New Echo Park Lake is still home to old landmarks

Fountains being tested at Echo Park Lake

With Echo Park Lake scheduled to reopen next month after being closed for nearly two years, some familiar sights and landmarks have emerged beyond the green construction fencing that circles the park. Today, for example, the fountains in the middle of the lake once again soared into the sky.  The Lady of the Lake Statue, surrounded by new benches still wrapped in plastic,  stands once again in its original position on a peninsula that juts into the north end of the lake. A short stroll away, the  lake’s bridge is once again reflected in the water below.  Can’t wait until it reopens.

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  1. god i’ve missed those fountains. can’t wait for the park to re-open too!

  2. Do all the dead palm fronds on those trees drive anyone else’s OCD crazy besides mine? If you’re going to do a multi-million dollar make over of a park, trim the damned trees!

  3. This is off-topic, but this afternoon a friend of mine received a disparinging flyer about Mitch O’Farrell with El Centro Del Pueblo’s Sandra Figueroa on the front page. Ms. Figueroa, you know damn well Mitch O’Farrell’s late maternal grandfather was Native American and he has always been proud of his Wyandotte Native American Tribe heritage. How desperate you and your John Choi have become. Your joke of a candidate does not stand for us.

    • So, you think voters should actually vote on the basis of race?

      Hey, Mitch O’Farrell learned everything he knows from Eric Garcetti, who despite being Jewish likes to run around claiming he really is Mexican and so all the Latino community should vote for him as one of their own. Both Garcetti and O’Farrell are screaming for the racist vote.

      Anyone doing that should not get anyone’s vote. In fact, they should not even mention their ethnic background, much less lie about it. They should be talking about policies they will promote, not racism as a basis for voting.

      Garcetti’s main claim to being Latino is faked. Yes, his paternal grandfather apparently was TECHNICALLY born in Mexico, but it was to parents from Italy and very shortly after birth they moved to the US. His grandfather did not grow up in Mexico and the culture there. And Garcetti’s mother is Jewish, and he was raised Jewish. He has NEVER mentioned his is Jewish, goes around lying to Latinos that he’s Mexican! I don’t know about O’Farrell, but he too should campaign on policies, not racism.

      • Who cares about race or political affiliation, for that matter. I’ll vote for the most qualified to do the job whether he’s from Mexico or MARS.

        It doesn’t need to be as complicated as you are making it fellas.

        • There’s nothing wrong with determining whether any candidate shows signs of fraud and deception….we all should have learned that in 2008, but here we are and Obama has been re-elected despite having drone bombed several sovereign nations, bet over holding his feet for Israel and AIPAC, perpetuated murder and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan, and transfered so much wealth upward in his first term.

          • Okay whatever to that. But the argument here was about the candidates creating some sort of advantage through their heritage or origins. My point is that it should not matter were the candidate is from, just their qualifications to do the best job possible for their constituents….

  4. I am going to be there opening day to strike my claim of benches like the old days, so if you have any objections, I am the tall guy with all the tattoos’ . I will be by all the Cubanos’, so see you soon at the park, enjoy! Oh, and if you feel intimidated just call the cops’. Maybe they will try to gentrify me and run me out of the park, ya right!

    • Thanks for the description. But the cops won’t gentrify, apparently they’ll just shoot.

      • …for being tall with tattoos’,or expressing my first amendment rights? Or you being highly critically bias towards ones appearance.They can shoot all they want, I might need a cool couple million anyways. Maybe they will gentify all undersirables for you, and then you can have the yellow brick road.
        The Lady of the Lake, is facing the wrong way. Reverse psychology always works well and gets responses and truth .Thank you for letting the whole Eastsider know that they just shoot people based on their appearance.
        Also, instead of them focussing on my type maybe they should focus on the perverts that use the public restroom by the boathouse, beacause I am sure they will be making their claim too. See you soon Libertad!

        • Your moniker is a contradiction as evident in your ignorant rants.

          • I thought it was a good moniker, due to the fact I am being schooled by some highly educated foes. Clueless Chuck, can not you come up with something other than name calling? Ignorant, idiot, moron, scum bag etc. I don’t really think you were the sharpest tool in the shed either. I guess you can be whatever you want over the internet, hugh?

          • Okay procipio, yes know thats you! you’ve figured out how to make a new moniker! Congratulations! That is far more complex than looking up definitions on the very computer you happen to be using!

            What I said was not name calling. It was labeling the your content. Your content is ignorant, stupid, ill-informed and racist.

            Just so you know the difference, now that you’ve elected me as your educator.

            And I think you mean HUH! not HUGH… just so you know.

  5. Because the entire seven seasons are available on Netflix and for other reasons even more meaningless to explain I’ve been watching a lot of “Adam 12” over the last year or so. While making my way through the show’s sixth season, I enjoyed seeing Officer Reed in one episode diving into Echo Park Lake to rescue two boys whose boat had overturned — particularly because the camera’s position showed the Lady of the Lake statue in the background in its original place. Here’s a screengrab of that episode’s scene that I posted to Facebook.

  6. This will be great to have back in the public domain again. One can only hope that A) the city and community will maintain it (trash pickup esp) and B) the taggers and other vandals will leave it alone as even they have moms and dads and sisters and brothers who will want to use this.. and C) that they will keep the swap meet out of the park and keep it for recreation use only with strict controls on what commerce can take place within the park itself.

    • I don’t think you have to worry about A or C. They have a full time maintenance crew + the cafe will have staff. They banned the swap meet from the park before it closed a few years ago…

      Echo Park unfortunately will have taggers for a while still until they get gentrified out…

      • …yes Chuck, and then it will all be your way with no seasoning.

        • Seasoning I like. Bullshit assholes who treat the streets like their personal trash can, I can do without.

          But if that’s the only seasoning you have to offer, I’d happily go with out!

          • How did you come up with this conclusion, another one of your assumptions? Why don’t they edit your foul mouth! Just gentrify a little more and then you can pick up your own trash, wash your own cars, and do your own dishes. I pull my weight around here, do you pull yours?

          • get a room.

    • The Los Angeles Memorial Park in Chinatown is being used for commerce purposes as Fuck Yeah Fest and and techno glow stick music events blaring the most obnoxious noise into the surrounding neighborhood. Echo Park Lake should be no different.

  7. Well, now that I left Echo Park and went to Mexico and back. I really feel like an American. The Eastsider had me feeling like a second rate citizen with all the rocks been thrown around with gentrification on them! The poverty that some have to endure makes you appreciate what we have here, and my grandfathers purple heart, with all his metals ; also, make me wonder why someone would speak so freely on gentrification. I am not Mexican either so don’t assume, but man some of us are really lacking knowledge. I can’t educate someone who thinks they know everything, but I will continue to absorb information for ones self being! My beloved Echo Park really has saddened me with some self centered-ness. They better come with everything they have to remove me! I also like the Stones, to bad it isn’t a free show. AKA, your conscience @ ep

  8. Silver Lake resident

    Is there some type of grand opening celebration planned? Or has info on that not been announced yet?

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