City Attorney presents Echo Park gang injunction to court *

An L.A. Superior Court judge this morning allowed the City Attorney to take preliminary steps needed to implement an  Echo Park area gang injunction that would impose restrictions on more than 300 rival gang members.  A group of young protestors opposed to the gang injunction demonstrated in the court hallways and outside the court building, according to a KPCC reporter.

If the court grants  approval,  the injunction would prohibit  gang members from associating with each other in public, possessing firearms and narcotics as well as intimidating or harassing residents within a nearly four-square-mile “safety zone.” The gangs targeted in the injunction include Big Top Locos, Crazys, Diamond Street Locos, Echo Park Locos, Frogtown and Headhunters.

* Update: Reporter Tony Cella provided more details from today’s hearing:

Deputy City Attorney Jim McDougal served the six named gangs, but none of their members, at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles this morning. Superior Court Judge Abraham Khan will review the city attorney’s complaint and, if he deems the complaints legitimate, will allow the municipal prosecutor to serve the complaint to the individual alleged gang members.

 Another attorney, Donald Hammond, attempted to oppose the motion and asked McDougal, who is part of the city attorney’s gang unit, to postpone submitting the complaint to the judge to give him two weeks to research the case and offer a formal opposition.
Hammond was unable to name the individuals he was defending until an activist brought him a piece of paper. He told the courtroom he was at the courthouse attending to other business and saw members of the Youth Justice Coalition, an activist group opposing the injunction, gathered in the hallway.
“I saw friends here and asked what’s going on,” he said.
McDougal rejected Hammond’s offer because he had been burned by other attorneys in the past. The deputy city attorney offered to speak with any legal professionals representing the defendants.

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  1. Good luck CA Feuer! You have our support on this. Please bring a list of comments from this Eastsider’s post: http://www.theeastsiderla.com/2013/08/l-a-times-editorial-raises-questions-about-echo-park-gang-injunction/

    There’s a good contingency of us that want to show up, but cannot due to our schedules. Others of us, especially Latinos are afraid of gang retribution and being accused of hating our own people. It’s a case of gangs versus our community. The community is behind you!! If this injunction is striked by the board, how do we go about putting it on the ballot for District 13 to vote?

    • *striked by the court. Not by the board.

    • You do not speak for the majority of “latinos”. We are not only opposed to this injunction but are also determined to not become apologists for those who see little difference between a gang member and virtually any poor or working-class “latino”. That is the demographic whose rights and liberties they are not averse to violating or eliminating altogether. If this is passed, You’ll see and we’ll ALL pay.

      • I’m latina and against the injunction.

      • "bottom line guy"

        Try as you may to make “hipsters” on par with gangsters, the mode will always follow the ones paying taxes. Gang members= no tax. hipsters = mucho tax.

        Eric Garcetti considers Echo Park “his” project. Gang sympathizers be damed… the gang injunction is only a warning to the buttholes in the area. Resist as much as you want, injunction or not; this area WILL be cleaned up.

        • bottom line guy, you say this area WILL be cleaned up. It already HAS been cleaning up and is continuing down that path, without an injunction I might add.

          I am not a gang sympathizer.
          I am latino.
          I have an education.
          I am AGAINST this gang injunction.

          If the injunction in reality only limited the 300 listed gang members from congregating in public, then I’d be for it, but that’s not how gang injunctions end up working. They target people that look and dress a certain way. Whether they’re in a gang or not.

          • "bottom line guy"

            What are you afraid of if you are merely “latino”?

            Police can’t do anything to you if you are not doing anything wrong. So again, what are you afraid of?

          • I’m afraid latinos, especially the youth, will be harassed, unlawfully detained, and intimidated by LAPD simply based on how they look and dress. Regardless if they’ve done anything wrong or not. Police need better relationships with all of the community, from the top to the bottom of the economic ladder.

            Gang injunctions don’t just target gang members.

          • You sound incredibly naïve and non-latino. You also don’t seem to be aware of recent neighborhood bulletins such as the killing of an innocent and unarmed “latino” who had the misfortune of fitting a generic profile that pro-injunction residents apparently live in mortal fear of. An increased armed presence would not make this “latino” feel safer, which I suspect is a what a certain shrill minority wants.

          • "bottom line guy"


            Your position is based on assumption. You assume that young latinos will be harassed. Let’s put the injunction in place because overall it will help weed out the unwanted. Should the police violate the procedures, then we can discuss revoking the injunction and/or retrain/discipline the offending officer. But to not do something for a community on the ASSUMPTION that it MIGHT be bad for a few is asinine.

          • bottom line guy, my position is NOT based on assumption. It is based on historical fact. Previous injunctions have led to this type of discrimination. Why would they be any different today?

            You really think the LAPD would retrain or discipline one of their own for violating innocent people’s rights? You clearly haven’t been paying attention to anything happening in city of Los Angeles for the past 40 years. The fact that YOU think this will happen is what’s asinine.

            And as long as that ‘might be bad for a few’ doesn’t include you, who cares right?

          • "bottom line guy"

            Angeleno, why are we talking about [just] latinos being harassed? Where have you as a culture failed? Why are we even having to have this discussion about gang injunctions [for latinos]?

            …let the blame game begin!!!

          • Why are you answering my questions with questions?

          • "bottom line guy"


            My answers to your questions are evident in my previous position, which has not changed. Now, how about answering my question. I’ll bet you will not because that would force you to look at yourself and the culture you help create and perpetuate. Likely if you did that, you would stop blaming everyone else. And what’s the fun in that right? So again:

            Why are we talking about [just] latinos being harassed? Where have you as a culture failed? Why are we even having to have this discussion about gang injunctions [for latinos]?

          • "bottom line guy"

            Yup. Just as suspected… you will not respond. The truth hurts doesn’t it?

          • bottom line guy,
            Don’t flatter yourself. There are much better things to do on the weekend than respond to some random on the internet …

            We’re only talking about latinos in this post because this injunction is in a LATINO NEIGHBORHOOD. Don’t understand? If it were an injunction in south central we’d be talking about black youth, maybe Monterey Park or SGV would be asians, Inland Empire/Fontana white youth.

            My culture has not failed. Gang culture is something entirely different than Mexican/latino culture. If you think they are one in the same, you are proving how bigoted you are. And News Flash, there are more than just latinos in gangs.

            And BTW, we as a culture HAVE been cleaning up our communities. Why do you think things are so much better than they used to be? Because of people like you? I bet you’re pretty new to the area, transplants and other westsiders wouldn’t even think of stepping foot in echo park until about 13 years ago. All our neighborhoods are considerably better that they used to be. We’ve been heading in the right direction for a while now. We don’t need an injunction to continue the positive trend.

            And going back to your earlier comment about the LAPD violating procedures, again, follow the news for the past 40 years to see what their track record says. What do you think about that?

          • "bottom line guy"

            Angeleno, This may have been a predominantly Latino neighborhood, but it is changing. Rapidly. The new people moving in to this neighborhood simply will not tolerate gangs.

            Gangs are not solely a Latino issue as is not solely any race or culture’s. However, it is well known that crime is disproportionately committed by blacks and Latinos BY A VERY VERY WIDE MARGIN. This is what I am talking about when I say you are failing. You need to start looking into why that is, stop blaming the white man for YOUR problems and THEN none of us have to worry about things like GANG INJUNCTIONS!

  2. Great to hear. I just wished this covered El Sereno & Lincoln Heights!

    • Lincoln Heights is already covered by a gang injunction against 3 separate gangs (Clover, Lincoln Heights, and Eastlake), however are no gang injunction for El Sereno.

    • Interesting that JR couldn’t even tell the difference(?). General ignorance seems to be a common characteristic among these pro-injunction shut-ins.

      • Joaquin, I think you’re capable of expressing your arguments against the injunction without resorting to name-calling. You seem a little “quick on the draw” with the last few comments you’ve left here. If you want to make your case, it might be best to leave the emotion out of your arguments and at least concede that decent people can disagree with you – without implying that they’re “vendidos.”

        Let me provide a slightly long-winded analogy: In 1996, Ron Unz, some rich Silicon Valley guy, came up with a proposition to repeal bilingual education in California. I was teaching elementary school in South-Central L.A. at the time, and I remember fifth-graders who had been attending our school since Kindergarten who felt more comfortable addressing all adults in Spanish – and could barely speak English. Bilingual education simply wasn’t working (at least, at my school and at many others in Los Angeles). Many of my Latino co-workers, as well as other Latino LAUSD teachers whom I met at UTLA events, thought Unz’s proposition was racist and denigrated Latino culture. They reacted so defensively that they weren’t willing to acknowledge the other side’s arguments. Many people would argue that primary education has improved since the proposition passed – and I think data shows improvement in English-language skills – but I don’t think anyone ever apologized to Ron Unz for implying that he was racist.

        • Nope. English only classes are not the best, however, spanish only classes are also not ideal. There needs to be a mix about 60/40. It takes about 6 to 7 years for a child to start using a second language to learn. Look it up BICS vs CALPS.

          • I don’t need to look it up; I don’t buy the theory. Steven Krashen’s word is not the word of God. I don’t believe that it takes seven years for a child to go from basic interpersonal communication skills (BICS) to cognitive academic language proficiency (CALP), and I don’t think there’s some magical distinction between one form of fluency and the other.

            Listen, if I ever have kids, I’ll do my best to teach them two or three languages – or at least expose them to a few languages – from a very early age. The problem with bilingual education – as practiced in inner-city Los Angeles – is that many Latino kids in South L.A. live in a linguistic ghetto where all they hear at home and in their neighborhood is Spanish. If they’re learning how to read and write in Spanish in school, instead of English, they’re just not being exposed to enough English-language vocabulary to become proficient.

  3. I hope the court approves the gang injunction. There is still a big gang problem in Echo Park. People should be allowed to live in safety and without the constant threat of gang violence.

  4. Why would you move into a known gang neighborhood and then try to kick them out? Why not just move to a “safer place”?
    It’s funny that people who don’t live here have such strong opinions about this.
    Sure there are occasional gang on gang activity, however, they tend to leave everyone else alone.
    If they didn’t, would there be so many hipsters walking around drunk from bar to bar? This is a waste of money and time.

    • No resident should have to move to accommodate gang activity. They don’t “tend to leave everyone else alone” when they constantly deface innocent people’s property with spray paint; they drag everyone else into their low-class lifestyle.

    • Wow. What an offensive, assumptive comment. Why not move to a safer place? Maybe because many of us have lived here for decades and our families cannot afford to move somewhere free from gang violence. Maybe because law abiding citizens shouldn’t have to flee our homes because of the threat from a bunch of lawless thugs? Maybe because we have decades and decades of familial ties to this area and it IS OUR HOME. Maybe because Echo Park is close to our jobs, our children’s schools and our elderly parents.

      For the record, gangs in the area repeatedly target innocent bystanders — whether by tagging/vandalizing private property, robbing these so-called “drunk hipsters” you’re attacking, or even in some cases, by stabbing or shooting innocent people just because. Don’t act like this doesn’t happen.

      But go right ahead and keep assuming that people who “don’t live” in Echo Park are the ones being most vocal about the injunction. Whatever helps you sleep (or tag) at night.

      • So you are okay with ethnic cleansing via economic gentrification? And so-called “drunk hipsters…….really! So all the bars in the area are serving water and punch. Wow!

        • “ethnic cleansing”??? Jeez. Get a grip.

        • “Ethnic cleansing” is an offensive term to throw around, and completely inappropriate for this situation. Gentrification doesn’t automatically equal “holocaust”, it’s disgusting that you would even suggest that.

        • Who said ANYTHING about ethnic cleansing? Where did I make any statement regarding race or ethnicity in my comment? As a Hispanic member of this community, whose family has been in Echo Park since the 60s when my Dad immigrated to the US, I take a lot of offense to your accusation that I’m advocating for the elimination of any/all Hispanics in Echo Park. If that’s what I was pushing for, then that would mean my whole family would be displaced. Get a grip, man.

          All these people who say, “Latinos who support the injunction do not speak for us!” I ask you — what is the communal benefit of keeping gangs around if not to protect yourself and your criminal activities? There are PLENTY of hard-working Hispanics in LA who manage to stay away from crime and are good people. An injunction won’t hurt the reputation of Hispanics in EP, but letting the gangs continue to run rampant sure will. The only people worth blaming are OURSELVES for allowing our culture to accept and perpetuate the gang lifestyle as a “cornerstone” of Latino living in LA.

          • I agree to the injunction take the time to read my post thoroughly in context please. Look at the big picture perhaps you will like economic cleansing via gentrification better because thats happening too.

        • @allday

          Ethnic cleansing? This isn’t Bosnia. Ease up on the drama queen hyperbole.

          My neighborhood has an injunction and it’s still a majority Latino area with a strong mixture of other kinds of people as well. I haven’t heard one single complaint about the drop in crime.

          I have rarely ever seen the cops randomly pulling people over here. It’s usually the guys with “AVeS” tattooed across their empty heads that are the ones spread eagle on the hoods of squad cars.

          Lighten up Francis.

          • Where do you live? I remember being scared to go out once the injunction in glassell park went into effect. Police would pull up to me and my friends just to ask us what gang we were from much like a gangster would. They would say “are you a noodle or a jalapeno.” Then they would either question us about what we were doing out and check us for weapons. There are still gangsters here. The injunction doesnt work and it will only divide the community more!

          • Highland Park. We have injunctions against three gangs.

            Who would you rather have ask “where you from?”

            A Cop or an Ave?

            Who do you think is gonna shoot after you give an answer?

          • @ windowpane. That is an awesome answer!

        • Making someone cease their criminal activities and killing them are very different.
          This is actually the opposite of ethnic cleansing as a reduction in gang activity will lead to a reduction in dead latinos. Don’t pot stir dude.

    • How dare you say that gang members only fight among themselves and leave other people alone. Tell that to the family of the nine-year-old Thai girl who was shot to death by gang members in her kitchen on Kensington a few years ago. Tell that to the parents of the four-year-old who was shot on one of the streets next to Roybal High School.

      • Pffft how dare you say that the gang injunction will only go after gangsters.tell that to all my buddies who have been wrongly accused of being gangsters. The police go after all the hispanic youth in areas with a gang injunction. I oppose the gang injunction because it doesnt work and it will only divide the community more.

        • So a cop asks you if you’re in a gang. That’s no different than when a cop flagged me down several weeks ago asking me what I was doing near my office late one night. I am half white, half Hispanic. He assumed I was trespassing. Once he found out I had a reason to be where I was, he thanked me and went on his way. That’s exactly what’ll happen when innocent Latinos are asked about their potential gang affiliation in injunction territory.

          Is that really such a hardship to exchange for safety?

    • My comment was in response to Nay, August 21, 2013, at 11:44 A.M.

    • As someone who grew up in a nighborhood with a bad gang problem in the early 90s (Venice) allow me to express my thoughts: fuck ’em. Sorry. But what else is there to say?

  5. You want to know what was the most upsetting aspect of my first visit to the park with my 6 year old. Pot smoking, beer drinking gangsters…. Oh wait those were the hipsters. And these are the people we are changing all the rules for? Ridiculous! I think a hipster injunction alongside a gang injunction would be just as effective in keeping this neighborhood a safe and nurturing environment for everyone. How about fair and responsible police response to people that are breaking laws, instead of a gentrification fueled injunction against gang members.
    It is not only the gangsters that are violating the law on the streets of Echo Park. Denial on the part of the ‘new’ inhabitants of our neighborhood needs to end.
    True, hipsters are not shooting at each other, but I do see first hand other gang type behavior only the clothes are ‘hipper’ and their hair longer. Groups of drunken hipsters roaming the streets looking to party, late night parties, and drug use. Now, simply because hipsters are probably not armed and looking to take out a rival group of hipsters I do not feel intimidated and neither should the hipsters towards gangs. They do not want to shoot you!
    A gang is defined as
    gang 1 (gng)
    1. A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.
    2. A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents.
    3. Informal A group of people who associate regularly on a social basis: The whole gang from the office went to a clambake.
    4. A group of laborers organized together on one job or under one foreperson: a railroad gang.
    5. A matched or coordinated set, as of tools: a gang of chisels.
    a. A pack of wolves or wild dogs.
    b. A herd, especially of buffalo or elk. See Synonyms at flock1.
    v. ganged, gang·ing, gangs
    To band together as a group or gang.
    1. To arrange or assemble into a group, as for simultaneous operation or production: gang several pages onto one printing plate.
    2. To attack as an organized group.
    Phrasal Verb:
    gang up
    1. To join together in opposition or attack: The older children were always ganging up on the little ones.
    2. To act together as a group: various agencies ganging up to combat the use of illicit drugs.

    taken from:


    I believe hipsters fall in to #2 and #3 perhaps even #1.

    • Hey man, the next time a big, scary beer-drinking hipster with a beard tags your fence, smashes the windows of your car, robs your house or robs you at knifepoint, let us know. Maybe then you’ll have a good point.

      But right now? Comparing young people who go to bars and concerts in the Echo Park area to gang members is pretty laughable.

      Also, I would like to point out that many of the people you’re complaining about most likely don’t live in Echo Park at all. During Echo Park Rising this weekend, my friends and I were pretty amused to see most of the attendees (yes, people hanging out at the lake and drinking at bars) were Westsiders spilling over to our side of town, or teenagers from the Valley.

      • Do not be so defensive read my post carefully I agree to a gang injunction! I made no comments to violence perpetrated by hipsters only that by definition there are ‘gangs’ of hipsters, who engage in unlawful activity.
        Trying to abolish all that is bad from society and create a utopia is wonderful but ‘laughable’.

        • “…Trying to abolish all that is bad from society and create a utopia is wonderful but ‘laughable’…’. Er, no.

          I want to be safe, not worry about bullets coming through my EP walls, and not be visually assaulted by tagging — excuse me, but what’s all that sad $hit written on our freeways overpasses? visitors to our city must be appalled — in the city and in our local forests. Been to any local rec area lately?

          Idiots spray painting on rocks and trees, even on rocks in midstream. What sorry-assed reps of humanity.

          No, not looking for utopia, looking for SENSE.

          • you know what I agree with you, to reply to your post, a gang injunction won’t stop the taggers. We need better police work and a more vigilant city planner to illuminate the streets better to curtail illegal activities
            again i agree with the injunction and may the gangs disappear with their graffiti.

        • hippos are largely committing misdemeanors and would be cited, rather than arrested for what you’re saying. All the local gangs dealing crack and speed and shooting at one another are committing high felonies. Bad comparison. All crimes are not equal.

      • “Hey man, the next time a big, scary beer-drinking hipster with a beard tags your fence, smashes the windows of your car, robs your house or robs you at knifepoint, let us know.”

        By ‘us’ are you referring to your gang?

        You can tell ‘them’ to stop driving reckless down residential streets, smoking pot/drinking in front of families at the park, and stop acting like drunken idiots on Sunset between Echo Park Ave. and Douglas.
        Just asking but I do not know how much hipster clout you have. So no worries if ‘they’ do not listen.

        It is hard to live with different people but fairness and understanding need to be addressed across the board. I DO agree with an injunction on gangs, but to those who champion it during the day and at night are also engaging in their own negative behavior need a reality check.

        • By “us,” I mean “the Eastside comment board,” you moron.

          If people are being disruptive and drunk in public, by all means — call the cops on them. You have the right to live in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood, and I know how annoying loud screaming/shouting at night can be.

          I’m not saying that the behavior shown by the “hipster” crowd is inexcusable, but this isn’t a post or discussion about “drunk hipsters are ruining Echo Park.” It’s a discussion about gangs — and if you want to suggest loud drunk 20-somethings are in any way similar to vandals, criminals and thieves, you’re not doing anything to help your cause. Those sorts of blanket statements only hurt this community and don’t do anything to strengthen it.

          If you noticed, I put my name as “Hipster” (in quotes) because, sadly, people like you might make that assumption about me as I walk to my home in EP — when in reality, I’m a hardworking young woman from a lower-class family just trying to make sure I live in a safe, peaceful area. (And I’m half Hispanic, but people like you just love assuming I’m some rich, white Hipster based on the way I might dress or how old I look.)

          • Okay whatever! So the eastsider board will do what exactly? Start another discussion where ‘you’ are right and just. Again, whatever. I do not care where you come from that is not the point. I am simply trying to voice my opinion as you have.

            And by ‘you’ I mean all the people who are in your hipster gang!

            so……i’m done, I will not let frustration allow me to begin name-calling.

          • Allday, I meant that, if the “hipster” crowd was causing you serious harm and you got the Eastsider to write about it, maybe the city would take notice. But right now? The hipsters are menacing the neighborhoods. The gangs are. And because this isn’t South Central, most of the EP gang members happen to be Latino.

            And see, you didn’t read my comment. I am by no means a hipster, and I do not belong to any “hipster” gang — but because I’m not some OG cholo from Waterloo, you and your “gang” assume I’m just some rich, white bread hipster. Stop accusing me (and your neighbors) as such.

    • Here’s the problem, gangsters like to shoot each other, and they’re terrible shots. You know the rest…

  6. Get real and come to your senses: “…True, hipsters are not shooting at each other, but I do see first hand other gang type behavior only the clothes are ‘hipper’ and their hair longer…”. Pul-leeze.

    Would prefer ‘gangs of hipsters’ rather than criminal gangs tagging, stealing and shooting up my city. Pul-leeze II.

    • Your city? Pul-leeze.

      • Yes, allday. There are 4 million people who live in Los Angeles, and each of those 4 million people have the right to call it “their” city. It is their home — why are they not allowed that right? This is “our” city, Echo Park is “our” neighborhood.

        Judging by your posts on this article, you seem to have a lot of bigotry and prejudice against your fellow Angelenos — especially those who do not share your political opinions or share the color of your skin.

        • They are called opinions, you have them, I have them. I respect peoples thoughts and beliefs this is a place where those thoughts can be placed. These are mine, I do not have intentions to offend but if I do I apologize but again they are just my opinions.

          • It is fine to have your own opinion — but please do not put down or insult other EP residents for calling Los Angeles “our” or “my” city. That was really uncalled for.

            This is OUR city, and OUR neighborhood. Let’s all start respecting one another and acknowledge that there are serious issues with organized crime that need to be addressed in a calm, rational manner.

  7. This makes me regret voting for Feuer. I wanted someone who would uphold the rule of law, not circumvent it with unconstitutional, police-state decrees. Just when the public thought it had voted a showboating Trutanich out of office, it turns out they’ve wound up with someone happy to push forward with his ill-conceived projects. Once again: no one is defending gang violence or vandalism here. But to support the injunction is to oppose the rule of law. There are better ways to deal with violence and crime.

    • Very well said!

    • If you feel there are better ways to deal with violence and crime, I think this would be a great forum to provide readers with some concrete suggestions.

      • End the “War on Drugs,” for which no one has ever been able to explain how a “victory” could be achieved. Just as Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s bred gangs and violence — and had little effect in actually curbing consumption of the banned substance — so does Modern Prohibition only generate pointless bloodshed, while enriching both the drug cartels and the military-industrial-prison complex. Both of these “sides” of the war have an interest in keeping it going forever. Take away that revenue stream by decriminalizing drugs, and you no longer have street gangs acting as foot soldiers in drug distribution networks. You’re left with a lot less violence, and a lot more money to spend on treating people’s addictions and creating jobs.

        • so we must support gang violence until we can get the federal government to legalize crack? I’ll go ahead and use a temporary band aid until that happens… and i honestly hope it does. I don’t care what you smoke.

        • I don’t care if the gangs sell drugs, just quit tagging my property! Seriously nobody would give two craps about your homo-erotic boys clubs if you didn’t go around writing your names on the wall and my garage like you are in kindergarten!

        • Fantasy, a dream — take away drug profits and gangs will find something to fight and shoot each other over — turf, extortion, whatever.

        • The City of LA can’t end the “War on Drugs.” That’s up to the US government to eventually decide. Try suggesting something we can actually achieve here.

  8. My advice to all non-Latino Echo Park residents who are in favor of the gang injunction: Stand down on this issue. Unfortunately, the discussion seems to have devolved into claims of racism, and the only way for the gang injunction to succeed is if enough long-term Latino Echo Park residents come out in favor of the injunction. Otherwise, the opposition – those opposed to the injunction – will claim that it’s a racist plot perpetrated by recent (read: non-Latino) residents, and mark my words, they will win the battle. Then, the city powers-that-be will find a way to postpone a vote or otherwise find a way to let the injunction idea die.

    • You do have a point, race-baiting is a real issue this day and age, but us residents will not stand down from the gang members any longer. The gang members are part of multi-national terrorist organizations such as MS13. Of course the race baiters want this to be about race— they know their old way of criminal life is coming to an end. It is about terrorism and it is about public health. I believe in Eric Garcetti. Garcetti lives in Silver Lake, so he himself is a gentrifier. Eric Garcetti, as our Patron Saint of Gentrification, will rid Echo Park of gang members once and for all. Let’s hope when Garcetti and City Council is done with Echo Park, they will extend out and crush more gangs. Echo Park gang injunction is just the beginning. Just wait and see.

    • James, you diminish the potential of profiling and police brutality as if it’s imaginary, but to those of us who have experienced it, it’s very real and life-threatening. I’ll gladly put up with potential vandalism and property damage to avoid the anxiety of black-and-whites patrolling my neighborhood looking for the usual suspects. To avoid the risk of an innocent individual being arrested and labeled or saying the wrong thing, reaching the wrong way, or stepping in the wrong direction.But what’s really frightening is the almost inevitable lack of two-way accountability. The thug profile if not the actual thugs in our community are being held accountable but it rarely seems to work the other way. This is very real to many of us. It’s not a risk that should simply be dismissed as unlikely, but even unlikely is unacceptable. That is still 100% certainty for the unlikely victim. Bottomline, the situation doesn’t merit an injunction. Those who agree are simply not very good, loyal, or sympathetic neighbors and I’m being generous in some situations, which I’m sure we’ll discover in responses to this post.

    • I will say this: the LAPD has improved 500% from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Problem is, they were 1000% behind the curve. Real F’n cowboys. I had a co-worker whose father’s best friend was an LAPD cop and according to his “war stories” it was even worse than I thought. They’re much more competent and professional now but still capable of inflicting severe damage to individual families. When you’re familiar with this scenario, the LAPD becomes a last resort.

      • Maybe there’s some way to modify the injunction to make it laser-targeted at only heavily-documented, previously-arrested, currently-active gang members. I’m sure there’s a small core of “frequent fliers” whom the LAPD could target, and if that handful of men are targeted, it would probably have an impact – and it might avoid the broad-brush tactics that worry many Latinos in the area.

        Another alternative might be to heavily ramp up the pressure on felons on parole or probation for gang-related crimes. The police could get the word out that every time they see new gang graffiti in the 90026, they’re going send parole/probation officers to the homes of every single gang member on parole or probation and searching their houses and they’ll violate the parolees for any small infraction. Kind of a broken-windows philosophy but it would only apply to folks on parole or probation.

  9. You all know, there are people on this thread without their heads on correctly when they have more of an issue with some hipsters than gang members. Lots of bigotry on here against people who wear skinny jeans. Who cares? They aren’t breaking my windows or spray painting their threats on my retaining wall. It seems the gang members and their supporters have more issues in their lives than just crime— they discriminate against other people in the neighborhood based on the clothes that they wear, the music they listen to, and the beer they drink. Just a reminder that we discriminate against gang members because they are terrorists, not because of their skin color or the clothes they wear.

  10. Who ever wrote this was a little off–the group that showed today consisted of elders and longtime residents of Echo Park and Silverlake….we were not just a bunch of “young protestors”. The crowd was very mixed as far as race, gender, and orientation goes. Both Hipsters and people on the gang injunction were present.

  11. Reading this blog makes me feel like some people are still stuck in a Eugenics movement mindset. White priveledge/washed is so present in echo park, so sad. ( Yah there are outliers ) People need to realize that there is a social obligation to educate NOT incarcerate. When I say educate I’m not talking about glorifying the US and stuff irrelevant to minorities. We’re tired of false nationalism based off bias histories . In other words we’re tired of being told how much better you are than us. How about at least awknowledging that California was once Mexico and how U.S. still exploits our labor here and there. Everyone wants a better life in the end. That’s why people come to Echo Park, it’s beautiful. However be careful, There was a gang by the name LAPD, they perpetuate incarceration due to their assertive power.
    Look it’s a cycle, if you’ve had personal dilemmas with gang graffiti or what not, don’t let that sway you away from the REAL picture here. It’s called gentrification=injunction=developers=money= REPEAT . If you really want to solve this issue, I suggest you research the effectiveness of injunctions. …….better for WHO? #decolonize

    • What do you suggest? For gentrification. That’s the real issue here.

      Not talking slogans and jargon. Concrete prescriptions. Better schools? Community programs? Affordable housing? Mentoring services?

      The neighborhood is changing. A lot of people feel displaced and ignored. I get that. And I don’t support the injunction. A lot like stop and frisk. Questionable efficacy but tangible harm. But the quality of life issues are real. Whether you’ve been here 20 days or 20 years. Safety, public spaces, services.

      It’s easy to be against something. Especially gentrification.

      What are you for?

    • Before it was Mexico is was a Spanish colony and for thousands of years before that that were these other folks living here. Maybe you’ve heard of them. I agree with many of your points, but please not the “this was Mexico” argument. Really brief in the scheme of things. But yes we have all got to learn to live together. Agreed.

    • OK, this brand of “La Raza” intimidation will not get you anywhere. You’re trying to get your non-Hispanic neighbors on your side, right? How do you suppose telling us we’re horrible, bad, evil white people will do that? I find your comments really hurtful, especially as someone who is half Hispanic and half white. You’re essentially telling me that my father’s blood is more valuable than my mother’s. Gee, way to put me in the middle.

      I’m really sorry if anyone who is white has personally wronged you in the past, but might I suggest you actually try talking to a non-Hispanic resident of Echo Park? We are not bad people, and we’re definitely not colonialists. I moved to Echo Park because I love the history, the architecture, the culture — and, most importantly, I could afford to live here. Never, ever, ever did it cross my mind that, by moving here, I could help “push out” scary Latinos.

      Despite what happened hundreds of years ago, you have to acknowledge that California is part of the United States. It ain’t getting transferred back to Mexico any time soon. Your rallying cry to “decolonize” is offensive to everything that does make this country great. If you hate it so much, there are many other countries in the world you can move to. Forcing the citizens of Echo Park to turn against one another in some weird race war WILL NOT SOLVE ANYTHING. The only way we can band together and improve this community is by WORKING TOGETHER. Cut the colonization crap, try talking to some “white people” that live in Echo Park, and be civil. I bet if you do that, you might win some people over to the “no injunction side.”

      But right now? There’s no way in hell I’ll support a cause that effectively wants to see me shamed out of where I live simply based on the color of my skin. You’re asking the city to not discriminate Latinos, so why not stop discriminating against whites in Echo Park?

    • No need to diminish our belief that we’re descended from both populations of this continent’s original inhabitants and settlers, which is immediately evident in our customs and appearance. We’re taught to believe in a cultural birthright to live on this land. You diminish our sense of history as if it’s inferior or somehow forgettable, which is precisely the type of arrogance that many of us resent. Let’s not turn this into a history lesson but rest assured that we Know OUR History and all of the ancient and modern branches that our community now represents.

      • Not questioning your provenance. Just don’t really understand its relevance to injunctions and gentrification. Being descended from indigenous Americans and Spanish colonizers entitles you to live in Echo Park?

        And I’m against the injunction. For all the reasons you gave. It’s a blunt, dehumanizing tool with questionable efficacy. You’re right.

        But the whole gentrification battle cry is wearing thin. Decolonize, whitewash. Neighborhoods change. Los Angeles is rent controlled and property taxes aren’t reassessed yearly. Not like some other places, New York, where gentrification, through increased property taxes or higher rent, forces people to leave their homes.

        So even though some of us ‘gentrifiers’ understand the feelings of displacement, we’re not getting specifics, solutions, or ideas. It’s easy to romanticize the past and criticize the present, but what about the future? For someone on the other side of gentrification, I’m interested: what should be done?

  12. 100% behind the injunction and anyone who isn’t is most likely a gang member/sympathizer or just simply an idiot. Any effort to make our streets safer and cleaner I stand behind. Hey, how about a gang injunction to cover the entire city of Los Angeles?

  13. OK!!how manny of you lovely fast trigger writers went to the meeting,??

    • Dang. When did the meeting take place? Will there be another one?

    • Unlike the Youth Justice Coalition and other Pro-Terrorist groups, crime enablers, and gang sympathizers, the citizens of Echo Park who stand behind the Injunction have jobs and take care of their families. Also, I don’t know if it’s in anyone’s best interest to physically show up in opposition to a mob of gang members and their supporters. We get terrorized and hurt by the gang members enough as it is.

      • I oppose the injunction.

        I have a job.

        I have a 4 year university degree.

        I take care of my elderly parents.

        Thanks for letting us all know how simple minded supporters of this injunction can really be.

  14. this is great! i’m for the injunction! my friend who’s lived in echo park got beat up and robbed last year by three gang thugs while walking to the store. no he’s not a “white hipster”, he’s a hispanic/native american kid who moved in with his uncle in a small apartment. all you activists with your hyperbolic nonsense can have your own crime-infested neighborhood somewhere else.

  15. The injunction should continue down to Virgil and Silverlake Blvd

  16. Gang Boyz, Gang Boyz, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do WHEN GARCETTI COMES FOR YOU?

    • Gang members and Youth Justice Coalition, you better move to Pomona while you still can… the Violent Varrio life as you know it is OVER in Echo Park!

  17. Beverly D'Angeleno

    All the hipsters in my neighborhood are AGAINST the gang injunction. There’s a photo on this very site of an injunction protest sign from Echo Park Rising. That’s like the Hipster Woodstock!

    Ignorance and intolerance can live happily on both sides of this issue. Proving, ironically, that we’re all more alike than we are different.

  18. Beverly D'Angeleno

    Now, what to do about this gang problem?…

  19. I spotted a very well designed poster today, on a pole at Scott & Glendale.

    “Stop the Gang Injuction!” – it stated.

    But it was a little hard to read because painters from the
    local arts collectives ExP & CRS decided to scrawl another layer
    of text on the poster, as they frequently do to beautify neighborhood
    houses & business establishments.

    I think the contributions Exp & CRS made to the poster,
    and have made to the community, speak for themselves and
    makes any anti gang injuction argument ridiculous.

    It’s obviously needed, since biological enhancements to civilize
    these groups are currently beyond the scope of science.

    So it’s either an injuction….. or have ExP & CRS challenge the Hipsters to a dance off
    & beard growing contest, sponsored by the fine craft spirits purveyors at Sunset Beer.

    Creative solutions are needed!

    • i saw a bunch of those signs tagged over. i don’t get it, not a good tactical move.

      I read on one of these threads that during this whole thing EXP, Bigtop and the Crazy’s had forged a truce. But i see that EP is covered in Crazys tags as of last night. Saw some new EXP tags when I was headed towards Silverlake earlier. Guess the truce didn’t take. If it were me running the Stop the Injunction campaign, I would do a few things differently.

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