What’s New With Our Sponsors: Mt. Washington Open House; Updated Menu at Bon Vivant

Mt. Washington open houseOpen This Sunday:  Hot Mt. Washington meets cool mountain retreat! Starting its life in the ’40s as a 2-bedroom/1-bath hillside, it’s evolved over the years into a 3-bedroom/2-bath plus family room with an amazing garden and fabulous long distance views. Open this Sunday, June 9, from 2 pm -5 pm. Click here for details. Presented by Liz Johnson

New Menu: Bon Vivant Market & Cafe in Atwater Village as a new updated menu (Click here to view). Happy Hour (4pm – 7pm/Mon-Fri) comes with a complimentary buffet with purchase.

Hats & Scarves: Meowdy in Los Feliz has got a lot of cute hats and scarves.Come check them out!