9/11 flyovers attract attention and concern

Six helicopters swoop across the early evening sky during 9/11 tribute flyover/Matt Hartman

The drone of helicopters filled the skies over Elysian Valley tonight as the choppers, photographed above by Matt Hartman, from the city police and fire department as well as the L.A. County Sheriff headed for Dodger Stadium as part of a 9/11 tribute flyover. But a few hours earlier, in approximately the same air space, a bright, red single-engine plane  swooped and looped over the the L.A. River near the interchange of the 2 and 5 freeways, stirring not awe but concern among residents like Diane Edwardson of Silver Lake. Edwardson, who took the photo below, described what she saw from her home shortly after 12 pm:

It was dipping its wings in both directions, looking like it was out of control, taking steep climbs& dives & flying really irresponsibly for about 15 minutes before heading south in a similarly shaky flight south along the 5 Frwy. There were no other aircraft in the area as usually happens with filming. I think he even did a complete barrel roll. Frankly it was extremely bad taste to do this on 9/11.

It’s not clear what the small plane was doing but Edwardson called 911 shortly to report the aircraft.

Red plane over Elysian Valley/Diane Edwardson


  1. What a ridiculous waste of money!
    these displays are so expensive! Money could be used else where
    They kept flying over my house over and over.
    I was quite nervous they would crash as the formation was tight.
    Whose stupid idea was this? I can’t believe all agency’s agreed to this.
    This was no tribute but a waste. Who do I email my complaint to? Cedillo..?
    I am outraged really.

    • “…This was no tribute but a waste.” And you will of course be first in line to say that to the face of someone who lost someone in the attacks.

  2. You really have nothing better to do than to snap pictures of aircraft that you claim are ‘flying irresponsibly’ (please post your pilot’s license) and come complain about it on a message board? Some people need to step back and examine their lives and wonder, “Could the mental energy I am expending on getting heated over crap be better spent elsewhere?” The answer is YES. Try not to play classroom monitor to the world.

    • I also saw the little red plane flying very low and strangely that day. I have never seen a plane fly so low or maneuver like that in that area, so I don’t think you need a pilot’s license to determine it was out of the ordinary. I’d rather people care enough to report potentially dangerous/unusual occurences than see such and do nothing.

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