Atwater Village car owners looking for a key suspect in vandalism case

After a neighbor’s car was keyed six months ago, an Atwater Village couple living on Edenhurst Drive north of Los Feliz Boulevard  installed a surveillance camera to help protect on their property. That camera may did not prevent  a crime but it did capture images of a man who earlier this month vandalized two cars parked in couple’s driveway.

Lauren, who did not want her last name revealed, said estimates to repair  the damage to the Infiniti G35 and Nissan Murano have ranged from $2,200 to $5,000.  She and her husband have filed a police report of the crime, which took place at about 2 a.m. on May 1,  and have also posted a copy of their surveillance video on YouTube to alert other neighbors of the vandalism.  The couple is aware of about 20 vehicles that have been keyed in their section of Atwater during the past three years, she said.

“Our block has been getting hit with cars getting keyed,” said Lauren. “The more aware everyone is, the better the chance we’ll get this guy off our streets!”


  1. Damn. That’s some ruthless shit.

  2. My car got keyed in Mt Washington, entire drivers side, in February. That’s why I got my surveillance system. Why are people such assholes? I’m used to tagging, theft, muggings, etc… but keying somebody’s car seems so personal and vindictive.

  3. Appears to travel via bicycle….someone getting off work?

  4. Aldo Thee Apache

    I’ve found that these are a better (but still nice and mean) alternative to keying…

  5. That person has some serious issues. I get so mad when I see stuff like this.
    I hope he’s caught. It would be nice to return to the old days where we had public stoning.

  6. Angry anti car biker.

  7. Take a look at his shoes. Black. Not so common. Also, the bike he is riding has reflectors on the wheels. No so common these days either.

  8. I have seen cases like this before. One recent case involved a Judge who was angry because his neighbors cars were blocking the sidewalk at the end of their driveway. Perhaps this is something similar, angry bike dude?

  9. My car got keyed last summer. all of the trunk and rear bumper. They even got artistic with it.
    If I ever see someone do this to someone’s car you better pray for them.

  10. Creepy and cowardly…gotta be some vague connection to the victims…chicken shit and spineless nonetheless

  11. Holy cow! He’s putting some energy into it. Why would he do that? Those cars are not BMWs. It’s very odd.

    • HootchieKootchie

      “Those cars are not BMWs”? Does that mean it would be okay to key these cars if they were??? Sorry, Stan, that sounds F’ed up to me.

      If I were to catch someone keying my car, in my driveway… RIP.

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