in and out of there. I can’t imagine if there was any kind of emergency or fire. Seems unsafe at best.
    And we are not even in Hollywood.

    • Doug – I too will be trapped, where did you find the info about the time for the street closures? I checked their site but seem to have missed it. Is the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market (Sunset / Maltman) going to be cancelled? That would suck too. I’ve sent CD4 an email but haven’t heard back yet.

      • They posted signs up and down the street with the closures. I’m really confused why most of the “Hollywood” marathon takes place in Silver Lake and Echo Park”.

    • I understand that after 1 p.m., the roads will remain closed and be called a “road diet.”

      • Luckily, the roads were open around 10:00AM — but I was still fuming from the loud music that I didn’t even care.

  6. I don’t get why they can’t wait til 2:00am the night before to have the no parking/tow happen for these events. There are a lot of businesses that are open on these streets until 2:00am on the weekends. We just went through this a few weeks ago where they ticketed/towed on Sunset at midnight on a Saturday night for the LA Marathon. Ugh.

  7. The city can’t figure out how to have decent street fairs, but they sure know how to push through a whole lot of “marathons”. What a bummer.

  8. They just woke the entire neighborhood above and below Sunset off of Micheltorena with music. I thought I was dreaming! I don’t care about road closures as much as I do being woken up by, and having to listen to music not of my choosing at 6 am. I am all about the running, but don’t mess with my sleep! Not cool.

    • Silver Lake resident

      I live above the Sunset overpass by Fountain and Sunset and the music woke us up, too, starting around 6:45AM.

  9. The band at golden gate began sound checking at 5:20am.
    It’s horrible that residents were not warned of this. I am now awake at 6am on my only day off listening to the worst blues music I have ever heard. It’s blasting loud and they have no audience just a few stragglers of runners passing every few minutes. It’s a Saturday morning, I’m sure I’m not the only resident in the hills that has to endure this torture.
    On a side note: running is so dumb! Most people can do it, unless you can do it extremely well/fast I am not impressed. Get a hobby!

    • Silver Lake resident

      I am so happy someone else thought this was unacceptable. Weekends are my one time to sleep in, and I really wasn’t expecting to be woken up at 6:45AM by some dude on a megaphone and (very poorly played) jazz clarinet. The volume level was finally lowered around 8:30AM, but by then…my boyfriend and I were wide awake and unable to fall back asleep.

  10. UPDATE: Obnoxious loud live half marathon celebrating band currently playing 7:37am, started at 7 am… WTF Silverlake, WTF forever. I hate you.

  11. F these people for waking up an entire neighborhood on a Saturday morning with blooze harmonica.

  12. Thanks for towing residents from their residential streets so that there can be parking for a few event staffers.

  13. You ask why this happens? Follow the dollar, y’all.

  14. Don’t you love how the city of LA makes it so difficult for art fairs and music festivals to obtain proper permits to hold community events…but a pay-to-enter marathon is given the full OK to start broadcasting loud music at 6:45AM on a Saturday?

    How did this benefit the Silver Lake community at large, besides disturbing everyone’s sleep?

    • Exactly. There is NO benefit to the city of this pathetic race, and it was a HUGE disturbance to local traffic. I had a haircut scheduled for 9am and I was 30 minutes late because it was impossible to drive anywhere nearby the salon. The salon staff said many people were cancelling their appointments because of the impossible road closures, and I’m sure local cafes and restaurants were suffering too. Not to mention that there were only a few pathetic walkers by 9am… and the roads were closed until the afternoon?!

      Completely absurd. Ruined my morning and I’m not even a small business owner — or someone getting woken up at 6am.

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