Silver Lake’s Chandelier Tree lights up the neighborhood

Chandelier Tree from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

After finishing a set building and staging job, Adam Tenenbaum of Silver Lake brought home with him three unwanted chandeliers left over from the project.  He had planned to hang them inside but his home proved too small. That’s what prompted Tenenbaum and his roommate to hang the fixtures from the tree that shades the front yard of their corner of  West Silver Lake Drive and Shadowlawn Avenue. Now, six years later, The Chandelier Tree is a neighborhood landmark, dripping with light fixtures, many of them purchased at garage sales and swap meets.

Tenenbaum tells the tale of Chandelier Tree in a new video by fellow Silver Lake filmmaker Colin Kennedy.

“They needed a bigger space. They just couldn’t hang in the living room,” Tenenbaum says in the video. “I just thought they were so fantastic.”


  1. SilverLakeArchitect

    So beautiful! Too bad with such positive publicity, the City will probably come in and make him take them down.

  2. Nicely done. The film and the tree look great. Go Silver Lake.

  3. jennifer blair

    awesome. hope the city peeps appreciate beauty, too.

  4. This splendid tree is right up there with the Silver Lake Reservoir as far as reasons why I love living in SL. Adam has done an amazing job on this! If you feel in need of an infusion of joy into your life, just drive past this any evening……..guaranteed to make you feel fabulous and bring a smile to your face!

  5. What happens to the chandeliers in a storm? How does the artist stop them from breaking
    and swaying when there’s a high wind? They are lovely but so fragile out there.

    • The chandeliers are all firmly held in place by clever fastening and wire wrapping. IIRC, during the heavy wind storms last winter Adam said he only lost one or two crystals – all chandeliers have been weather proofed and still work despite rain or wind.

  6. Thank you Adam! I’ve watched this tree develop over time and have so much joy each time I pass it. Such a great way of engaging neighbors.

  7. Hello everyone.
    & huge love to Eastsider for this blog!!!!
    What can I say.
    I moved from downtown Los Angeles to Silverlake.
    & was very excited to have community & family & kids. Again.
    This seemed like a natural way to give back to the hood.
    I never really wanted to be a solitary artist. In a house. Secluded.
    I truly love sharing this with everyone.
    I’m constantly surprised at how un-jaded I am each night staring at it.
    With hundreds of people driving by, stopping & taking pictures.
    It’s certainly become a fun way to engage the neighbors.

    As to the technical.
    All chandeliers have been hung with UV rated span sets & carabiners.
    Pretty much the same way you would rig an aerial point for performance.
    I imagine the chandeliers themselves will die.
    Before their connections to the tree. Do.
    As mentioned.
    All of the chandeliers are “weather-proofed’ to the best of my ability.
    I have some that haven’t lost a bulb in 6 years!!!
    Thanks for the love & for looking.
    Much love.

  8. AWESOME! Love it.

  9. Just one more positive note on this……Adam noted on his FB page a few days ago that this wonderful video now has more than 53,000 views, is a staff pick for VIMEO, and they now want their own Chandelier Tree. How cool is that? He and the tree are neighborhood treasures!

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