You know your council district campaign is getting nasty when ….

Mitch O’Farrell (left) and John Choi

When one candidate is accused of accepting campaign contributions from sweat shop operators while the other’s campaign is labeled a “slime machine” Did we mention the Osama Bin Laden connection?

A press release issued Wednesday by Council District 13 candidate John Choi, who is running against Mitch O’Farrell to replace term-out Eric Garcetti,  reflects some of the negative campaigning going on in the final stretch of the May 21 election.

The press release, which twice tosses out the word “slime” in reference to the O’Farrell campaign, refutes allegations in an O’Farrell mailer that some of Choi’s donations came from firms, including retailer Forever 21,  that were being investigated for “sweat shop” conditions.  The Choi press releases notes that authorities have asked Forever 21  to provide records of its relationship with with a contractor that  “has dealings with another contractor that is suspected of workplace violations.”  

Choi campaign consultant Mike Simpock, who is quoted in the press release,  then takes it to a different (perhaps lower) level:

“Using Mitch O’Farrell’s twisted logic and standards, his own campaign is linked to Osama Bin Laden. O’Farrell took money from ex-convict Juri Ripinsky, who was sent to prison for dealings with the Independence Bank of Encino, part of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, which laundered and handled the money for Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda,” said Shimpock. “That may sound ridiculous – and it is, except for the part about Mitch taking money from a felon – but it is no more ridiculous than charging John’s contributors as having ‘sweatshop’ conditions.”

Yes, it all sounds ridiculous. How many weeks again until the election?

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  1. Getting money from a sweat shops or banks connected with OBL isn’t nearly as worrisome as getting money from public sector unions. The unions buy the politician and his seat. So, when it is time to negotiate the unions’ contracts, who is in that room representing the tax payer? Well it’s supposed to be the elected official, not a union puppet.

    I urge all to find and sign the petition on-line sponsored by senator AL FRANKEN which aims to reverse the supreme court decision that allows corporations to donate unlimited funds to political campaigns.

  2. Dan Choi doesn’t know anything about the district. He doesn’t know anything about the city council and its legilative process. He is nothing but a party plant dropped into the race because it was an open seat. Why becaus they can control him. He has no passion for the people. Ask him 10 semi obscure question about the district and he’d be lucky to get 2 right. Barlow? Whos that? Bellevue park? Where is that? Buena vista park? Disney right? Sunset junction? Where the sea meets the sky? Pioneer market? Maybe its part of olivera street? HiFi? crank it! He and his party/union machine are nothing but carpet bagging thugs who need be to shut down. Not saying Mitch is manna from heaven but he is OF the district and he knows its in and out. Supporting Dan Choi is the equivalent of supporting Sara Palin for Vice President in that he knows nothing about anything that is relevant to the people he is trying to represent. Even his tag line is passive aggressive and divisive. Looking out for “us”. Who is us? Beat it loser.

    • Amen, Ollie. You hit the nail on the head. Choi’s lack of knowledge about the district nearly makes him a carpetbagger. I really like the Palin reference, gave me a good laugh.

  3. All I know is that John Choi picked 4/20 to go around door to door in person. He obviously does not know his constituency well.

  4. wow, making an Osama Bin Laden connection, now that’s a true sign of desperation! Go back to Orange County where those tactics work.

  5. The true shame of this race is that when Mitch O’Farrell wins this election & gives his acceptance speech, he won’t be able to thank John Choi for running a clean, honest or ethical campaign.
    Ironically, for someone who received the Democratic Party endorsement, Choi seems to have pulled his campaign strategy like a page right out of the Republican Party playbook.

  6. Too bad John Choi didn’t take the time to take one of those Echo Park Historical Society tours. He would have learned a thing or two.

  7. This is the exact game plan as Gil Cedillo is playing over in CD1. A bunch of union criminals and Chevron bankrolling paid campaign worker kids shipped into the district from Maywood and Cudahy. Hey Gil, why not outsource your volunteer telephone bank to frickin’ India?

    He’s bought and paid for by the special interest unions, oil companies, and Chamber of Commerce filth.

    We gotta get into Jose Gardea’s headquarters for the next two weeks and especially on election day to outrun Cedillo’s paid hacks who will lie, cheat, and try to steal this election from the people who live here.

    Let’s roll up our sleeves and get Jose Gardea elected. He has actually lived in the District for years with his wife and two kids. By the way, does anyone know precisely where in the District Gil is “supposedly” living? Oh, Gil?

    • I just read on LAO that Gil gotten free billboards from the company that wants stuff from the council. I’m not really for or against electronic billboards but I am against politicians that look after big doners and special interests. Also I think Gil Cedillo in in La M because all the Chollo have his signs in their yards?!

  8. This campaign should get ugly. Mitch would’t be doing the right if he wasn’t exposing Choi for who he is. Choi will destroy Elysian Park. Thats a real threat to future of our community. Choi is a dangerous person and if this campaign wasn’t ugly the we woudln’t be talking about whats really going on.
    Fuck John Choi.

  9. Gil Cidillo = Worst politician ever. Seriously that guy nothin but a gangster. He’ll probably win just because of name recognition. If these criminals and cynical party union hacks get in it’ll only be term limits that get them out. Come on CD1/13 we can do better. Frightening to think the Democratic Party would dump these bums on us. Please Vote.

  10. John Choi is a desperate candidate (I get at least 3 of his mailers a week) who will do anything to try and get elected. Most of his funding comes from outside the district. He’s in bed with big developers and does not have the best interests of “us” at heart. Mitch O’Farrell is the clearly the best choice for our district. Fuck John Choi, indeed.

    • John Choi was very instrumental in the destructive of the Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Tract and Eric Garcetti could have halted the massacre of 3.06 acres of an urban forest, but chose to hide. Oh, the things I have learned. No votes for you two, only for Mitch O’Farrell. Get ’em, Mitch!!!

  11. John Choi has no organic support in this neighborhood. Nobody knows this guy. His campaign went negative first, and he’s trying to influence this election through a flood of direct mail and community member character destruction.

    Screw labor and the Democratic Party for not doing even a speck of district surveying to discover who the actual grassroots candidate of choice was.

    Get out to vote and don’t let these hacks determine your representation!

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