Cars collide at Echo Park intersection

Northbound vehicle left in intersection of Glendale and Montana

BMW was slammed into the corner in front of KFC.

Two cars collided at the intersection of Glendale Boulevard and Montana Street late this morning in the second crash to take place this month at the Echo Park intersection.  A northbound silver sedan on Glendale Boulevard slammed into a southbound black BMW that was turning left at the intersection, according to people at the scene.  The driver of the BMW had emerged from his vehicle but the other driver remained in the sedan as paramedics arrived at the scene shortly after 12 p.m.

The intersection has been the site of several accidents in recent years, including one that took place on August 3, according to a woman who lives nearby.  An employee of the KFC at the corner said some large bushes in the median obscure the vision of drivers who are approaching the intersection.


  1. We’ll take a look at mitigating this asap.

  2. Thanks, Mitch! That would be great! I’m not sure whether it’s the bushes on the median or other factors about that intersection, but a lot of accidents seem to happen there. Maybe the police have records of the details of the accidents, and especially of the direction the cars were going in, so y’all can determine how best to fix it.

    When I’m going south on Glendale and turning left onto Montana, it always seems a long way to get safely out of the way of oncoming traffic. Maybe adding left turn arrows would help. Again, some objective data would be good.

  3. Those bushes are definitely a factor. They make it very hard to see oncoming traffic if you are making a left turn.

  4. Wow… a car crash in Los Angeles. Breaking news…

  5. Being an ECho Park resident for over 40 years, I know for a fact that their have been 100’s (not exaggerating) of accidents at this intersection. I remember the death of a woman in a mail carrier vehicle after her vehicle was hit by a garbage truck.
    For such a high traffic area , it unbelievable to me that there is no turn signals.
    The bushes are a new addition and the problem is NOT the bushes, but the people that blatantly turn left even as traffic approaches, sometimes even narrowly missing pedestrians crossing Montana.
    Its like death race 2000 out there.
    Do the research, this is a dangerous intersection,and we need turn arrows and more safety for pedestrians that brave something as simple as crossing the street !

  6. I was driving north on Glendale and woman turned left right in front of us at this very intersection at Montana. Our 31 year old mercedes coupe was totaled, but we everybody was ok, and our accident seems identical to one described in this article. Anecdotally, this intersection clearly has some issues.

    • It is a horrible intersection — a sea of asphalt and confusion.

      Since Glendale southbound is only 2 lanes here, I don’t see why the city can’t widen the parkways to make it less bleak and more walkable. And does Glendale northbound have to be three lanes here? I realize there’s tons of traffic toward the freeway, but that’s mostly after Alvarado feeds in. It’s on Glendale going north, as you pass below Sunset, that it widens from 2 to 3 lanes, and everybody just hits the gas.

      • Yes, Glendale northbound has to be three lanes — at least. The traffic volume there really calls for more like 5 lanes or even more. With a question like you just proposed, you mast have just arrived in Echo Park yesterday. Rush “hour” runs for several hours, and there is plenty of traffic there even outside of rush hour.

        How can making the priority adding more pedestrians into this mix make everything safer? That’s not thinking. The obvious solution is the one proposed by others in this thread: there needs to be a turn signal there.

        • You’re operating under the assumption that traffic speeds trump public safety, property values and the general livability of our urban neighborhoods. I’d argue a much better use of public funds would be to narrow the roadway to two lanes until you reach Alvarado (as pointed out above), paint bike lanes, add sidewalk bumpouts at the crosswalks, put up some human scaled street lighting, and a few more traffic signals for people to conveniently cross the street (especially up by the park.)

          Will this slow down motorists at rush hour? Absolutely! But it will also reduce accidents, and boost property values for all the shops and residents nearby. These things should be more important, and only in the city of LA are they not.

          And if road capacity becomes an issue (which I doubt it judging by all the speeding and accidents) we’d be better off pushing for a light rail line from Downtown to Glendale, than adding even more car lanes to a neighborhood street that already resembles a freeway.

  7. A little off-topic, but does anyone know anything about the accident on the southbound 2 in Eagle Rock last night, around 9pm? We were going north, and it looked bad.

  8. I’ve turned left going south at this intersection dozens of times – …it’s pretty damn wide open, you’d have to be completely oblivious to turn into oncoming traffic here. If there is a lot of crashes here that’s clearly a problem, but it sounds like chronic stupidity more than anything else.

    • TED The Driving Instructor

      Agreed, this is more about poor driving than anything else. You can see oncoming traffic all the way to the bridge. It’s not a visibility issue.

  9. We can blame the bushes but when will anyone admit the fact that this street is treated more like a freeway and perhaps that’s what causes so much vehicular mayhem? Would anyone really be outraged if we slowed the street down but made our friends and family much safer when traveling on this street?

    • Echo Park resident

      Totally agree. I have had no issues turning at this intersection — but I have seen people nearly plow into other cars because of speeding and/or using cell phones (ie: looking down at the screen and texting while driving 50+mph on Glendale.)

      Speeding is more the issue here. There has to be a way to divert road traffic. removing a lame so it’s two lanes instead of three might help, as would limiting the kind of trucks allowed on Glendale between the 101 and the 2.

      • limiting trucks would be so appreciated. every time a truck goes by, our house shakes from the ground up. i don’t think these streets were designed to accommodate the traffic and weight – note the cracked pavement around glendale blvd., alvarado, montana, scott, reservoir, etc.

        • Echo Park resident

          These streets WEREN’T made for semi trucks! Totally a point I forgot to make, so thank you.

          I actually came up with the idea of restricting truck traffic while at the Lake the other day. It was depressing to see big, noisy trucks roll past the beautiful houses on Echo Park Ave and Glendale. I know trucks use Echo Park as a shortcut between the 5 and the 101 — but shortcut or not, it completely looks over the fact that these streets are poorly paved, old and narrow. Trucks don’t have rights to use whichever roads they want, and the semi drivers could take other ways to get to the 5 (namely, by staying on the freeways).

          I think restricting truck traffic — or at least restricting it to certain times of the day — will help return this area to a NEIGHBORHOOD, like it was originally intended to be. Think of how much easier it would be to drive north on Alvarado/Glendale in the afternoon or morning if semi trucks were banned from the street! I think they cause about 90% of the traffic problems to begin with.

          Long story short: Anyone know how we can propose this idea to the city?

          • You fail to realize that many of the trucks you are talking about are delivering and picking up locally. A semi delivering to Vons — and many, many other places — has to go through the local streets to get there.

            And yes, they do have a right to be on Glendale — it is classified as a state highway, as are most other major streets.

            But frankly, the bulk of the traffic there is not trucks anyway but cars.

  10. I just commented on those bushes to my visiting father. It is really hard to see around them. I know they are pretty, but not worth the accidents!

  11. That’s a dangerous place to make a left turn at almost any time, given the speeds cars drive at on Glendale. The entire stretch of Glendale adjacent to the lake is a speedway (unless it’s jammed at rush hour) and in need of attention, especially with the park open again.

    While we’re wishing, what I’d really like to see is a signalized crosswalk at the bottom of the Clinton St. stairs – there was a painted crosswalk there at one time, but after the road was paved it never came back.

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