Dodgers in “sensitive discussions” to bring another sports team to play in Chavez Ravine*

Photo by Scott Fajack

Who the Dodgers owners are talking to is not clear but an L.A. Times story  provides turns up the most recent evidence that the team’s new owners are actively looking at developing the acres of land and parking lots that surround the stadium.

The new piece of information surfaced in a court filing  by the Dodgers in the ongoing legal wrangling between former Dodger owner Frank McCourt  and his wife Jamie.  Said the Times:

The Dodgers are engaged in “highly sensitive discussions and negotiations with major sports entities regarding the potential use of the land surrounding Dodger Stadium,” co-owner Todd Boehly said in the filing.

Bohely wants to keep secret the details of the financial relationship between Guggenheim Baseball Management, which owns the team,  and McCourt, who owns a half interest in the land surrounding the 50-year-old stadium, for fear it would  threaten discussions with other teams interested in sharing the hilltop property with the Dodgers.

“Guggenheim and the NFL have met to discuss a stadium, according to people familiar with the talks but not authorized to comment on them,” said the Times.

Residents of Echo Park, Solano Canyon and other neighborhoods that surround the neighborhood have over the years voiced opposition to the building of a football stadium on the property.

* Update: Judge rules the Dodgers have to provide details of financial relationship with McCourt, says AP.

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  1. Dodger Stadium is special precisely because its situation into the open landscape of Chavez Ravine. To turn that land into another Nokia/LA Live/Staples conglomerate would deface the Dodgers experience, and thereby deface the culture of Los Angeles as a whole. Voice now, not later: No. No. No. No.

    • The downtown Farmers Field project failed because the NFL has always wanted Chavez Ravine to be the site of the new LA football stadium. The reason why the selling price of the Dodgers was multiples of the actual value of the team was because of the development value of the land including the parking lots. The plan has been talked about for decades and the Barlow Hospital site is part of the “vision.” This is not an Eastsider ironic post.

    • Unfortunately, the time to voice that was in the election. But the district voted for the pro-development guy. So unless we can stall for 4 years and get somebody like Gardea back in office, we’re in for a rough ride.

  2. echoparkdodgerfan

    As a dodger fan and a Echo Park resident, I find this a terrible idea. It really brings back memories of the original removal of people at the Revine to build Dodger Stadium, they went against the community wishes. I think it’s time we start doing something about it before the ball starts moving on this.

    • The residents of the La Loma, Bishop and Palo Verde were originally displaced because the city wanted to use the land to erect public housing. After the city changed its mind, the Dodgers came knocking on the door. By this time, most residents, except for a few holdouts, had already been bought out.

  3. Two stadiums; too many.

  4. great.
    inevitable considering the totally ridiculous price these ass clowns paid.
    there are so many other places where something like this and the outsized barlow profit land grab could be built, why can’t we preserve what little green space is left in this parking lot of a city.

  5. Here we go again. Barlow Hospital and the Dodgers trying to change the community. We love Elysian Park as it is nice and peaceful. We shouldn’t let money and greediness change the neighboorhood.

  6. Organize and fight……….We did it before, and won…..We can do it again.

  7. BaxterAtEchoPark

    I live right behind Chavez Ravine…finding it hard to believe my neighbors don’t want this built. Means jobs, more restaurants and bars, attention to the roads and other infrastructure we currently don’t get….short term it’ll mean living in a nutso contruction zone, but in the long term…better neighborhood and higher property values, not to mention an NFL team in LA. Why all the whining?

    • This has been a good neighborhood. We don’t need another sports team here, the folks around the Coliseum want a stadium. It won’t be just the construction, it will be the traffic, the parking issues where visitors will park in the neighborhood to avoid the parking fees, etc.

  8. Resurrect Thom Mayne’s idea: move Dodger Stadium somewhere else and convert Elysian Park back to a much needed urban park. Valuable open space in urban parklands in wilderness area should be public, like beaches, not privately owned.

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