Things look different around here

Welcome to The Eastsider’s new look! We ask your patience as we work out some kinks and figure out how to operate some new features.  Please report any problems via email to hello@theEastsiderLA.com or by posting a comment.


  1. Looking very nice!

  2. Agreed with the above. Though it would be great to have way more of each story visible on the home page.

    • Hi. We are trying to keep the stories short on the Front Page to make it easier to scan, especially on the mobile version of the blog. But we might make adjustments as time goes on.

  3. It looks good! Just a question — where are the other articles listed besides in “related articles”? (the Fake John Choi twitter one & the ExP gang member named Pee?) I don’t want to miss out on posts because I’m only looking at the front page.

    • All the articles will be visible on the Front Page. Check the Bottom of the Blog for the Bottom of the Blog Posts. Lost & Found and Bulletin Board items get their own sections in the right hand sidebar. Many of these items also get posted on The Eastsider Facebook page.

  4. wow, so much better. great job

  5. Awesome! Looks good.

  6. Looks great guys!

  7. The articles keep “blinking”, disappearing for a second then coming back. This is happening when I’m viewing the site on my iPad.

  8. I thought I had posted before, saying I didn’t like the regular type and the orange type is very, very difficult to read…
    Well, I’ve kept trying and it’s gotten beyond difficult into downright irritating. I shouldn’t have to squint to read a page when all the other site pages I read are fine. If I can’t quickly scan the text then I have no reason to read further. I’ve been a supporter of The Eastsider for along time and recommended it to many people.
    I’ll probably check in once a day to see if there’s anything really worthwhile but since people on the various Yahoo forums seem to post the Eastsider articles I can get the news there, in a more legibile format.

    And who decided that orange was a good color?

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