Silver Lake South? Developers discover Temple Street

Preliminary rendering of Temple Street apartments/Sharp Capital

When home and apartment hunters can’t find what they like or afford in Echo Park and Silver Lake,  some head south to look for more options. Now, it seems developers are doing the same.  Sharp Capital, for example, said it plans to break ground on a 67-unit apartment complex on Temple Street in Historic Filipinotown. It’s one of several projects that have been announced or are currently underway along Temple Street in the Historic Filipinotown area south of Echo Park and Silver Lake.

Sharp’s  $20 million  apartment project would rise three-floors on top of a parking deck on what is now a vacant lot at Temple and Robinson Street next to the Western Exterminators building.  Composed of one and two-bedroom units, the complex with courtyards, a community room and fountains  is scheduled to be completed in early 2015, with two-bedroom apartments renting for about $2,300, said David Shophet of Sharp Capital.

While that rent may seem high for the area south of the 101, it’s  an attractive rate for compared to similar apartments in central Silver Lake and Echo Park, Shophet said.  “They are getting displaced from the heart of Silver Lake,” said Shophet of prospective renters.

Shophet and other developers are banking  that those Echo Park and Silver Lake renters will end up on Temple Street.  Shophet recently sold one development site at Temple Street and Union Avenue – a 52-unit apartment complex it bought out of foreclosure – to another developer that plans to complete the project.  Meanwhile, less than a block away, 4 Site Real Estate has begun demolishing to make way for a new, 49-unit complex with swimming pool on Temple Street.

For developers looking to build relatively large projects, the Temple Street corridor is an attractive alternative to the neighborhoods north of the 101 Freeway because zoning allows more intense development in some cases and, as Shophet notes, the lack of steep hillsides makes it easier and cheap to build. While Temple Street may not attract much in the way of new stores and  restaurants, Shophet says the street is an attractive place for residential projects.

“Temple over time will turn into a great residential corridor,” he said.


  1. Are you kidding? $2300 for a 2-bdr on Temple? “it’s an attractive rate compared to similar apartments in central Silver Lake and Echo Park”. Don’t think so, Shophet.

  2. I hope they start including retail in some of these buildings… Temple is not intended to be a residential street, but instead one of mixed use.

    • More importantly, putting in residences without retail will mean lots more cars. That stretch of Temple a couple blocks west of there (where it merges with Silver Lake and Beverly) also needs to be fixed up so that it can be a pleasant, walkable stretch, instead of a knot designed to move cars on and off the freeway.

      • @kenny : sounds like you drank the kool-aid prepared by the greenwashers. Putting retail there will likely result in very little net reduction in auto-related trips.

  3. This building is all wrong. I am absolutely in favor of more development on Temple and South of Silver Lake but it needs to be done right. A building on a major street should never – ever – ever be approved with an exposed-surface parking lot and no retail. Never.

  4. OMG! This is the first time I’ve heard about his project and its a block away from me. South of Temple as been horribly damaged by developments that replaced single family homes (60s to 80s) in this wonderful area. They put up apartment building in the middle of the blocks tearing down fabulous craftsmans and cutting the community to shreads. Some of these apartment building tower over peoples back yards and houses and ugly as can be. Its was huge disaster for the area. This should be a funky bungalow heaven! I love it here warts and all. I bought here a couple of years ago. Thats a nice lot and I had hoped that it might be a little park (dream on I know) with really beautiful cypresses. This sucks I’m calling Mitch O ASAP. I mean if I tried to open a business over here I’d have to do radius notifications and public hearing up the ya ya but for a massive project like this and the other down by Glendale blvd they just come in plop it down with out any feedback from the community. This area is very quiet and is filled with many multi generational families who own their own houses. It like a small town. I tell you though on the negative side this area is trashed and neglected big time. Walk down beverly and every tree planter is full of garbage. There are piles of junk on many corners and in every alley and don’t get me started on the Rampart LAPD station its become massive blight. Walk down Hyans from benton and its just disgusting. I tried getting the CD13 on it but nothing so far. I am optimistic but there is a lot of work to be done and if they think they can just come and build this massive thing with out any input they are going to be sorry!

  5. This building is awesome. I’m really excited to see how it will look finished. I live on Beverly and Robinson and we are in need of some new stuff around here. The only thing developers have built are affordable junk. GO TEMPLE!!!

  6. Cynthia Carranza

    I am actually quite excited for this property to be developed. I also live in the area, and like Ollie said, “this area is trashed and neglected big time.” The developers seem to really know what they are doing- I looked into their other developments listed on their website- and the renderings look beautiful.

  7. This is great news!

    Love the colors

  8. This project sounds great! New buildings in that area are scarce and there definitely is rental demand in the area. I own several properties in the neighborhood and the amount of calls on rentals is ridiculous. Don’t worry, there are plenty of craftsman homes to go around.

  9. I wish there were a streetcar/subway out this way or down sunset. All this development is crying out for transit. These should also be all mixed users with buried parking.

  10. “Silver Lake South?” Historic Filipinotown already has a name, thank you very much.

  11. So funny that after speaking with Sharp Capital yesterday and voicing my concerns and expressing my desire to stop this monstrosity a couple of their interns posted half hearted positive comments on this site. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I guess now they are aware that the community will not just stand by with out any outreach or dialog whatsoever. The guy I spoke to over there, David, was as you could expect from Beverly Hills developer, condescending and arrogant even going so far as to suggest I had made a mistake by buying a house in a bungalow oriented neighborhood because “all the property on Dillon can be converted to condos” due to the it being zoned R3. He also said that due to the fact that the zoning has been changed to allow residential on Temple they didn’t need to have public hearing or do any community outreach. Wow maybe he’s right and should just walk away and let these greedy narcissists jam their tacky oversized ill-conceived developments into a quiet family oriented neighborhood.
    He also (bombshell!) told be that SIPA the long time Filipino community center across the street was “on the market” and “developer ready” so I should just deal with it. Additionally when I told him maybe it could be park as there is virtually no green-space in Rampart Village that I could buy it from Sharp capital for “4 million dollars”. I am sure there are many aspects of this scheme that have not had light shed on them including EIR and traffic issues especially as they will have 100 cars entering Temple from Dillon onto the apex of a hill with no light and blind rise from the west. Bungalow heaven not a Apartment hell.

    • Funny. You were just defending cars and car culture on another story here. Private bubbles of property, land, cars, and this is what you get. Venice, Italy looks good right about now, huh? But there’s always Valencia for that peace you want. California, not Spain; it’s actually a city there.

      You should join your Neighborhood Council. They could use people like you.

  12. PS Eastsider thank you for informing the community of these plans. Check Zack, “Love the colors” K and David “project sounds great!” K” and you’ll probably see that they have never posted on this site before.

    Look into the SIPA closing/selling to developers I think the Filipino community is in for a surprise.

  13. Doesnt surprize me. They want us gone us long time residents. They want what we we have an hold so dear to heart, Our community …..
    Maybe its time to sell. This is not The Echo Park I choose to buy into.

  14. If this project were to be built onto the quiet craftsman bungalow streets of Echo Park-HiFi I would have a cow and raise all hell. But stepping back a bit, Temple st. could use the RIGHT type of development especially on an ugly overgrown lot. The battle to be picked here would be for SMART development, to push the developer for great retail shops on the ground floor and to green up the streetscape for a more viable walking community. Imagine if you can trek around the corner to a cafe or bakery. A parking garage on the entire ground floor is not the answer and would essentially disengage the patrons of the building from the rest of the community with a drive in & drive out mentality. I agree this area has been a wonderful little secret, that the Craftmans and other homes on these streets are beautiful since they have remained almost unchanged for generations…great home stock and great streets! Temple street has such great bones for small retail that would support the surrounding community. To long time and new residents, you have a voice… reach out to your neighborhood council for help!

  15. Blackbird, you are right about needing smart growth. But would retail actually work on this stretch of temple? There is nothing to the west of it except the western exterminators site. How can retail expect to survive. I’m just happy that something is being built on that homeless infested lot. At this point something is better than nothing.
    I think we should convince the developer to make it more pedestrian friendly, ie park benches and nice landscaping but retail would be pushing it

    • @daniel and to the community – with all due respect, please dont settle for a poorly planned building just to occupy space. Smart planning with retail is key. Before the arts district in downtown became what it is today, there was nothing but meat packing plants, a swarm of industrial buildings, basically a concrete jungle of LA consumer production. Linear City, one of the first developers of the area converted a few existing buildings into habitability. The smartest thing they did was convert the bottom floors into commercial spaces and pushed for “specific” retail that would sustain their target audience. Today there is a strong vibrant group of dwellers in the area with restaurants, cafes and an organic produce market nearby.
      On Sunset near Beaudry, another developer created plans for apartments to replace the hardware shop. The community came together and voiced their opposition to the fact there was no retail. Few months later the developer came back with plans for mixed use and some retail.

      This Echo Park- HiFi, Silver lake south (whatever folks want to call it) has the community that would support the “right” type of shops if it were to be conceived correctly. But pressure needs to be placed on the developer to have not only their patrons but also the entire neighborhood in mind. This area houses single family and apartment dwellers but it also has folks commuting into the area daily (Temple hospital, The Children institute, Occidental studios, El Camino charter school etc…) There are already a few hotspots on Temple st. with successful shops (Tribal cafe, 1642 bar, Gigi ‘s bakery to name a few) to build onto the growth would be a win win. It is not just one factor that converts communities, it’s a sum of all its parts.

      • Totally Agree!! add retail for the neighborhood!! and the people that live in the building! no retail is a short term view that developers who plan on selling the project once its built and populated gravitate towards..

  16. Wild star- we do have strong mass transit here: the red line stops ate either end of the neighborhood, the 14 bus runs along Beverly, the 10 bus along temple. Ollie- thank you for looking into this and letting us know what is going on and I strongly agree with the poster who asked you to join the neighborhood council- if you have the time to spare, those of us who can’t make the meetings need your passion and energy on our side. Please consider it. And a note of encouragement: while trying to get a local illegal club to abide by the same sound ordinances as the rest of us, several of us were told that we shouldn’t live in a city, that they had permission of higher ups..and many other out and out lies. When the motive is dollars over community, ugly words are spoken, sometimes mixed with blatant lies. That doesn’t mean they are winning – it means you are causing enough threat that they need to lie. Our neighborhood rocks but that doesn’t give any developer or anyone else the right to break the rules to fill their purses and respond by telling us to move. Some of us aren’t going away.

  17. We recently moved into a old building on Rampart near Temple. On the face of it, it is a sad area.
    … an endless procession of homeless and
    can-collectors heading up to the filthy Recycling Center at Temple and Coronado.
    We live on a “canand bottle corridor.”
    I’ve planted a garden in front of my building, but trash gets thrown into it daily. Dumpster lids are
    left open all the time. Flies, and more flies.
    This was once a handsome Art-Deco building but the slumlord owners haven’t painted it since 1992.
    The original doors are gone, as are the original lamp fixtures.

    We’re not trying to gentrify. just make the area around the building less garbage-y. We are 17 year
    veterans of Echo Park, priced out.

    Maybe one day the Rampart/Temple corner can be a little nicer? Maybe they can move that can/bottle recycling place at Coronado? This area is becoming the new Skid Row. Human defecation
    on the sidewalk (true story) in front of my building. Twice this week. Sketchy people sneaking into my
    building without keys. And hostility from the old residents in this building … which I am trying to keep clean.
    (mostly all I do is pick up trash in the hallways). The management doesn’t hire anyone to sweep or vacuum,
    and they have sealed off the power outlets in the halls so no one else can.
    The bungalow owners mentioned earlier in the letters here surround themselves behind high iron fences
    and rarely come out to pick up trash or have the mattresses hauled away. Maybe they’ve given up.
    I’m about to… I don’t know where to turn. We’re not even part of the Rampart Village area!
    And since we don’t own, we’re nobodies.

    Not so much a bunch of complaints against my building owner… but a little shapshot of Life on Rampart.

    steve roche

    • Steve Roche, Call Mitch O’Farrel. Your apartment falls under the Echo Park Neighborhood Council. That recycling center is a nuisance to the neighborhood and far better suited in an industrial section of the city. There was someone from Garcetti’s office looking into it at one point but power transferred hands. Please bring it up to the council and they can possibly help you!

  18. If I’m not mistaken, this lot was once a school (there’s a mural on the Dilon side of it and I think I remember a photo on LAPL’s website). All of the empty lots around here are suddenly being built on, and I am critically aware that there is absolutely NO public parks in the neighborhood, and with SIPA being sold…well there’s even less places for kids to play. Such a waste that all these spaces are being redeveloped with out a public good in mind- just adding traffic to the area and nothing else. Let’s not forget the old Big Brothers and Sister’s lot now “Silverlake Ridge” (that’s a funny name).
    And while we are on the subject on bagging on idiotic developement… Yeah WTF with the Rampart Station?!?!?! I went to a meeting about that over 1.5 years ago and they said the place would be done by now… we gave them hell there, demanded they rebuild it with the community in mind (park space, no cop cars screaming in and out of the highly residential Hyans st….
    Hey LA get it together, make a city for residents not developers.

  19. Okay, it’s not the Eastside (it’s not even as far east as Alvarado) and it’s not “south silver lake” either. It’s actually “Mid City” and their building right next to a place with TONS of pesticides (western exterminator) that’s practically ON the 101 in one of the WORST air quality neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

    If people are willing to dole out more-than-a-mortgage-payment on rent… well, enjoy that! : )

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