O’Farrell remains ahead of Choi in Council District 13 race*

Mitch” O’Farrell (left) & John Choi

Mitch O’Farrell  remains ahead of  John Choi  in the race to replace Eric Garcetti as the 13th District Councilman.

With more than 82% of precincts reporting,  O’Farrell had captured 53% of the ballots  ballots versus nearly 47% for Choi , according to unofficial results posted online by the City Clerk.   Choi narrowed the margin as more precincts were counted but O’Farrell has remained above 50%.

Choi, a labor organizer and former Public Works commissioner, and O’Farrell, a former top aide to Councilman Garcetti, waged a costly and increasingly bitter campaign for Council District 13, which includes Atwater Village, Echo Park, Silver Lake and portions of Hollywood.

Campaign spending in favor of Choi  totaled nearly three times as much as the money backing O’Farrell. Choi was the beneficiary of  large independent expenditures, which are not limited by the city, that were made primarily by public employee unions. The O’Farrell campaign and his supporters spent about $660,000,  which included last-minute independent expenditures of more than $100,000 from National Association of Realtors Fund.   But Cho benefited from about $1.49 million in spending by his campaign and independent expenidtures, according to the most recent figures from the city’s Ethics Commission.

During the campaign,   O’Farrell touted  his deep roots in the district and extensive knowledge of neighborhood issues while Choi called for a broader vision and the ability to work across council district boundaries to improve conditions.  But in the final weeks of the campaign, the focus shifted away  issues as  tension rose between the two campaigns,  which have traded charges of voter fraud and race-baiting.

* This story was updated on Wednesday, May 22 @ 12:29 a.m. 


  1. Once again, Jesus Sanchez of The Eastsider has shown blatant bias in his coverage of the CD 13 race. Regardless of whom you support, it’s essential to understand that slanted coverage will make whomever is the Councilmember have that much tougher a job to unify the community to start solving the many serious challenges we’ll face.

    How has The Eastsider shown bias? By failing to report any of the charges that have plagued the O’Farrell campaign, including the gun-waving incident in Little Armenia, the blatantly racist flyer put out by the developers of the Hollywood Millennium twin-tower project (who put $60,000 into O’Farrell’s campaign), or the charges of vote fraud that became even more serious in the waning days of the campaign. The LA Weekly and Patch reported on a photo of a trove of unopened vote-by-mail ballots that had been posted on an Instagram site of an Armenian community member associated with Sam Kbushyan, the third-place finisher in the primary who has thrown his support to O’Farrell

    O’Farrell has shown his commitment to the community, but that doesn’t give his campaign, or the community media that covers it, a free pass to engage in inflammatory and biased comments. That doesn’t serve the integrity of the media, the community that needs to be informed, nor the ultimate winner of the seat, and we deserved better.

    • Shut up and get back to not representing the community, John Choi.

      • What’s the problem Green Flash? Were you supposed to be one of John Choi’s deputies? This community does deserve better and that sure as hell does not include “Johnny Appleseed” Choi. You’re never going to find an individual who has does done more for this district, nor a more honest human being than Mitch O’Farrell. That’s why people voted for him. If you can’t deal with that, grow a pair and shut your lying trap. Quite frankly I’ve grown quite weary of Choi’s whining idiots.

        • I’m surprised that the election was as close as it was! Boy if those deep pocketed unions could have wasted more money on Choi, even more satisfying!

          Well, I guess the people of CD13 are smarter than union propaganda adds and informed thanks to the eastsider!

          C’mon union hacks get those hats-in-hand!

  2. If John Choi loses the election, at least part of it will be due to his unrelenting attacks on O’Farrell. A good half of the mail pieces I got from him were in that mode. O’Farrell did some of the same, but not on the same scale of expenditure. It seems these days the more heavily-funded candidates feel freer to make their campaigns about how bad their opponent is instead of how they’ll represent us.

  3. Scott Piotrowski

    Using a city fire truck in support of a candidate? If I were in CD13 that would be enough to make me 1) vote for O’Farrell and 2) ask for a suspension of those firefighters!

  4. I don’t know how many ads — including Facebook Ads (Yes, Facebook Ads!!) — Choi ran, accusing O’Farrell of fraud. Well, I for one, got tired of seeing these.

    I’m sure both candidates are not absolutely squeaky clean. But having met both of them (and more than once), O’Farrell comes off WAY more genuine, and, he’s been living in the district he’s run in, for years. I believe O’Farrell will serve this district a little bit better (and maybe a lot better) than Choi would.

  5. Choi was lying to immigrant communities, telling them Mitch would deport them if elected. I hope Choi rots in hell

  6. Sandra Figueroa from El Centro, and Jose Sigala…..Your man lost. Time to crawl back in your holes and hibernate.

    • Truly disappointed in Ms. Figueroa. Many expected better from her. Not at all surprised by Jose “Watch Me Burn My Bridges” Sigala.

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