The humble hot dog goes gourmet in Eagle Rock

Photo by Valentina Silva

By Valentina Silva

With gourmet burgers having reached the point of utter ubiquity in L.A., the humble hot dog is now set to be exploited. Thank goodness. Meea’s in Eagle Rock is one of the first wiener meccas to hit Northeast L.A., and it’s a nice start. You’ll miss the tiny hot dog storefront if you blink, but it’s worth a few u-turns to find it.

The menu at Meea’s is small, but thorough. The list includes iconic regional American favorites, like the “Southland,” their version of L.A.’s own “Danger Dog,” bacon wrapped and heaped with grilled onion, jalapenos, mayo, mustard and ketchup; and the “Chi-Town”, which stays faithful to the original with a poppy seed bun, pickle spears, tomatoes, onions, and sport peppers. The only thing missing is that florescent green relish—a non-neon sweet relish is used in its place.

“The Eagle Rock” features pickled papaya, chicarones, Sriracha and avocado./Valentina Silva

The “Eagle Rock,” dressed in pickled papaya, chicarones, Sriracha and avocado, works as a nod to the neighborhood’s cultural melting pot. The unexpected combination is an inspired mix of textures and flavors—the crunch of the pork rinds is a fantastic foil to the soft house-baked bun while the papaya and hot sauce complement each other from opposite ends of the thermometer.

Meea’s house chili makes the “Chili Dog” an easy favorite. While there is some serious smothering going on, they don’t go overboard with rich, meaty chili, so there’s no sogginess to contend with. You can almost pick it up to eat it. A quality dog is what keeps a chili dog from being indecent, and luckily the dogs here are just that, even if they could have a little more snap. I added yellow mustard for some extra punch.

There was no room for french fries, but we ordered them anyway. We tried the sweet potato fries, which were fried to crispy perfection and served with a side of honey. If you’re looking for something different, I say order the tater tots off the children’s menu. Oh, and if you’re really going for it, they serve some sinister looking chili fries.

Note: All seating is outdoors but under umbrellas. Also, the service is a bit slow, so if you go on a weekend, you might be waiting a while.


1740 Colorado Boulevard,
Eagle Rock


  1. ADM! (ay dios mio~oh my god) so there this weekend! Oh wait, I have high cholesterol…screw it, it’s the weekend! Delicious story & pics!

  2. This place is really quite good and has been under-appreciated. Good move to review it.

  3. I love hot dogs and I am glad that they are doing business in ER!!

    One minor travesty , I asked one of the owners if the “Chicago dog” had Chicago style relish and he gave me a blank stare and did not know what I was talking about.


    Overall, I enjoy the place and will be back , the “Chi-dog” needs some refining.

  4. 1st time I had the Seattle Dog it was fantastic!

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