“Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez dies

Serial killer Richard Ramirez, the so-called Night Stalker who terrorized Eastside neighborhoods during the mid 1980s, died today of natural causes, according to L.A. Now and various news reports.   Ramirez killed 13 people, including Jennie Vincow, who was stabbed numerous times in her Glassell Park home in late June 1984.

Ramirez’s murder spree ended on an East Los Angeles street in late August 1985 when he was subdued by several residents.

Ramirez, who was 53, died in a Northern California hospital.


  1. GOOD! See you in hell you creep!

  2. Why are you gonna be there beanteam?

  3. I can remember a few sweltering nights that summer in our ground floor apartment in Silver Lake – it didn’t seem like a good idea to go to sleep with the windows open.

    • Hey man i was not far from you-i was 18 and lived with my 2 big brothers ,that summer the heat was making you ill yet i slept with a fan by my bed but got little sleep as every day news of people just basically doors away being raped or worse.Terrible ,beyond words am sure you will remember.Glad the MF is dead ,got far too easy though.where is his satan now?

  4. He really changed the way Angelenos thought about their safety at night. I think a lot of people used to sleep with their windows open and some of us lived in neighborhoods where you didn’t even have to lock your doors. Not after this creepo came through.

    The good folks of East LA (EastSide) caught him and beat his ass. The cops showed up and had to save him from getting killed.

  5. Who’s jennie Vincow and why was she the only one mentioned?

  6. The day I moved into my new place in Echo Park a reporter came to the door to ask my friend about a suspect in the Night Stalker case. The reporter said his name was Rick Ramirez and he lived down the street from us. My roommate refused to speak with the reporter, but the Rick we knew did fit the description of the Night Stalker, he lived with our landlord down the street. There were rumors that the Night Stalker was hitting yellow homes in which a man and woman lived, near freeway on ramps. That day I was moving into a yellow house with my male friend, the house was very close to the 2, 101 and 5 freeway on ramps. It was so hot that summer, we could not sleep safely with the windows open.

    When he was caught, I was glued to the tv to see if it was the Rick we knew. Fortunately, it wasn’t. I slept with the window open that night.

  7. check out this: it’s an ad looking for penpals for him; looks like it’s only a couple years old. kind of trippy:

    • Beanteam was Richards penpal! :/

      • Oh man you are brilliant. Just brilliant! You must tell us what TV show you work for! Family Guy? Modern Family? I mean, with retorts such as this? WOW!

    • wonder why the words are not coming from him?any of you guys here of a young guy called Jason moss?he was a student,studying serial killers right-wrote to John wayne Gacy(who killed 33 boys ,young men)anyway Jason tried to get inside the mind of Gacy and befriended him by letters,etc and eventually he went into prison and met with him.(was NOT a good idea)…anyway if you are avid readers out there get a hold of a book called’The last victim’ meaning him….he also wrote to Richard R …visited him,obviously got inside Jason’s mind for he shot himself on….6/6/06……very very tragic.

  8. A significant missed local connection: Ramirez was fencing some of the items he stole from victims to someone at a place in Angeleno Heights. That means he was in and around Echo Park very often, although as far as his living space, that was completely transient, although at least part of the time he lived in the Skid Row area of downtown.l

  9. Ramirez was lucky to not have not been beaten and shot on the spot. Back in those days, I know of at least a couple of nearby neighborhoods where he wouldn’t have been so lucky if the right(?) people had gotten a hold of him.

  10. It was written in an article at the time that he sometimes hung out at the long gone Suku Suku club down on Echo Park Ave. Isn’t it a hair salon now? Location of the former Suku Suku club next door to Blue Collar Working Dog.

    • I moved to Echo Park shortly before he was caught. I went into the suku suku club to use the pay phone, but encountered with him. It was terrifying. He was the devil! 🙁

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