Police seek help finding gunmen who opened fire on El Sereno cyclist

Police are asking for the public’s help to find the shooters who opened fire last week on an El Sereno cyclist in the 5200 block of Templeton Street. A clip from a surveillance video shows what took place on the late afternoon of Tuesday, July 30. LAPD provided more details about what is believed to be a gang-related shooting:

On Tuesday, July 30, 2013, around 5:30 p.m, a man was riding his bicycle on the 5200 block of Templeton Street, when two suspects driving a tan Toyota 4Runner drove past the pedestrian and suddenly stopped their vehicle. The two suspects came out of the 4Runner and fired numerous shots. The pedestrian speeding away on his bicycle was hit by the gunfire. The victim was treated and release at a local hospital for a non-life threatening wounds.

Persons with information about the shooting are asked to call Hollenbeck Division Detective Donna Cornejo at (323) 224-0104 or (877) 527-3247 on weekends and during non business hours. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477)


  1. If all these gang members were isolated on an island, I wouldn’t give a rat’s butt if they killed each other off.
    However, this shooting is in public, in broad daylight, and I’m sure those freaking loser dumb-as*** didn’t check to see who was behind the target in the event of a miss. They could easily have hit some innocent person. Or imagine little kids, how terrifying that would be to witness such a thing. Absolutely disgusting. They will reach judgement day soon… whether on earth or in the depths of h*ll

    • Assumption: ‘gangbanger’s always target other ‘gangbanger’s’.

      Reality: They target the innocent for many reasons>>
      > Wrong color/ethnicity for the ‘hood.
      > Wrong look/stare
      > To rob, etc.
      > Mistaken Identity
      > To be grow in rank, respect. For the most vicious gangs the crazier the ‘banger you were, the more your fellow ‘bangers respected AND feared you. Targeting and killing a purely innocent person on purpose was a known act.
      > Other reasons: You just crossed paths with them in a wrong way, through family, friends, work, or coincidence.

      Shall I go on Mr. ‘Freedom’??

      • Your assumption about my assumption.. is wrong.
        Shall you go on? Not unless you like to hear the sound of your own typing.

        • Except your wrong. I assumed you consider gangbangers are the ‘target’, and that especially in this case the ‘target’ was not ‘innocent’. It’s clear as your own quoted words>>>

          “..and I’m sure those freaking loser dumb-as*** didn’t check to see who was behind the target in the event of a miss. They could easily have hit some innocent person.”

          “could have hit some innocent person.” That infers/assumes the ‘target’ is NOT innocent.

          Try again.

          • you must really enjoy typing.
            “they could have hit some innocent person” says nothing about the intended target.
            Perhaps you need a course in first order / propositional logic.
            Try again.

  2. um. geez. wow. not sure what to even say about this one. I can only comment on the article as is and the details as is (so my assumption for now is not a gang retaliation, and the guy is a regular pedestrian) but for 2 guys to come out blazing with hand guns against an unarmed guy on a bike – I’m sure your Moms are real proud of you…. show your Grandma and Grandpa this video of your accomplishment, make sure to look them all straight in the eye on this one don’t turn away.. look deep.

  3. Cap'n Semantic Says

    LAPD wrote: “The pedestrian speeding away on his bicycle.”

    You are a cyclist if you are on a bicycle. You are a pedestrian if you are on foot. Never do the two transportation modes meet. Carry on with this important distinction.

  4. I will say it again we need a mandatory death sentence for all gang members who commit violent crimes!
    Fast track the death penalty and clear out the prisons they deserve it.

    • The problem with the fast track death penalty is that they will keep out producing us like rats and we will not have enough voltage. I mean look at it. When you are in these areas there are tons of young single moms pushing strollers around. Most of this output will either be, more gang members or more gang baby makers.

  5. This is totally gang and territory related. If after the shooting there was no sign of the truck in town, then you can assume the gang affiliated members were pulled in from a different town or they traded a meth head for there car for a drug bag.
    The man on the bike was over 16, I am sure. He was riding the block looking to sell his stash in an area that is probably claimed by a local notorious gang. They will eradicate rivals or competition on the spot.
    True Freedom, what you don’t realize is that at some point these guys WILL affect your life in one way or another. Please don’t be so naïve as to think this is and always will be isolated to this particular area.
    YOU WILL GET PULLED IN. Either by something they do to you a family member of your community.

    • yo Wayne, I think if you re-read my post.. you’ll see that I realize what you think I don’t realize. Actually, the entire point of my post is that these douchebags don’t simply effect themselves and other gangbangers.. but rather the community at large.


  6. Eeek! That looks just like my car! Luckily, no sun roof…

  7. This happens literally in front of my dad’s house! But never in my times visiting him, have I ever experienced any sort of violence. Something needs to be done with these kinds of people.

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