Rampart Division police captain reassigned after DUI arrest

Capt. Steve Ruiz/LAPD

Captain Steve Ruiz has been reassigned to other duties in the wake of his  May 30 arrest on suspicion of drunk driving, L.A. Now reports. It’s not clear who is now in charge of the Rampart Division, which includes the portions of Echo Park and Silver Lake south of Sunset Boulevard. An LAPD spokeswoman told The Eastsider she had no other details on the matter.

Ruiz, a 25-year department veteran, was arrested by the California Highway Patrol on the 101 Freeway in Sherman Oaks. The CHP declined to provide L.A. Now information about Ruiz’ blood-alcohol readings.  L.A. Now also noted that Ruiz was not arrested and booked in jail as is often the case with others arrested in connection with a DUI.

Ruiz has been commanding officer of the Rampart station since February 2009.



    • You have no idea of the stuff police officers have to go through. They go out and risk their lives while you are out there sittin on your fucking ass. They risk their lives everyday when they put on that uniform. They have to deal with stuff that no one should ever see in their lives. Grow Up kid.

      • So how does this make it ok for him to endanger people’s lives?

        So what you are saying is that anyone, or all police officers, who have stressful jobs, should be cut some slack for drinking and driving.

        Tell that to the millions of families who have lost loved ones to drinking and driving…

      • Aldo Thee Apache

        Yes ‘TheWorld’, the rest of us are all sitting on our butts. Not working or anything. Just sitting around for waiting for the flawless, upstanding RAMPART division to finish their beers so they can come save us unworthy peasants (AKA potential perps). How about one more for the road buddy?

    • Who the F are u to judge !!!! Can happen to anyone..he is human ….Helloooo !!!!

      • Yeah. He is human. And he should have been treated exactly how any other human that gets popped for a DUI is treated – taken to jail.

      • Humans don’t let humans drink and drive. They get their friend a taxi or they let them sleep on the couch. Drinking and driving doesn’t “happen” to people unless they are actually out of control alcoholic.

  2. He must have been either very drunk OR belligerent to get hauled in! This kinda shtuff don’t happen with “fellow” officers…

  3. His blood alcohol level should be made public as everyone elses is.

    Drinking and driving injures innocent victims all day, every day.

    There are a lot of people who have very stressful jobs, and police officers definitely fit the bill, but that is not a valid excuse.


  4. This is a bad situation all the way around. Thank God he didn’t kill anyone driving drunk! I feel for his family, even though his wife and daughter were snobs. I hope he gets it together.

  5. as cops they took an oath to protect an serve they ate trained to be better than US common folk NOT! HUMAN JUST LIKE ME have LAWS TO OBEY JUST LIKE ME. CHIPIS GAVE HIM A DONT GO TO JAIL PASS. IF IT WAS YOU OR ME OUR BUTTS WOULD BE IN JAIL!
    COPS should be help to a higher standard of ethic. they knew the job was numerous then they took it. no excuses

  6. I wonder how many of his numerous reassignments were the result of unprofessional conduct. He should have been thrown in jail like everyone else.

    The blue shield protects its own again.

  7. What a loser.

  8. I am sick and tired of people drunk driving. Every day I catch quite a few people (sometimes even in the morning) swerving, making crazy turns, almost killing themselves and others. Just right now on my way home I saw a guy in a truck that slammed on his brakes in front of me. I almost hit him. I let him gain some distance and he was swerving all the way down the 5 freeway. Son of a BVFHUEBVWVB! I don’t even have time or money to drink or have those kind of habits!!!

  9. Capt. Ruiz did not go to jail because there was no accident and no injuries. He was taken to jail where he was cited to court.. This is the same treatment as anyone else with no priors would receive. Give the guy a break.

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