Storefront Report: No more Naya?

The phone has been disconnected. The thick drapes are shut tight against the windows. What’s going on at Naya Sunset, the flashy Silver Lake restaurant that served a modern version of Indian cuisine and some out-of-the-ordinary cocktails, including a rum drink with coffee beans? Some nearby store owners and employees said the Sunset Boulevard restaurant has closed and some Yelpers have reported finding the restaurant shut down for a while.

The owners of Naya Sunset, which opened in November 2011, had operated a previous Indian restaurant, Tantra, at the same location.

A state license to sell alcohol on the property expired at the end of April and was suspended, according to the Alcohol Beverage and Control Agency.

Could the owners be cooking up a new concept for the property or is someone else going to give it a try?

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  1. Silver Lake resident

    I live nearby and haven’t seen any action (let alone, open doors) at this place in months — maybe about 6 months, if I remember correctly.

  2. i never tried this place, but i ate there when it was still tantra. it was overly expensive, featured some of the worst service i’ve ever experienced in a restaurant, and the food was god awful. i’m not surprised the same owners with the same idea fared no better under a slightly different name. good riddance.

  3. Same owners as the awful sushi place down the street, which before that was an awful Creole-ish place (yes, same owners). I don’t know why they don’t just give up.

  4. (sp) open up.

  5. Rent it out to the people who run Spitz, or Mixto. Both of those places managed to take formerly dead spots and turn them into happening places!

  6. They need to knock out part of the wall and make some windows. It never was a place that looked appealing to walk into.

  7. Eric Spivak (GorillaMic)

    This property is huge, the exterior and interior should be completely turned into a blank slate, get some talented Los Angeles based artists to do murals on the side, punch out some of the walls to add windows & natural light. The place has always had a ton of unutilized potential (unfortunately).

  8. The velvet rope they used to have weekend nights turned me off—very Eurotrash. It looked more like a lounge than a restaurant. Unclear concept.

    I’ve been wondering when the sushi restaurant would close because no one’s ever in there. Oyster specials are pretty frightening with such low turnover.

  9. and we just lost cowboys and turbans. what a shame. i love indian food.

  10. It was designed by Spacecraft, which usually has a great track record regardless of the food, solely because of good design and atmosphere

    Not this time I suppose…..

  11. If the trend in this neighborhood continues, it’ll probably reopen as a hipsterish gastropub. Go to El Conquistador next door, fun food and atmosphere!

  12. If anyone knows who is in charge of this property (whether it’s for rent/lease/sale) please let me know.

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