News & Notes From East L.A. & Silver Lake

Freeway & Graffiti View, Silver Lake | Photo by Nicola b. Marsh

  • $2 million Silver Lake home listing touts reservoir views and a community of “the eclectic and the hipsters.” Patch
  • Foundation donates affordable prom wear for East L.A. high school seniors.  ABC7
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  1. your conscience @ ep

    Let us not be so obtuse on our commentary. Appreciate the art from the streets of our lovely area, with so much diversity.

    • Nice attempt at the usage of obtuse. You allllmooost got it right.

      Feel free to be an artist. Just do it on your own property.

  2. As long as “your conscience” is willing to clean and paint the eyesore when “your conscience” is done admiring the millions of dollars destruction of public and private property.

    • your conscience @ ep

      Lighten up! This is some kind of foundation, it is not like they sprayed painted the side of your house. You should really consider moving west of the 405 if this bothers you.

      • @your conscience

        ” You should really consider moving west of the 405 if this bothers you.”

        Is that the standard response to people that want a better standard of living?

        “This is some kind of foundation, it is not like they sprayed painted the side of your house.”

        My house has been tagged many, many times. Every layer of paint on my garage represents a parental failure.

        You try paying some property taxes for a while and then try not to get mad when you see attention starved idiots creating spray paint eyesores because they have absolutely no self respect.

        You wanna paint stuff? Get your own house & property.

        • your conscience @ ep

          I not only have done community service multiple times, but also have picked up trash voluntarily after all those pilgrim hipsters that throw trash by the Echo plex. Give these young people more productive things to do around here and you just might see less graffiti! Until then, keep your paint brushes on deck and you better pay that propery tax. Haha

          • Well, it’s not the government’s or community’s duty to *provide* enough entertainment for these delinquents to stay out of trouble.

            Ultimately, it is the responsibility of these young adults to make decisions as to whether they’ll positively or negatively impact the world they live in. Additionally, it’s the responsibility of the parents to instill values in their children.

            I grew up in a place that had far fewer “productive” opportunities for kids. Never once did we consider filling our idle hands with vandalism. Why? We lived in a culture where values mattered. We had parents that instilled these values within us, and disciplined us when we messed up.

            Apparently, this is not the type of culture these vandals are raised within.

          • @ your conscience

            “Until then, keep your paint brushes on deck and you better pay that propery tax.”

            I will keep those paint brushes on hand and will keep paying my property taxes. Until then, keep paying that rent until you’re priced out to San Bernardino.

            It’s not my (our) job to provide productive things to do for the scion of knuckleheads in the neighborhood. It’s up to the parents to raise them right.

          • “Well, it’s not the government’s or community’s duty to *provide* enough entertainment for these delinquents to stay out of trouble” (oh brother). Precisely where is this parental and social utopia located? Because it’s never been in L.A. and especially not eastern europe where grafitti is overwhelming. They don’t even bother to clean it up over there. Btw, I absolutely DO believe that it’s local government’s job to innovate and develop ways to capture and channel the talent and energy of youth into productive activities. That is preCISEly where I want my tax dollars to go and I’m certatin that my familia contributes a lot more tax dollars than some of the grumpy old pikers on this message board.

          • “We had parents that instilled these values within us, and disciplined us when we messed up”. Where were those parents in the 60, 70s, and 80s when layers of grafitti in L.A. would remain on walls for days, months, and even years? In fact, I think that the culture of values you describe must’ve emerged in the new millenium because there is simply no comparison between the grafitti situation then and now. Same for the crime rates, which are at historic (if not miraculous?) lows. In fact, it seems that as soon as some former residents took flight to presumably safer communities, local communities became a lot safer. Perhaps you should consider joining them north of the 134?

          • your conscience @ ep

            HLP, assumption! I hate to break this to you, but my family owns a house right here in Echo Park, on a beautiful hillside overlooking most…The property tax gets paid every year, and we are not moving to San Bernadino anytime soon. This is truly Elysian!

  3. …so that we do not have to rely on interpretation from one person to another on what is art, society has decided to deem unapproved defacing of public and private property unlawful.

    It is the epitome of narcissism to spray paint (or otherwise deface) property that doesn’t belong to you assuming that anyone else other than you wants to see it.

    • your conscience @ ep

      Brilliant, Clueless Chuck! It took you some time to elaborate on my input. I guess you had to look up some million dollar words again, so you can make subcultures’ like myself feel inferior! Beauty is in the eyes’ of the beholder…

      • I would love to know which of the above words you consider to be “million dollar words”!!! LOL!!!

        Lemme guess. “the” oh wait no it must be “of”?

      • your conscience @ ep

        Don’t try to insult my intelligence, the word was narcissism! But I really don’t think it is a million dollar word, just not really used in ones everyday vocabulary. Or so hypocritically used, for someone that is so self absorbed as such.

      • If you feel inferior because someone uses (not-so) big words, then that’s on you. Additionally, the value of words is not in their complexity or size, but rather in their meaning when assembled into a sentence or sentences.

        • your conscience @ ep

          I need to enhance my vocabulary anyways, and adversity will strengthen me. Man sharpens man like steel sharpens steel; so therefore, it is a win win situation for me. Nothing is to complex for the true moron! Maybe you can throw some wisdom in there with all your rhetoric. You seem very cynical of whatever I post.

          • Yes, narcissism IS a word you would benefit greatly by learning the definition. Good for you!

  4. your conscience @ ep

    Clueless chuck, it is probably a word that you are well familiar with. I am sure it has been use towards you many of times. I am really not all that impressed, you will have to come better than that. Or should I blow up your ego and tell you that, you are a true scholar. You are a joke! It is funny how you diagnose someone as being a narcissist over the internet, truly brilliant. You never seem to amaze me.

  5. your conscience @ ep

    The infamous, alleged vandalist “Ruets” He must have been raised by a pack of wolves’ or something, a mere reflection of ones self! He looks like a hipster to me, maybe one of the guys at the at the coffee shop!

  6. Notice how the “outrage” suddenly evaporates when the “vandal” turns out to be a hipster instilled with “values”(?) by perfect parents who also taught him the consequences of messing up(?). However, I suspect the selective “outrage” to return if this guy is ever shot by officers for threatening their lives with a spray can.

    • your conscience @ ep

      I couldn’t have put it any better, man they are a tough crowd. I was waiting for a response, but all of the sudden the subject just dropped dead. Thank you,

      • Tough but predictable. They’re used to spouting-off and then resorting to insults and innuendo when those truly vested in the community express counter or simply alternative perspectives. WTFuss?!? Some truly bitter and angry individuals in this joint. I shudder to think what their attitudes would be like if they didn’t live in perhaps the best community within the boundaries of L.A. proper. Perhaps we simply have the luxury (disadvantage?) of being able to compare and contrast with how things were before. Or being personally familiar with the types that they routinely condemn. Anyway, I look forward to a Rob Portman type of conversion among this crowd. Opposed and punitive until someone among their family and loved ones becomes the target.

    • I don’t care who is donning the vandalism. It is blight and should be eradicated.

      Boy oh boy procopio, you’ve found quite a bedfellow in “your conscience”! Together you two can create a racist fantasy!

      You are holding yourself down with your own assumption. Incredible imaginations!

    • Holy cow, Procopio, what a complete and utter moron you are.
      First, you suggest I should move north of the 134 because I want a safer, cleaner community, and a local culture that puts more emphasis on values.

      Then, you suggest that somehow your desires should carry more weight than grumpy old pikers because your familia [sic] pays more taxes.

      Finally, because some of us don’t follow some link and read some article and post vitriol against the topic.. that there’s some double standard that exists.

      Well, let me first point out that you have not written a single word admonishing the vandal. You’ve only written against those who deplore vandalism. To me, this is tacit approval of vandalism.

      Second, I read the article about Revok (just now), and I think that guy is a dirtbag. If he’s caught, I hope he has to pay restitution and spend many, many, long hours doing graffiti abatement.

      Third, you suck.

      • Short & sweet……..thumbs up to you, True Freedom!

      • FYI, you “racial” insecurity has nothing to do with me. My distinctions are more along class lines. A newbie like you obviously doesn’t recall when the vandals, burglars, and roughnecks in these parts were white kids descended from “Okies” who migrated here in the 30s and 40s. In fact, every N.E.L.A. gang had a gringo contingent between the 50s and 90s when all that mattered was whether you grew up on the same streets, attended the same schools, and developed a good knuckle-game like the rest of us. Otherwise, I counted tow-headed Mormons, freckle-faced redheads, and asians with cereal-bowl haircuts among my best friends growing up. Race is barely a distraction for truly native Angelenos. That’s more of an east-coast thing. “Sorry” to reject your assigned character flaw but it’s really yours to begin with, isn’t it? Btw, I don’t condone “vandalism”. I simply reject the notion that it occurs in a vacuum and that there is no redeeming value to what I recognize as artistic talent. A dramatic improvement from the sketches and block-letter olde english tags that were the height of tagging in the 70s and 80s but what would a newbie/outcast/transplant like you know about it? You’re obviously not one of us, i.e., a native Angeleno with enough imagination to consider redemption through positive alternatives instead of the same old punitive measures and “values” that you subscribe too. It’s about being innovative and resourceful to impreove a community not pissin your misery in everyone’s else’s ears or faces depending on the color of their skin. Once again, that’s your bag, not mine. Of course, you’re free to be as miserable and lonely as you like. This is “America” and the pursuit of happiness is only an option not a mandate . . . suit yourself.

        • Why would you put quotes around America? You DO know we are in America right?

          I guess with all that boasting about newbies and native Angelenos we can safely assume you are a product of LAUSD. I would remind you that you have spell check right on that little box called a computer you are using to post, but that wouldn’t help your comments to be coherent…

          • Nice catch. I am mocking this country’s self-centered claim on the name of our entire continent instead of the single country the U.S.A. represents. I am a product of LAUSD who subsequently graduated from a private college, which proves that I could’ve excelled in any educational environment. Public or otherwise. Meanwhile, “. . . but that wouldn’t help your comments to be coherent…” Solid example of incoherent writing and gratuitous use of an ellipsis. Private(?) school didn’t seem to do you any favors. Tujunga awaits my little grammarian.

        • @procopio: You’re cracking me up.
          I love it when a pseudo-intellect’s unconscious incompetence gets the better of them.
          Keep it coming. Very entertaining.
          btw – vandalism, in any form, sucks.. imho.

  7. That graffiti is sweet!

    And to “your conscience @ ep” you think you’re so smart, but you’re not.

    Ruets did not paint that, someone else did (and I won’t say who because you come off as a dry snitch) Said person put “ruets” on there as a shout out to him, it’s not a signature to the ART.

    Cry yourself a river and paddle off to Malibu, it’s been near 50 years and graffiti isn’t going away.

  8. your conscience @ ep

    Maybe the poor guy will get a second strike and do like eight years with 85%, stupid!

    • your conscience @ ep

      Oh, and then you can bail his lilli ass out, since he’s like your hometown or something from your side squid . You can’t hang with the big dogs! You are tadpole, so jump in the lake like the little squid you are chump! And stop biting of of my verbal vocabulary and get some game of your own clown!

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