Lock Those Doors & Windows! Echo Park burglars remain busy*

Sburglareveral burglars that have targeted Echo Park in recent weeks have been responsible for about 16 crimes , primarily by taking advantage of unlocked doors and windows.  Most of the burglaries (see list below) have taken place south of the 101 Freeway, but one has taken place on Park Avenue near Echo Park Lake, said Burglary Detective Mario Mota with the Rampart Division.

“I don’t think they are working together,” Mota said of the suspects. “Probably just bad timing for us on different suspects working the area.”

One of the suspects who remains at large was captured on a surveillance video in front of  Temple Street home that was broken into in late May. He remains at large.

“The suspect(s) operate at all hours of the day and night,” Mota said. “The suspect(s) simply enter via unlocked and unsecured windows and have also been prying open doors and windows.”

In addition to keeping windows and doors locked when possible, Mota asks that residents call police to report suspicious activity or him directly with any information. Mota can be reached at (213) 484-3034 or (213) 484-3490.

Location and date of burglaries

*Correction: A previous version of this post said a burglary took place in the 1900 block of Park Drive. That’s wrong. The burglary took place in the 1900 block of Park Avenue.



  1. Burglars == losers. They are too lame to earn things themselves, so they have to steal from hard working people. Can’t think of many things that are more lame.

    • Scholaris @ blame game ep

      I think you should lick you wounds by now, Clueless, oh I meant True Freedom! You all with the same crying story. Just remember, you aren’t no better than the thief that stoled the heart you think you once had! V EXP

      • Youre wrong Scholaris. Thieves and gang bangers are the lowest form of life and the rest of us law abiding people are better beyond your tiny comprehension.

        • Scholaris @ blame game

          Look, why don’t you read what was written thoroughly before you start yapping and defending your fellow yuppie. I didn’t say it wasn’t wrong, I just said he was no better!
          I could remember when I was young and stoled a bike from a spoiled little kid, that had everything given to him on hand and knee. I posted up at the Echo Food Market, the bike had cereal numbers all over it .Anyways, the guys day was the drummer of a band called”Crazy Horse”! Michael Molina, he pulled up on me and took the bike back. Not only that, but he called the cops also. It was 1977, or so I was 8 or 9 years old.
          His wife was a friend of moms, her name was Barbara. She was an alcoholic, that would always come up the hill crying to my mom about, how Michael would cheat on her, do coke, and beat her! What a guy huh.
          Well, my point is don’t throw rocks in a glass house. When you point your finger at someone, you have three and a thumb pointing back at you! Why do I share these personal episodes with you idiots, maybe I am an idiot myself!
          Funny huh!
          Sincerely stupid cholo,

          • Sage words. Especially the salutation.

          • au contraire mon frere, I am certainly better than a thief. I have enough respect for others (and the law), to not steal what they own.

            “cereal numbers”, “stoled a bike”, “throw rocks in a glass house”… you are certainly a funny stupid cholo. he he

          • I actually feel “stupider” after reading your post.

      • Stolen heart? Perhaps you are reminiscing about some Corcoran prison love.

        Sorry, buddy. A real man works hard and earns ( money, respect, etc ). A loser lowlife can’t handle earning things, so he takes.

  2. The scariest part of burglary is the possibility of violence. I think violent burglary and simple theft are on two different levels.

    • You are right about that sir. Unfortunately, the burglars probably don’t read this blog but they should know that some of us are prepared for their entry and it will not end well for them.

  3. Yes, dumb cholo it is with dumb corespondent hipsters! That elaborate or every little tantalizing subject on the Eastsider. Go shower or something, half of you smell like dog!

  4. wow scholaris – you’re quite the moral philosopher – lol

    “it is wrong to steal things that don’t belong to you but who are we to judge that it’s a bad thing? although to be clear i never said stealing isn’t wrong. it is wrong, just not as wrong as it is to say ‘stealing is wrong’. that’s really wrong. not that i am judging people who say that, because i’m not. except that i am. i trust that’s clear. thank you.”

    • I guess it wouldn’t be wrong if the guy was a modern day Robin-hood, right. Everyone loves Robin-hood !
      Or if the guy was putting food on his kids plate. I was simply making an analogy, as opposed to guys who have skeletons in their closets, but yet are quick to cast judgement on others!
      Isn’t the tax collector cut from the same clothe, as the thief ?

      • Funny, you effectively contradict yourself in saying that robbing from the rich to give to the poor is ok (robin hood ref), but that the tax collector (who takes primarily from the rich to give to the poor) is a thief.

        Tax collection, which may be referred to as thievery, is part of the tax code.. and technically not stealing. Whereas a person who steals from someone, simply because they’re rich, to give to the poor is a lowlife scumbag loser.

        • …and you are not a loser, your are superior to all the scum of the earth! Walk with your nose turned up.

          • You’re right in that I’m not a loser.
            You don’t need to walk with your nose in the air to look down on the scum of the earth.

            And don’t go thinking I think anyone of some lower educational or socioeconomic status are scum, because I don’t. I grew up in a rural area, and partly in a trailer park. These people were neither rich nor educated, but were some of the best human beings I’ve ever met.

            Scumbaggery is a choice in how one decides to lead their life. They come in all sizes and colors and backgrounds. And yes, I look down on them.

      • let me just clear this up for any of you crying that yuppies have it better. I am disabled, and work full time, because I’d rather have private insurance, than have the gov make my medical decisions for me. My car was stolen, not too far away from where these crimes are happening. Do I deserver it? nope not one bit. I work hard, I try to stay as healthy as possible. I have intermittent leave, because there are some days I can’t even walk. This person, who took my car, didn’t care who i was, didn’t look to see if I was a yuppie or crippled individual. Stealing is wrong no matter who’s property it is. You never know who you’re hurting, and Karma is going to find these people in one shape or form, if the law catches them great, if not, it could be something far worse. Respect the fact that if someone own’s something, it may not have been handed to them, they may have worked harder than you, or their parents did. Either way it’s not yours and you can’t group people into a class. You hear a story about one type of individual and then put everyone else in that same group, that’s judging, and you have no right to decide who deserves what.

  5. There you go!Trailor park trash with inferiority complex! No wonder why you try to act as if other life is less worthy of yours, you certainly forgot where you came from! Talk about contradiction, you certainly are not no better than I am.

  6. You’re certainly right about one thing: I’m “not no better than” you are.
    Ha ha
    stupid cholo.

  7. @True freedom, If you have such a hatred towards “cholos”, when you see them in the street why don’t you let them know how you feel about them. You have so much to say on this website, but don’t have the b**ls to say it to their face…

    • @patty: I have no hatred towards cholos. I only use that term because Scholaris uses it to refer to himself. Relax.

      I have hatred towards people who intentionally do harm to innocent people.. whether they are a cholo or a rich caucasian matters not to me.

      Plus, what do you know how I act on the streets? I have no problem confronting people, as long as I don’t think there will be a weapon involved.

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