Digital billboards over Glassell Park and Silver Lake? Your next councilman may have the answer

Billboard company Lamar, which wants to install new digital billboards across the Eastside, has donated billboard space for First District Council candidate Gill Cedillo

Billboard companies have poured big money into the city election – including the Council District 1 and Council District 13 campaigns – as  they seek to install new lucrative digital billboards across the city, including  locations in Silver Lake  and Glassell Park, according to an L.A. Times story.

Billboard companies and their allies have made substantial campaign contributions and also donated billboard space in support of council candidates. In the Council District 1 race, Lamar  has given billboard space to support Gil Cedillo, who is competing against Jose Gardea to replace termed-out First District Councilman Ed Reyes, who represents Cypress Park, Lincoln Heights, Mt. Washington and other neighborhoods.

Billboard for Council District 13 Candidate that was partially financed by unions backing digital billboards.

Meanwhile,  unions that have been lobbying for digital billboards have also helped pay for billboards  for candidate John Choi in his campaign against Mitch O’Farrell in the 13th Council District, which includes Atwater, Echo Park, Silver Lake and other areas.

Lamar has also filed a lawsuit against the city to grant it permits to put up 45 digital billboards across the city, according to Ban Billboard Blight.    Most of the city’s existing flashing and animated billboards have so far been located on the  western portion of the city. But Lamar’s lawsuit  would bring those electronic ads to the Eastside (see map below), including  signs at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake,  Glendale Boulevard in Echo Park,  San Fernando Road in Glassell Park and Soto Street in Boyle Heights, according to legal documents cited by Ban Bill Board Blight.

How do the City Council candidates stand on the issue?   Gardea told the Times that he did not “see any scenario where we would [want] digitals in CD1.”  Cedillo, however, declined to say whether he would support digital billboards in the district but said Lamar’s support would not influence his decision making.

Meanwhile, in the Council District 13 race, O’Farrell said he opposes digital billboards based on safety reasons, but Choi told the Times he did not want to take  a “blanket policy” on where the signs should be allowed or take “any pronounced positions” on what intersections would be suitable.

View Lamar’s Digital Billboard Wish List in a larger map


  1. If Gardea’s against digital billboards in the district, then he just locked up my vote. The last thing CD1 needs is more visual blight.

  2. I was leaning Cedillo before this, but didn’t feel strongly in either direction, and thought they’d both have a good chance of being good councilmen. But I think the candidates answers (or non-answers, in Cedillo’s case) say a lot about each of them, and I’ll probably be voting for Gardea now.

  3. I LOVE that Choi quote about not taking “any pronounced positions”. HA! So classic. I hope enough people are too smart to vote for that joker. Spread the word, people. He’s papering our neighborhood with lies.

  4. John Choi’s smear tactics are nothing less then the far right Tea Party’s smear tactics.
    Do I want a council person to who runs his campaign from the play book of the extreme right.

    • Jerry Malatesta

      Ironic you mention the Tea Party. Mitch has as his spokesperson and campaign adviser the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council member whose brand and tactics would seem right out the Tea Party and NIMBY playbooks. Encouraging untruths, branding the opposition as the boogey man and an outsider, and not standing up to questionable tactics by your supporters are business as usual for the NIMBY, Tea Party, and Tea Party-like elements in the Neighborhood Councils that claim to represent the people. Having as your key adviser in a campaign the person who opposed some of your signature projects mentioned in this campaign compromises your credibility and seems hypocritical. Is it any wonder that wealthy whites in the hills of Silver Lake are supporting Mitch, while true progressives are reconsidering?

  5. Both Choi and Cedillo are backed by $$$ brokers that the word NO will not be spoken to-Choi especially has promised at an endorsement meeting that, if elected, he’d make sure labor unions were on the inside making decisions with him.
    Gardea opposes the 710 and the Barlow Development. Cedillo supports both.

    O’Farrell opposes the Barlow Development and favors downzoning. Choi? Let’s not find out…..billboards and skyscrapers for everyone……


  6. Yet another reason NOT to vote for that carpetbagger, dirty politics-monger John Choi. I really hope he doesn’t buy the election for CD13.

    • Glassell Parker

      Speaking of carpetbaggers… Has Mitch O’Farrell ever disclosed how long he has lived in CD13? His house was in CD14 and, after redistricting, is now in CD1. He had to move into CD13 to become a candidate for the council seat.

      • Seriously? Go look at the mural on the side of El Ranchito Meat Market across from Fletcher Drive Elementary and tell me which candidate’s name is listed as an artist. Hint: it’s Mitch O’Farrell. I don’t care what district Mitch lived in before redistricting; he’s a neighborhood guy through and through. If you can find any shred of neighborhood involvement by young Mr. Choi, please let us know.

  7. Anyone who cares about our neighborhoods will vote for O’Farrell and Gardea. There’s just no other choice if you care about the quality of our dear neighborhoods where we live, where Mitch and Jose have lived fir years unlike Choi and Cedillo. This election is a very important one. Don’t want the 710 freeway plowing through Highland Park? Then vote for Gardea!

  8. Bought and Paid For: The Unholy Alliance Between John and the Unions
    Get ready Echo Park for your Digital Billboards

    I’m a IATSE Union Memebr who supports Mitch O’Farrell

  9. Northeast Los Angeles does not need big billboards. We are a quaint community with scenic hillsides. NO DIGITAL BILLBOARDS! Cedillo will ruin our community, he does not respect the character of our community. It’s just another job for him. Vote for Jose Gardea, he knows the community and cares.

  10. In the interests of journalistic fairness, it should be noted that Hollywood Millennium project (the two proposed towers on Vine) has provided over $60,000 in campaign advertising for Mitch O’Farrell through their independent expenditure committee. That included the infamous racist “red baiting” flyer on John Choi. The Eastsider would be providing a better community service by being less blatantly biased in its coverage of this race, and it has failed to note many of the troubling incidents of this race.

  11. Cedillo takes money from billboard companies….that’s a fact. He’s in their pocket.
    These people have no shame

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