Silver Lake shooting at recreation center leaves one man injured

Video by Zack Zarate shows the scene following the shooting at the Silver Lake Recreation Center. (h/t Patch)

bellevueA man was wounded during a shooting tonight at the  Bellevue Recreation Center in Silver Lake following an argument between rival gangs, according to  Patch and City News Service.  The victim, described as a man in his 20s, was shot in the back and hand at about 8 p.m.  The suspect remains at large.


  1. Lovely. I was just reading the hotly debated gang injunction post and looking at that map thinking that it cut off a bit short not covering more of the Silver Lake area that is south of Sunset. Bellevue Park area, Laurel and Hardy Park area (Vendome St.), etc. were places that immediately came to mind and then this pops up.

    Granted, there are different gangs here than the ones included in the aforementioned potential injunction, but we have a lot of problems over here too – particularly south of Sunset.

    • That is not their concern, they are gentrifying Echo Park. It is obvious that this injunction is clearly set out to try to upgrade an area towards the benefit of people with monetary status. That is why they invested all that money into the park and are trying to strike their claim on an area that was forgotten. Now, the scapegoat is in play right after Echo Park has opened. Bellevue. Has always had its problems, but right now that is not their targeted area. Someone please open their eyes, it is really getting funky with this scene.

  2. This occurred north of sunset… in one of the areas the proposed gang injunction covers…

  3. This is so sad, I take my dog there all of the time. It’s generally an area that feels pretty safe.

  4. my name is ZACK Zarate =(

  5. Mr South of sunset

    I’m ready for injunction now!

  6. Sad, but glad no one was killed. Heard around 5 shots. A girl was killed 12 years ago on the Lucile side of the park. Never forget an LAPD officer referring to her as the “chola” who was shot in the park. Just a 14 year old kid — cop made it sound like she was worthless.

  7. Please extend the gang injunction to Virgil Village!!!!! The local gang on Virgil Ave have been tagging more than all the gangs in Echo Park combined… help us Garcetti!!!!!!

    • I agree with the comments about Virgil Village. I used to live on the corner of Normal Ave. and Madison Ave. (between Vermont and Virgil.) There was constant tagging by LMLS (La Mirada Locos) or LMLSx3. I saw their tags all over the place in the neighborhood.

      • Yes, it has been getting worse and worse in Virgil Village. Our neighborhood is a patchwork of different shades of gray, beige, and white. They tag private property and private businesses. SM Blvd to the north, Melrose to the south, Vermont to the west and Virgil to the west is absolutely in ruin as we speak. Every day there are about 10 new tags. The city can’t keep up with covering them up. We need to have more patrols in this area, there is a ghetto bird flying EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

  8. What are the steps to requesting and enacting a gang injunction? I live near Marathon and Virgil and use the park at least 4 nights a week (luckily not last week). The LMS MS 13 (yes, that MS 13) gang has been running rampant in our neighborhood for far too long. The taggings and intimidation have been ramping up since March of this year. Every day I see new taggings in our hood. These are brazen tags though, all over businesses and citizens’ garages. Do we have to write an appeal, create a petition? What is it going to take to get a gang injunction in East Hollywood, Westlake, Rampart, Virgil Village, etc? Does an innocent bystander have to be killed for the city to act? And don’t say only gentrifying hoods get gang injunctions, because Virgil Village is certainly gentrifying as we speak…

  9. There are gangs in LA north of the 10?????

  10. I’ve lived just down the street from the park for six years and this has been an ongoing dilemma. Rival gangs tag up the neighborhood at different times and you can see the cross-outs, etc. LAPD plays a very neutral, reactive approach to this. This hasn’t been the first occurrence, and usually right before one of these incidents, the taggings are indicative of something to come. There’s a number of gangs: Bellevue Buds, La Mirada Locos, and Aztlan, who make their presence known. I’ve actually talked with LAPD regarding the gang injunction, but they’ve merely shut me up to the extent of telling me someone has to get killed just about for them to act on doing something.

  11. I’ve lived on Maltman for eleven years now, and I’ve definitely seen an uptick in Bellevue Park violence over the last few years. The area between Marathon and 101 is certainly a roughish area and could use a lot of attention by the LAPD. It’s not about gentrification, it’s about safety and security. I feel like things are getting worse, not better.

  12. There actually is a gang injunction dat goes to Bellevue park because that’s still temple streets “TST” hood according to their injunction it’s from west lake n mountain view down to Tommy’s n again though Coronado to Alvarado n back thru dillon n 2 all the way to silver lake thru temple n Virgil

  13. Is there a place online to see the complete Glendale Boulevard Corridor Gang Injunction Project
    document? Thanks.

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