Echo Park dogs will have to wait for their own park

Fake dog park sign Echo Park. Photo by C. Schreiner

Many would say all of Echo Park is a dog park. But a large, green-and-white “Coming Soon” banner that appeared this morning  on Echo Park Avenue  heralded the  development of the vacant lot next to the  Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles into the “Echo Park Dog Park.”  Along with the name of the diocese, which owns the property, the vinyl banner also said: “Transforming underutilized land into a space for the community.”

Echo Park pet owners should not start setting up play dates at the new dog park, however.  The sign was a hoax and was removed, said church spokesman Bob Williams. If whoever created the official-looking banner was floating ideas for the empty lot, the church was not biting.

“There is no intention of developing the property that way,” said Williams, who said the church has no immediate plans for the site.


  1. Probably the same people behind the Whole Foods hoax at the former Circuit City site.


  3. I have a dog but avoid dog parks. Let’s face it, when dogs are allowed to congregate, the grass dies and you are left with a piss and shit dust bowl. Try walking by the one on silverlake blvd; I can’t imagine living in one of those buildings across the street.

    A dog park SEEEEMS like a good idea…

  4. I actually live next door to the vacant lot. I saw the sign & couldn’t believe it! I love dogs but wouldn’t want to be woken up @ 6 am by barking dogs of all sizes kicking up dust and letting go next to my window. Having gone through the past two years of being awaken by sledge hammers, tractors, trucks etc. Also all the dust being blown into my apt. Im excited that it’s finally finished & could get some peace. When I saw the sign I didn’t know how to feel. I was upset that this was the first I was hearing of it & we weren’t told of this new addition to the neighborhood. Shouldn’t we have a say since we’re the ones that will be putting up with yapping dogs, the smell of urine & poop, crowds of ‘hipsters’ gossiping next to my window & taking all the parking spaces away from tenants on the block, who I must say pay a pretty penny for the view of the lake & convenience of the park. I immediately called the church to inquire more info. The woman on the phone didn’t know what I was talking about, but transferred me to a voicemail of someone in charge of events etc. I called back twice & still got no answer. I can now smile & am relieved that this is a hoax. I’ve been wanting to turn the vacant lot into a community garden for years. Come on people what do you say? Just think how beautiful it would look & how nice it would smell. 🙂

    • community garden fan


      I’d love a community garden too! I walk past this lot every day and am always saddened by the fact that the church doesn’t take better care of it. They don’t pay any taxes on the land, but leave it looking like crap. Want to start an signature campaign to get the church to do something with the land?

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