Los Feliz makes room for new Scientology building

Courtesy Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology on Sunday held a grand opening for a new mission  in Los Feliz. Church officials estimated that more than 1,000 Scientologists and guests attended the grand opening for the mission, which is housed in a newly constructed, two-story, Spanish Colonial Revival-style  building.

The 8,000-square-foot  Church of Scientology Mission Los Feliz, which is located on a former parking lot at the corner of Hillhurst Avenue and Avocado Street, is one of the larger buildings constructed in recent years on the northern end of Hillhurst.   Television actor Patrick Renna spearheaded the construction of a new mission after the congregation outgrew its former home, the church said in a press release.

In addition to a public exhibit devoted to Scientology beliefs and practices, the new facility is set up to provide beginning Scientology services, daily seminars and spiritual counseling.

The church paid about $2 million to purchase the corner lot. The cost of construction was not available.

Scientology mission reception room/Church of Scientology


  1. the parking lot would have been a better use of the space. “spiritual counseling”…yeah, right. they will counsel you to part with a large amount of your money and give it to them.

    scientology is a scam.

    • Sigh. Its a shame there’s such blind hatred on the web. People unhappy with the lives troll websites and spew negativity just to make themselves feel better without adding anything positive or contributing to the conversation. People like this are the reason why The Huffington Post is doing away with anonymous commenters. Good riddance.

      • true…but it’s still a scam. Just like Vegas, you don’t build all this fancy sh1t by giving away money.

      • Research scientology. Nothing negative about due diligence. Google: Ex-scientology kids. They give out tons of info about the abuse they have suffered . Find out what your money will be used for . Thats Smart not negative. Read and educate yourself

        • And if you’re really smart go outside of scientology to find out. If you’re the hen don’t get info from the hen eating fox.

        • Sorry, but my husband’s sister is one of these “ex-Scientology kids” and we know for a fact that what she’s saying she “experienced” are total lies. We know because we were there. Sometimes it’s just as dangerous to believe the disillusioned.

      • Agreed. So obnoxious. But I do want to say that this location in Los Feliz is killer. It’s right across from Little Doms which has such great food. I could eat there every day. Their deli next door, same company, has great coffee, meatballs, pastries etc. Sunday I had a sweet corn muffin that was outrageously good. They also have an olive oil cake which is amazing. Sounds weird but it’s ridiculously good. Love this location. Big fan of all things Los Feliz including the new mission.

      • What’s there positive to say about your cult Scientology? Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s shrinking everyday.

      • Echo Park resident

        Blind hatred? The Scam of Scientology has been well-known and well-documented for many years. In France, the “religion” is classified as a cult; I’m just bummed the US hasn’t done the same. Any “religion” that requires its members to pay thousands of dollars for “enlightenment” is really nothing more than an elaborate pyramid scheme.

        Tony Ortega has been writing about the dark side of Scientology for years. I recommend anyone who isn’t familiar with this fraudulent organization take a look at his website: http://tonyortega.org/

        I’m firmly anti-organized religion — but at least Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, etc. don’t withhold tenets of their belief system from followers until large sums of money exchange hands.

      • I’m proud to post not anonymously to say that the “church” of scientology according to all the anecdotal evidence is perhaps the most abusive organisation around today. There are countless reports of physical, mental and financial abuses perpetrated by this organisation.

        This organisation has been the subject of many court cases. It was responsible for the largest infiltration of US Government organisations in history. Its members have been implicated in many crimes including murder, conspiracy to commit murder, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, child abuse and more, yet the church of scientology claims to be the most ethical organisation on the planet.

        While most of those still in the church of scientology are well meaning people the organisation they are misguided by their belief that “scientology” is the only way to “save the planet” and the only solution to there’s and planetary woes. These beliefs lead them to do what ever it takes to promote the organisation even if there actions violate the law of the land which they refer to as “wog” law; the church of scientology promotes superiority over non-scientologists to the point of extreme arrogance and disregard for others so whatever their actions as long as they are in keeping with the organisation’s goals they are justified.

    • "bottom line guy"

      This comment stands, but say the same thing about catholicism and the commies at the eastsider delete it.

      Well done eastsider. You really know where your bread is buttered…

  2. What a nice addition to the neighborhood. Los Feliz has such a great atmosphere and this looks like it fits right in. Welcome!

  3. Wonder if they have tours. I’d like to check it out.

  4. I agree with you Betsy, I think it is a fine addition to this neighborhood. Wish other churches would take the care to integrate their buildings into the atmosphere of the area instead of just making buildings which are eyesores.

  5. My daughter attended the Grand Opening… it’s a beautiful facility!! Congratulations to all who brought this about, a great addition to my neighborhood!!

    • Me too. was AWESOME

      • Please spend 15 minutes researching the abuses of the cult. Get out now! Don’t worry about being disconnected, there are many exes out there. In fact there are more people out of Scientology then in! You want to help the planet, get out now.

    • Really, you exposed your daughter to this criminal organization? If you want to be a good mother you will do everything in your power to get her out. Do some research. The rest of the world is not crazy, us Wogs are the good ones. Scientology is bad, why is it hard for scientologists to realize that?

  6. Looks great. Can’t wait to go in for a free tour and check out the new building.

    • Scientologists need to get their head examined. L Ron was a psychopath and he started this cult for other crazy people. Why in the world do you think he has this paranoia for psychiatrists? Please don’t tell me you believe all that nonsense? Its completely absurd, listen to your instincts. Start thinking for yourself.

  7. Wow, didn’t hear about this. Can you guys do a follow-up story on how it will be used? What daily activities will take place there? Having grown up Catholic, I’m fascinated by this religion and would appreciate the insight. To each his own, I always say. The Golden Rule works.

  8. Walked in the area on Sunday evening and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of people. Found out it was the opening of a new Church of Scientology. I have heard they do a lot of good in society and that people find solutions to every day living problems in life. I am interested and will go visit them. Hope I can bring my dog.

    • Fake comment by a cult member. Scientology is a dangerous cult.

    • Welcome Scientologist comment maker. We appreciate your input and we support you! Yes, after falling off an apple cart I found myself in wonderment as I watched the merry group of happy problem-free people. I said to myself, “Ron, these people are nothing like the cigarette toking zombies in the 1971 flight attendant suits you see tensely waiting for the funny bus”, and indeed they were not. I must tell you however that even your dog has a keen nose, and will smell BS from a long way off.

    • Polline: What kind of “good things” does Scientology do? Forcing parents to send their kids into a million years of indentured servitude and hard labor in Sea Org? Is that your idea of “good”?

    • Your dog is eligible for auditing if you bring enough money.

  9. Do yourself a favor and research “scientology” before going in. Read about their disconnection policy and then take a gander at their price list for services. Buyer beware. You could lose friends, family and lots of money in this “nice addition to the neighborhood”. If you research businesses, contractors and babysitters…. Research thus cult|scam too!!

  10. i bet you could throw a massive intergalactic keg party there. toga!!

  11. This comment thread has been dominated by scientology cult members.

    I am so sad to see this dangerous cult making another land grab in my neighborhood. Nobody in their right mind would be glad to see this monstrosity of a fake religion move into their neighborhood to go after their kids.

    Anyone who’s saying “nice addition to the neighborhood” is a cult member who’s being told to add positive feedback to comment threads that have anything to do with $cientology. This is standard operating procedure for the “church.” That is the only thing they are allowed to read on the internet.

    Read “Going Clear” or read about what happened to Paul Haggis when he decided to leave the cult:


    This is a very very VERY bad development for Los Feliz.

  12. wow, i read the eastsider all the time, and really never comment. but had to after reading all these fake pro-scientology posts, i felt compelled to contribute something.

    it is a not a religion, it’s a pyramid scheme. they will take your money and blackmail you with all the secrets they force you to confess on your way towards “enlightenment” if you try to leave. it’s really a horrible organization, that will soon (hopefully) collapse because of their insane spending on real estate (like this) and lack of growing members.

    note, they never tell you how many members they have, because it is going backwards.

    how so much of the entertainment world got duped by this organization, is alarming but not surprising. actors are often in need of attention and want to feel special, and this group goes out of it’s way to pamper their egos. explicitly to dupe others into joining. there are so many great books and articles on this group. seek out going clear and the articles written by Paul Haggis (former scientologist, screenwriter of Million Dollar Baby) for some eye opening accounts of their shenanigans.

    an unwelcome addition to Los Feliz, or any thinking person’s community.

  13. I stopped in for a visit because I was passing by and saw the pretty awnings. I always love pretty striped awnings. And I met a nice friendly man who invited me back whenever I want. I like pale yellow stucco too. I don’t like the negative comments here about this fascinating church and the pleasant man inside.

    • Did the pleasant man tell you he could cure all your troubles if you just pay for $250,000+ worth of ‘courses’? did he tell you about xenu and his fleet of DC-8 spaceships? How they will force you to separate from your family and friends if the church deems them ‘suppressive persons’? Send you to florida to do labor if you dare disagree with the church? Ask you to sign a billion years away and work in the desert so their glorious leader can live like a king?

      Go to Hell-Ron L-Ron!

    • Ha ha ha. Good one Polly Anna!
      Like the “naivete”

    • Polly Anna, I want in! hit me back! Please transport me into your happy positive world of bullshit! As long as I can still get stoned I’ll do it! Can I just lie there like a sloth and do nothing all day? Sound delicious. Do you have nice cans? Just wondrin.

  14. That’s real good what you did with that parking lot, Anthony. Real good!

  15. Why does anyone need a building to find freedom from himself? Isn’t that freedom inside of you, right now? No one needs to give anything, be apart of anything or walk into anything to find happiness. Be here now, and you will find what you are looking for. All these ego constructs are a distraction from finding your true self. If you are a member and reading this, you can walk out of that building and never come back. Only you hold to keys to your happiness. No one else can help you but you.

    • Hey, I think I saw you at the Subway sandwich shop on Hillhurst and Franklin the other day. You were the guy in front of me who told the sandwich guy, “Make me one with everything.”


  16. Way to go, Los Feliz Village Business Improvement District!

    The “LFVBID” blocks a Whole Foods in that location, but allows this?

    Wonder which Los Feliz real estate agency handled this transaction?

    Get RID of the BID NOW!

  17. Scientology just makes me sad for humanity. Like Hillbilly Hand Fishing, John Boehner, The Creation Museum, The Kardashians, TMZ, and most of the South, why does it keep growing in popularity.. why why why do people spend so much money on it. Better to spend your money on porn, at least with porn if you’re going to get f*cked at least it is all there literally and trying to disguise itself as some spiritual BS..

  18. In this day and age there is no excuse for anyone getting sucked into this cult. If you are stupid enough to get involved in this con game you deserve to lose your money to these vultures on principle alone.

  19. Those “pro” comments are soooo fake!!!
    Geez! Do you really think they’re believable?

  20. Griffith Park Mountain Lion

    This is by far the best back and forth of comments I have ever read on the East Sider. Hi-effin-larious! Organized religion in general is creepy. At least the building looks nice. and we have the sidewalk back. I didn’t really appreciate being awakened on my only day to sleep longer than 4 hour by a live band playing bad Journey covers at 9am though.

  21. I am one of those ex Sea Org Kids someone mentioned so I saw first hand the hypocrisy. The poster is right is there is an aura of “what were doing is for the greater good so that whatever we do is justified”

    Having said that I have a super hard time people calling it a cult. It’s no more a cult than any other religion,most of whom by the way have done things that would put scientology to shame. Regardless of whether they charge money up front or through the back end like most religions I can tell you %100 they have a genuine belief system. Also just so you know the people in Scientology pretty much mirror the general population with most being decent and well meaning ( if misguided imo) to complete assholes.

    This is in no way an endorsement of Scientology btw. More a defense for people to join shitty religions and not be labelled a cult by people who honestly have know idea what they are talking about or understand why we protect the rights of people whose religion is in direct opposition to our own beliefs.

  22. Dianne Stackpoole

    I was in Scientology for many years. The concepts are good and you can learn a lot from their beliefs. The problem is with people — not Scientology. Scientology is not a cure all, and will never be. People cure themselves with help from the right sources, but they have to be willing to accept that help. Do not write me off as a cult member, I have not been associated with the Church in 40 years, but they do have solutions that are credible to many problems. I also have to credit them with improving my integrity, my honor, and my ethics and ability to say what I believe is right. If you don’t know what you are talking about and just listening to the media, than shut up! You shouldn’t believe whatever you read….The media has its own goals and purposes!

  23. It’s a cult, and you have to be dumber than a bag of rocks to get involved with it.

    I can walk into any church in the country attend services and not pay a dime unless I choose to … other than a church owned by this cult.

    I can also maintain contact with my friends and family, or read information critical of those churches without being subject to lie detector tests if attend any of those churches, unlike the ones owned by this cult.

    And if I choose to stop attending any church other than ones owned by this cult, I will not be pestered from now until eternity to come back and give my money to them.

    Scientology is as much a religion as Donald Trump’s University is a religion.

    Scientology is an IQ test. If you are stupid enough to get involved in this con game you failed.

    • uh I said I was a “kid” i.e. child (maybe you missed that part) I was born into and left when I was old enough. Aaaaanyway I had an insiders perspective although I never drank the koolaide I’m telling you what’s up, and in general the people are not dumb. Belief systems are actually pretty complex things. Your enviable ability to come to conclusion about things you obviously never experienced indicate your as as dumb as your crudely written post suggests.

      • Mike,


        For future reference if you’re going to call someone dumb, you might want to “word clear” the words “you’re” and your”, to keep people from slapping their foreheads when they read your posts

        • Fred, try to stay on point. For future reference using a typo in blog note as a basis for you’re defense is intellectually weak. If you wan’t people to keep from slapping their heads when they read your posts try responding to the points people make.

        • Fred, I read Mike’s original and subsequent posts, and I think it was eloquent, aside from a few errors. To wit, before you criticize someone else’s spelling and grammar, I would advise you to proofread your own posts a bit more thoroughly.

          Let’s address your first post, dated Aug. 27 at 10:40 P.M.:
          Second sentence: Add commas after the words “country” and “services.”
          Third sentence: Add the word “I” between “if” and “attend.”

          I don’t like Scientology at all, and I agree that it’s cult-like, but I think your posts were overly hostile toward Mike, who seems to have some legitimate, relevant personal experience to share.

    • I got a 158 IQ and Im an engineer who’s won countless awards for technical excellence. Scientology works with the technical accuracy of an intel core i7 processor.

      If you don’t want to pay you can come over to my house and Ill give you a book. ;]

  24. Perhaps I’m missing something, but when did Los Feliz become part of TheEastsiderLA’s territory?

  25. Im one the of the scientology kids that was in the Church and is not in it any more and I gotta say that the beliefs and practices of this place are totally legit and it is not meant to be deceiving or whatever. I left the church because of differences but that doesn’t mean that what they do in the church is none other than amazing and the results are incredible. From people’s legs who have had chronic pains and now gone, from people in deep depressions now feeling happier, from relationships beyond hope to salvaged, from people exteriorizing from their bodies. Not to mention all of the drug rehab programs, criminal rehab, crime prevention. Ive seen this with my own eyes. Im an engineer, I dont believe ANYTHING without inspecting it thoroughly and especially religion. So I think this is great that the Los Feliz mission now has a great building from where they can perform miracles to people in the hipster area. I dont see anything but good happening from this.

    • Hmmm as an actual child Sea Org member (MUCH different than a child Scientologist) this post is a little iffy at best. If it was so great what differences could you have that would make you want to leave a place that was performing “miracles”? FYI I don’t even think LRH called his philosophy “miracles” he felt it was rooted more in practicality.

    • If Scientology is not deceptive then why are Scientology employees coming in here to pose as average joes and saying,”Gee, it looks so neat, I can’t wait to go there”? Scientology turns people into shady, conniving manipulators.

      • … Actually I’m rereading it now and I think its a total hoax. there is nothing specific in his post that would actually make me think he’s an ex Scientologist. Plus the wording is generic and also off scientology script. I think he’s making the point that anyone who says they’re an ex but doesn’t immediately do anything but label all of them an evil cult is also secretly a sympathizer.

        It’s a little sneaky but also transparent if you where actually there.

  26. XENU HEALED ME! Don’t listen to the haters. Scientology is a totally legitimate organization dedicated to the worship of nonexistent volcano aliens. If you don’t believe me, just join… it’ll only cost your life savings and your soul.

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