Sponsored Post: Geoffrey & Lee Real Estate dazzles Northeast L.A. at latest open house!

Cloudless skies and a light summer breeze made for the perfect ambiance at Geoffrey & Lee Real Estate’s latest open house in Glassell Park, which showcased the impeccable work done by their exclusive sellers, Dossier Capital. It was evident to each guest who walked through the door that this remodel is vastly different from what is typically seen in the market, as there were endless remarks on the fully completed appearance of the home.  In fact, our Glassell Park property on El Paso Street was featured in an NPR story about the healthy real estate market.

Alexander Tormik, one of several excited visitors, felt, “This is honestly one of the best remodeling jobs I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been in the market for almost an entire year.” Mr. Tormik, among countless other guests, was awed by the unique and detailed work that went into the entire home to complete its look and décor. Dossier Capital went to great lengths to perfect every detail, which was evidenced in guests’ warm reception of the home.

Elizabeth Montross, another interested buyer and interior decorator, appreciated such details. “Personally, I love the attention to details the designers put into this space. The grayish color you used on the bamboo flooring was such a great change from your typical dark wood flooring you see in most places.”

Aside from the presentation and characteristics of the home itself, many guests appreciated the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the open house. Guests were treated to a freshly brewed iced coffee from the local baristas at Swork , which made for the perfect compliment to a delicious platter of Eagle Rock Bakery’s finest treats.

Geoffrey & Lee associates and brokers went out of their way to make sure every visitor felt welcomed and were readily available to answer any question about the property.

The open house was a huge success! Geoffrey & Lee is very appreciative of the warm reception from the neighborhood and the local residents of Northeast L.A.! The property is available for private viewings by appointment. Please feel free to contact a Geoffrey & Lee broker for more information. Stay tuned for upcoming extraordinary remodels in the near future and be one of the many satisfied guests at the next open house!

**Next Geoffrey & Lee open house is Sunday, June 2nd. Please email us for more information at openhouse@geoffreyandlee.com.

Click here for more photos and details of 1453 El Paso Drive.

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