Eastside Property: Echo Park house seller seeks to break the $1 million barrier

The mid-century home at 2145 Park Drive is distinctive not only for sweeping city views and a bathtub in the master bedroom but for being one of those rare Echo Park houses that have sold for more than $1 million.  That was back in 2004 during the last real estate boom/bubble when the approximately 1,700-square-foot home in the Elysian Heights section of Echo Park sold for $1.079 million.

Now, the current owners have put the hillside home with a pool on the market and are seeking to top the previous sale price by asking $1.399 million, according to Redfin. Says the listing description:

This 1946 Austin Ayers Architectural Home utilizes clean lines, glass, metallic profiles and brick with gorgeous views of the canyon serving as a backdrop. This 2 bedroom 1.5 bath beauty boasts polished cement, slate and bamboo floors. Glamorous porcelain tub in Master Bedroom and stunning pool.

Only about a half dozen single-family homes in Echo Park, as well as Angeleno Heights and Elysian Heights, have sold for more than $1 million in about the last decade, with the most expensive house, a four-bedroom, hilltop property on Alvarado Street, selling for  $1.27 million in  2007, according to Redfin.

Will 2145 Park Drive set a new record price for Echo Park real estate?

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  1. 1.399 million. that’s insane.

  2. A house in Highland Park just listed for almost 1.1 million.

    I have now seen everything.

  3. In case you haven’t noticed, there is this phenomenon called inflation. It is caused by governments printing money.

    Look back at property prices in ANY period in time. You will see that overall, real estate prices are reflecting inflation. For example, the place I bought for 400K in 2009 was sold in 1964 for 25K. Am I outraged? No. I understand that it is not the value of the property that has gone up but rather the purchasing power of the currancy I use has gone down. How do you combat inflation you ask? Good question grasshopper! LEVERAGE! You see when you only have a 20% stake in an investment, inflation is your friend!

    To those who have “seen everything” look out! Inflation is about to ramp up to levels never seen before!!!!

    I hope you are leveraged, because your loaf of bread is going from $3 to $7 real quick…

    • @keyless

      I follow the market pretty closely. I understand the concept of inflation. I also own a house in NELA. I just didn’t expect a house to be listed over a million on Monte Vista & Ave 57. Not exactly Mayberry, ya dig?
      See for yourself before.

      PS: lighten up on the condescension & pontificating.

      • My point is that you should prepare yourself to continue to be surprised because it never stops. At some point (it may take 30 years) believe it or not, all homes in HLP will list for more than a million. It’s just facts Mark Maron.

        Ironic that you should lecture someone on condescension and pontificating…

      • come on now. someone who “follows the market” wouldn’t call it a house. it isn’t a house. it’s a multi-family investment property.

  4. Anybody know the rules for setback on a structure like this? I see a lot of one or two-story garages perched near the sidewalk in the Silverlake Hills, would like to do the same.

  5. Re: setback – the hillside ordinance is draconian and gets more so every year. If you are trying to build on any of these hills or even extend your house good luck. Dealing with the city is a nightmare. Not sure if your area of silverlake is considered part of the hillside ordinance but you should check. Echo Park hills/Elysian heights are and the city does everything it can to make it impossible to work with them.

  6. This is indeed a beautiful home. Sold for a bit above 1.1 million. Worth every penny in my view given its beauty, quality, views, and history.

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