Mayor-Elect Eric Garcetti sworn in at Echo Park Lake

Garcetti walks over Echo Park Lake bridge following official swearing in ceremony on the lake’s island.

Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti was officially sworn in as mayor of Los Angeles late this afternoon in a small ceremony on the island at Echo Park Lake. Los Angeles City Clerk June Lagmay, who was present at the ceremony, said Garcetti will officially assume the role and duties of mayor beginning July 1.  After the ceremony concluded around 6 p.m., Garcetti, who held a child in his hands, and the others crossed the bridge back into the main part of the park, which reopened to the public only two weeks ago after being closed for a two-year-long clean up.

A pair of park police officers prevented people from crossing the bridge to the island, where perhaps about a dozen people, including Garcetti’s wife, Amy Wakeland, his father, Gil Garcetti, and Bishop Jon Bruno of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, were present when the mayor-elect took the oath.

A ceremonial swearing-in ceremony is scheduled to take place on Sunday during Garcetti’s public inaugural at  City Hall.

Small group gathers under palm trees as Eric Garcetti is officially sworn in as Mayor of Los Angeles on the island at Echo Park Lake.


  1. Sooo I guess this makes the lake sacred to Garcetti? Lets hope so…

  2. “One of the reasons I didn’t exercise my right to vote, this time. Nam one of these politician were worthy of my vote, especially this scum bag!

    • Scholaris, I’m a huge fan of your comments on this blog. I follow them religiously, as your insights are quite often brilliant. I would LOVE to have crumpets some time at one of the super hip vegan friendly coffee shops with you, on me of course! DO you like chevre? Are you available on Sunday after church? Im just DYING to know where you summer.

      • Dingus, I appreciate the offer, but I don’t do chèvre. I don’t do crumpets either unless it’s attractive enough!
        Nonetheless, I do like ceviche and cold beer! “:)

      • Oh, and I’ve summered in New England’s
        Martha’s Vineyard, been down the cape and back! I would also like to see Nantucket and eventually make my way to the Cape Verde Islands. One time big for New Bedford’s, Ca

    • I thought voting privileges were taken away from ex-cons.

      • No Chuck, I would say that this myth was set up to destroy ones belief system, but people would think that I was pulling the conspiracy card of oppression.
        I also thought I lost my right to vote, until I registered and cast my ballot at Echo Park United Methodist Church, on Alvarado and Reservior! They say as long as you are not on parole, which I been off for some time. I really don’t know if they really check anyways. All my friend were also under the assumption ex-cons couldn’t vote either, making us all un-knowledgable and clueless.

  3. Is the island (and the bridge) gonna be open to the public?

    • no, the island will never be open to the public, and it wasn’t for a long time prior to the rehab. it’s a safety zone for habitat, eggs, chicklings, young’uns.

  4. As of this writing, Villaraigosa is still technically the mayor. Is he gonna have an after party to celebrate his former mayorship?

    • Ya sure! At the Abby Room in West Hollywood, to appease his genre.

    • He says he’s going to go on a “listening tour” throughout the state in preparation for a run at governor. Also, he wants to join a think tank. I kid you not.

      • While I never thought he had a chance to become mayor, surely the fact that he failed the bar exam 4 times (never to attempt another) will come up (and matter) in a governors race.

        Villaretardo is a moron who manipulated the Hispanic voters in Los Angeles to get into office and like GW Bush has bankrupted the entity he controlled. The raises in salary and benefits he gave to the unions are unsustainable, and left alone will bring this city to it’s knees.

        • Why are Unions always the blame, Union Labor Built America, and this Great City Los Angeles.

          • Unions are redundant at best. They were formed mainly for the “safety and well being of workers”. This was necessary to establish worker’s rights! BUT, These grievances are now handled by a government agencies like OSHA or consumer affairs. Now, the unions have morphed into a bully pulpit where they can buy a politician’s seat with quid-pro-quo in action.

            This is THE fear our the forefathers had for our country. “tyranny of the majority”

        • BEANYboy liked it better when homicide numbers were at a 800-1,000 a year clip and rising before Villaraigosa came into office. We are now literally living in the “good old days” with crime rates at 1950s levels and continuing to drop(?!), i.e., an L.A. miracle. Besides, if crime had worsened during Tony’s tenure, you can bet that bitter, crusty, and humorless BeanyBoy would be dumping all of the blame on Tony’s lap. Instead, due to the L.A. miracle, improved air quality, and Tony’s challenge of the educational status-quo that guaranteed inferior quality education for certain population groups, all he can piss out is “moron” and some cynically disingenuous concern for “Hispanic voters” (oh brother . . .). Give it a rest BEANYboy. Human qualities like compassion, concern, and righteousness simply don’t suit you.

        • Btw, if it weren’t for the L.A. miracle overseen by Villaraigosa, urban survivalists like BEANYboy wouldn’t even dare live in places like Echo Park. Even now he remains a paranoid figure cowering behind the sandbags piled around his self-imposed bubble.

          • Villaretardo had nothing to do with crime rates dropping. Crime rates dropped because abortion has become more available and less stigmatized. Fewer desperate people= fewer crimes. Hopefully it becomes more prevalent in a “procopio” household…

            If Villaretardo has any legacy, it will be bankrupting the city. He shamelessly admits that the reason he got into office was solely from the backing of unions. Obviously, those were the ONLY people he could think of to thank in several of his final interviews. Who was representing the tax payer? Wasn’t that his job?

            You do know that he changed his name right? It WAS Tony Vallar. The Villarigosa was added for “effect”. you connect the dots (oh brother is right)

            Try as you might to detract, but the facts are the facts.

          • BTW, Why do you bother engaging me in any topic? You know that’s a bad idea for your ego…

          • BEANTEAM is right. There are no facts buttressing Villaregosa’s record especially regarding crime. There is much evidence that he gave fat and undeserving compensation plans to the unions that supported him and got him elected.

            As per usual, procopia has no rebuttal on futile points.

  5. Anything is better than what we had

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