Maybe now Kia of Glendale will admit it’s in Glassell Park

The large red and gray signs over San Fernando Road near Verdugo Road proclaim “Kia Glendale” even though the dealership sits in Glassell Park, almost near Cypress Park. While the signs and ads for Kia of Glendale may not acknowledge its Glassell Park location,  the  dealership certainly know it’s in the City Los Angeles. In fact, Kia of Glendale is now interested in buying an approximately 7,000-square-foot vacant lot that is owned by the city as part of a dealership  expansion.

A motion introduced by Councilman Ed Reyes supports the deal and seeks to have the city declare the land declared surplus property and  appraised in preparation for a potential  sale to Kia of Glendale.  The motion says selling the land to the dealership might increase jobs and increase pedestrian safety while “enhancing the aesthetics and economic vitality of the area.”
Perhaps building a “Kia Glassell Park” sign might also help enhance the aesthetics and economic vitality of the area by promoting the neighborhood in which the dealership does business.


  1. Scott Piotrowski

    Unless they plan some serious infrastructure improvements on San Fernando Road, and at least an acknowledgement of the community in which they reside, I’m opposed. It is pure and simple: take pride in your community, or don’t reside there.

    • Yes, I live in Glendale. It is very odd but I suppose they just kept the name when they moved not as some kind of front to Glassell Park. I do support comments from LA residents being hostile to businesses moving there. It’s why almost all new dealerships (and many other businesses) have located in smaller more friendly cities. [We are appreciative of the tax revenue too!!]

  2. Elizabeth Mines

    Well, it looks like Ed Reyes is trying to ruin the election chances of Jose Gardea. What a boondoggle! Ed, the City Planner, is really out of tune with what the community wants bordering the river. Ed not car dealerships, not Wal-Mart, not Safeway, not Rite-Aid and not McDonald’s. Think nature friendly and school-adjacent friendly. Good grief, save us from these folks before it’s too late!

  3. Glassell Parker

    Councilmember Reyes told us that this parcel was to be made into a pocket park once the school was completed. Glendale Kia also has a new cell tower without any public notice or input.
    Broken promises. Glendale had made many donations to Gardea’s campaign. I guess if you want anything done, you got to pay.

  4. Connie Stevens

    For years we have been monitoring land use at this site. It appears that the DWP is paying for the lighting on the lot, if you look closely there are some lights for the car lot across the street mounted on that old “Deco” transit building……..the rest of the lights appear to be on DWP poles.
    There is also the KIA restaurant/clubhouse that leaves about 12″ of sidewalk for the students/pedestrians from the high school to walk on before they spill out onto “San Fernando Road”…totally dangerous.

    There have been too many suspicious deals going on with the parcels here, Ed Reyes come clean please!

  5. Blame it on prop 13, It’s about the tax revenue, pure and simple. It’s the reason of the haphazard way our zoning laws in the City of Los Angeles is the way it is.

  6. No wonder the Kia Dealership is supporting “no way, Jose” for the city council. Don’t vote for another 12 years of “do nothing, Ed Reyes” with his employee, “no way, Jose”. Vote for change. Vote for Gil Cedillo.

    Now we see why the Kia Dealership is supporting, “no way, Jose”. Don’t vote for “no way, Jose”.

  7. “Do nothing, Ed Reyes” and his employee “no way, Jose” are the same. Don’t vote for another 12 years of “do nothing, Ed Reyes” with his employee, “no way, Jose”.

    Vote for Gil Cedillo.

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