Gang injunction foes fail to win support of Silver Lake Neighborhood Council

Gang injunction opponents voice their displeasure after the Silver Lake council vote

Tonight’s Silver Lake Neighborhood Council meeting ended amid chaos and shouting after a highly divided council deadlocked on whether to withhold support for a proposed gang injunction that would cover parts of Silver Lake and Echo Park.

The meeting was cut short after the vote, with gang injunction opponents facing off against council members and police officers in a series of tense exchanges in the auditorium of Micheltorena Elementary School. At one point, opponents of the gang injunction followed a neighborhood council member who did not vote their  way into the parking lot as a police officer placed himself between the council member’s car and people upset over the vote. “Why did you vote the way you voted?” a man with a camera shouted repeatedly as the council member drove off.

The Silver Lake council had been asked to vote on a measure to deny support for the  injunction, language similar to a position adopted last month by the Echo Park neighborhood council. But the vote ended in a tie, which sent the measure to defeat and prompted many in the crowd to start shouting at council members.

Opponents of the injunction said the council was trying to shut off debate on the controversial measure, which would impose restrictions on approximately 300 members of several street gangs across Angeleno Heights, Echo Park, Elysian Valley and Silver Lake.

Some members of the neighborhood council said they felt intimidated by the gang injunction opponents, who at times heckled or shouted down council members.

“I admire your guts, your  courage for being here,” council member Nadine Trujillo told the gang injunction opponents in the audience. However, “I was very frustrated with the way it was presented to us  … because you were ganging up on us that’s what it felt like.”

The meeting got off to a rocky start over whether opponents would get to address the council before they officially took up the gang injunction later in the meeting. That dispute triggered noisy chants from the audience of about 100 and people and prompted a temporary shut down of the meeting. After the meeting resumed, audience members were given a total of 10 minutes to speak on the topic, with those who spoke overwhelmingly against the injunction.

Several of those who spoke were with the  Inglewood-based Youth Justice Coalition, which has spearheaded opposition to gang injunctions in Echo Park and elsewhere, saying the legal restrictions violate civil rights and are often used to advance gentrification at the expensive of low-income, people of color.

“It is wrong and immoral to subject to any human beings to those constricting regulations,” said one man with coalition. “It is a waste of money that can be used to build real community centers for the youth to be involved in productive activities and enrich their lives and keep them off the streets.”

Several of the council members in favor of the measure said they viewed gang injunctions as unnecessary restrictions on civil liberties and a symbol of the growing “militarization of our streets, as board member Charles Herman-Wurmfeld put it, that leads to more violence. “We have an opportunity to vote against the all-descending spiral,” said Herman-Wurmfeld.

The board voted initially eight to seven to deny support for the injunction before council chair Renee Nahum signaled her intent to vote, which prompted an angry response from the audience. At the last minute, board member Anthony Crump joined the meeting and voted against the measure, which created an 8-to-8 tie, bringing the proposal to defeat.

While Crump said opponents of the injunction had raised valid points, he said that overall did “not see the need to oppose the gang injunction at this point” and that the issue would be revisited if problems arise.

Crump also held the Youth Justice Coalition up to criticism for disrupting tonight’s meeting and previous public hearings on the injunction.

“Quite frankly these tactics they use are intimidating,” Crump said over shouting and chants of “Shame On You” at the end of the meeting. “I find it ironic that [Youth Justice Coalition] cite police intimidation as being a negative of a gang injunction when the scene you see before us tonight is the exact kind of intimidation” they are taking about.

LAPD officers stand between audience and Silver Lake council members at end of a rowdy meeting.

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  1. Why are people sticking up for gang members again?

    • Did you not read the article??

      “It is wrong and immoral to subject to any human beings to those constricting regulations,” said one man with coalition. “It is a waste of money that can be used to build real community centers for the youth to be involved in productive activities and enrich their lives and keep them off the streets.”

      • Gang members aren’t human beings. Community centers to babysit your kids? Please.

        • What a great example of ignorance and the exact reason these young Brown men are inclined to violence & crime — the perpetuation of dehumanizing and marginalizing terminology which is used to justify the employment of Shortcut “fixes” catering to comfort zone of affluent and/or people closed off to their natural ability to exhibit compassion and positive contribution to their environment.

      • so how soon this so call community centers can start?? where’s the money coming from!!!

      • Bui, gang members often subject law-abiding citizens to “constricting regulation” through intimidation & violence.

        Silver Lake & Echo Park as a much more violent area in the 1990s and gang violence there has been rapidly decreasing. This is a good thing. The last few gang remnants should be pressured to either give up the lifestyle or to be taken off the streets, so civilized people can walk those same streets without fear.

    • I was talking to the anti gang injunction protesters at EP Rising (I agree with them). One of the protesters began screaming at me, assuming that I was against them. This nutty behavior is not doing them (or their cause) any good.

  2. anybody that would want to stop gangs is a filthy gentrifier. long live live gangs, long live diversity. down with the oppressive people that want nice neighborhoods.

  3. Gangs Are Nothing But Useless Parasites Living Off The System. Many Live In Over Crowed Apartments or Condos Like Section 8 Housing.

  4. I wonder how much money the house flippers are paying the neighborhood council to not change their minds.

    • Why would they need to pay anyone off when the gangs come in act like retards and do a better job than anyone possibly could of convincing them the injunction is a good thing. If you don’t even know your hurting your own cause how can your opinion ever be respected on anything?

      • you know what we don’t need more of- victim blaming. or broad generalizations that everyone who came in to oppose gang injunctions are gang members which only helps crimnalize us. or ableist language like ‘retard’. or people thinking that to speak out against oppression we have to keep polite and begging on our hands and knees . news flash we have never disrespected someone who supported the gang injunction and came to speak out as community.

        but i have most certainly interrupted those board members who unfairly give more time and energy and credibility to the police and city attorney who are paid and PROFIT off of criminalization.

  5. I was there tonight. The people who opposed the injunction were very disrespectful. There were many people there who are not from the neighborhood. There were people there from South LA and they were commenting on how gang injunction did not work in their neighborhoods. There was also a gentleman who expressed how the gang injunction cleaned up his neighborhood in Hollywood, however, in the process many Latinos were pushed out because of gentrification. The reason why gang injunctions have not been successful in South LA is because white people are not moving into South LA. It continues to stay Latino and Black and therefore remains full of gangs. Gang injunctions have been successful in areas like Hollywood and Highland Park. They work hand in hand with gentrification. The funniest moment of the night was when a Chicano man from Echo Park stood up and spoke out against gentrification in Echo Park in Silverlake. When he did this the audience cheered. Many who cheered were white and are responsible for the gentrification. I take offense when white people are trying to tell me, a chicano, what is good or bad for me. The people from South LA need to go back to South LA, we are trying to get rid of that riff raff.

    • did you really just call the youth that came to share their direct experience living under gang injunctions in solidarity with the echo park community riff raff?

      I don’t respect manipulation and failed democratic practice. I don’t believe in false pacification of conflict or appeasement.

      • Yes I did call them riff raff. They are outside people who are not from the neighborhood. Gang injunctions do not work in South LA because gentrification is not occurring at the same time as the injunction. White people do not want to move to South LA. Therefore, it continues to be a black and latino neighborhood and it continues to have gangs. What the white people who were at the NC last night should do is move to South LA and make South LA diverse. Then they can live amongst the gang members they are protecting and then we can see if they still are against the gang injunction.

    • The outsiders are those who are seeking “safe and cleaner neighborhoods” at the expense of those (including resident whites) who made these same neighborhoods safe enough for gentrification in the first place, i.e., STOP trying to take credit for the trend of safety that began before our communities began to be gentrified. Btw, our city is now 45% to 50% “latino” and it’s never been safer or cleaner. Does that mean our city has become safer as a result of an influx of “latinos”? Bottomline, this is about wealth, privilege, and potential profits for real-estate speculators NOT about “safer and cleaner neighborhoods”. THAT neighborhood (and city) already exists and it’s never been cleaner or safer.

  6. I was at this meeting. Why dont you write the truth! the SLNC manipulated the vote. 3 persons voted who should have recused.
    Newman, Johnson(work for city council people), Nuhum(married to Newman).
    Submit your written complaint to DONE@LACity.org

    • FYI, Nuhum ran Mitch O’Farrell’s campaign for councilman.

    • you realize these votes are meaningless and have no affect on whether the injunction goes through? it’s going through. deal with it. the intimidation tactics of those who support gang members are just ludicrous, all the more reason the injunction is needed. outsiders coming into our community trying to tell us what is good for us. a bunch of hooligans.

  7. This kind of intimidation is the exact reason those for the injunction have not been coming out. It’s family and community versus violence and crime. I have been open-minded about hearing both sides, but this kind of behavior from the anti-injunctionists have shown that they are not open to discussion (which the EPIA meeting was better at), but rather just out to make this issue something it is not. It is not race, it is not economic class, it’s criminal gangsters versus all other citizens.

  8. The argument that ‘police will discriminate against innocent people’ is bullcrap. I do believe police may mess up at times or create an intimidation feeling depending on the situation, but how can someone support helping gang members? That’s insane! I grew up in Boyle Heights and hated gangs for ruining alot of things. And if you think it’s cool to dress, act and loiter like a gang member and not be one, then you’re crazy. Do you think a rival gang of that particular neighborhood will be careful in not trying to shoot them?

    • Agreed, seen plenty of DUI’s issued to hipsters of any race. How about we don’t have this gang injunction, but just have an injunction against anyone who commits a crime (period) in this area? Tagging, vandalism, theft, drunk driving, harassment/intimidation, assault, robbery — harsher punishment if you commit a crime in this area. I’m being partly sarcastic here, but hopefully, making a point that we shouldn’t try to stop criminals just because we think it may make us racist. We’re not racists, we just hate crime, no matter what color or outfit it comes in.

      • you actually make no sense ep res. there are already laws in place for all of that. the injunction is simply another tool for law enforcement to crack down on gang activity.

        • Busta – entertain a little sarcasm. My point is if people are against the injunction thinking it will target certain race/color/dress then target all criminals, make this a crime injunction (harsher punishment for committing crime in this proposed area no matter if you’re in a gang or not). Hipster, gang member, stroller dad, fixed gear poet — anyone caught tagging or committing any crime in Echo Park gets life in prison (hyperbole).

    • @SKP123 I am a mother of a 19yr old boy that has been harassed by North East Police Station and he is not nor does he look like a G”member, I am also a mother that was beaten by LAPD in Echo Park, accused of being a drug dealer, Now i don’t have to sit here and explain my life to yo but you seem blind by what’s going on Come out This Saturday at El Centro De Pueblo and meet with some of us that have been wrongfully accused, harassed, Racial profiled, Get to know the real Facts before you start defending what you think is right.

  9. Wow. If you don’t get what you want, just intimidate the people who voted against you. Yeah that’s a great way to gain sympathy for your cause.

    Perhaps there are more people who would speak up in favor of the injunction if they weren’t afraid of being retaliated against, intimidated, or having their neighborhood walls tagged by graffiti vandals.


  11. When the CYS, EXP and Temple street gangs stop tagging my neighborhood — and my house! — I’ll drop my support for the injunction. Until then, get out of here.

    • Your invited to come out to STAY Meeting at El Centro De Pueblo so that you can address your thoughts. Let’s see how we can help you.

      • Seemed pretty obvious what Border Dude wants and needs in the neighborhood.

        Perhaps the energy and effort put into teaching the kids not to scrawl their tags all over the area might work in their favor.

    • GangInjunction increases college focus for youth

      Ditto… Also, i am Latin and bought a house in Silverlake. Gentrification is not white people moving in its white collar taking over a blue collar neighborhood.

  12. Silver Lake Neighborhood Council got to experience a taste a mob democracy tonight when an 8-8 tie vote failed to support a motion NOT to support the proposed gang injunction aimed at about three hundred members of six criminal street gangs along the Glendale Boulevard corridor.

    At first, the six dozen protesters in the audience cheered when NC Secretary announced an 8-7 vote in favor of the “not to support” motion, but then Treasurer Anthony Crump announced that he had not voted, and cast his vote against. It was a little confusing since a “yes” vote was to “not support” the proposed injunction.

    Just prior to the vote, meeting chairperson Renee Nahum asked everyone in the audience to quietly leave the Micheltorena School auditorium after the vote, so that the neighborhood council members could get through a long list of items on the rest of the agenda. But instead, the audience broke into a demonstration cheering the supposed 8-7 count in their favor.

    After a few minutes of chaos, Ms. Nahum grabbed the microphone at the center table and announced, “Since you all don’t have the courtesy to allow us to continue our meeting, I’m going to cast a vote against the motion.” Several board members objected that the Silver Lake NC has a practice of the chairperson voting only to break a tie, and the audience quickly seized the opportunity to cry foul.

    But when Mr. Crump’s vote was added to the “no” total, the motion failed anyway on the 8-8 tie. This was followed by a very angry demonstration shouting down any chance for the meeting to continue. After a half hour, the council members agreed it was hopeless to continue.

    The failed vote does not mean that the Silver Lake NC supports the proposed injunction against some members of six local gangs. Several members of the NC board said that they felt intimidated. Anyone who spoke up at the meeting favoring support of the injunction was hackled by some in the audience, which was also angry that public comment was limited to 15 minutes total, and each person could speak only 30 seconds.

    This was the third opportunity that injunction opponents have had in the past month to voice their dissent. The SLNC Public Safety Committee sponsored a public forum August 19, and at the August 7th regular meeting of the Governing Board, the matter was debated, resulting in a vote to postpone consideration until September.

    The irony of the situation is that it really doesn’t matter what the local neighborhood council votes, or the fact that the Echo Park NC voted 15-0 last week not to support gang injunctions. The reality is that the issue is currently a legal matter — not political. A hearing will take place in Superior Court on October 30, when Judge Abraham Kahn will probably allow the City Attorney to proceed with the injunction against known gang members, who must be served with a copy for the police to take any action.

    The two primary arguments opponents use are that the injunction is simply a tool for “gentrification” of the community, forcing many current Latino residents to move out, and the problems that families of gang members will experience as a result of the police having an additional stick to crack down on “people of color.”

    The fact that almost all criminal gang activity is directed against other “people of color,” including the undocumented residents who are afraid to go to the police to make crime reports. The local street vendors are continually victims of extortion, and the growing sale of “meth” provided by the Mexican Mafia to local criminal gangs are some of the arguments the “silent” majority of the community have expressed in supporting law enforcement’s use of these injunctions.

    In the nearby Westlake, where a criminal gang injunction has been in effect since 1997, against ten local gangs, the community has experienced a marked reduction in criminal activity, especially around MacArthur Park, which used to be “crime central” only a couple of decades ago. The gangs themselves have contributed to the drop in violence by allowing only their own associates to commit criminal activity on their “turf.” Any “outsider” who wants to come into the community to sell drugs is dealt with harshly.

    One elderly resident commented tonight that the protests “were right out of the 1960s. I almost saw myself shouting against the Vietnam War and racial inequality. Those were the good old days.” He added that it was wonderful that young people have not lost the spirit of demonstrating against “the system.”

    by Jennifer Solis — Cyberdiva@ca.rr.com

    • “In the nearby Westlake, where a criminal gang injunction has been in effect since 1997, against ten local gangs, the community has experienced a marked reduction in criminal activity, especially around MacArthur Park, which used to be “crime central” only a couple of decades ago. The gangs themselves have contributed to the drop in violence by allowing only their own associates to commit criminal activity on their “turf.” Any “outsider” who wants to come into the community to sell drugs is dealt with harshly.”

      good point, and also true. I am in this neighborhood all the time and it is not oppressive at all. it is still filled with working class Latino’s and has a vibrant street scene. you can still buy food and other miscellany on the streets. a very pleasant change.

      • opponents claim gentrification and civil rights abuse but have nothing to back it up. it’s been upheld by the supreme court and there is zero evidence it contributes to gentrification, which, many would argue isn’t a problem in the first place.

        echo park has been under gentrification for 10 years now. wake up dummies.

  13. . Both of these nc injunction meetings have been utter disasters… The current (along with many former) gang members show up in droves, organized under various bs organizations. It is intimidating, even for us long term Latino residents to speak out in support of the injunction. To be honest, having my car stolen twice last year and reprinting my walls every weekend is beyond unacceptable. The cops tell me their hands are tied. I am one who is in support of this injunction but can only say so on an anonymous site like this one… where I know it won’t lead to more tagging and harassment on my property for doing so.

    • do you understand that you are just imposing the same fear you have of ‘gang members’ onto other people by bringing in the threat of violence by the police. the police already target people based on appearance. injunctions won’t stop the source of your problem which is resource scarcity and poverty. there are no jobs, not everyone is able to thrive under assimilation because of racism/sexism/ableism and discrimination, especially against black and brown youth. so they resort to crime. build gardens and community empowerment and you’ll disempower organized violence and hierarchy (gang type organizing). Don’t give MORE authority to the police which are an organized violent gang. WHAT HYPOCRITES.

      also screw your property. i value life over property.

      • @what

        “also screw your property. i value life over property.”

        Do you think gangsters share that point of view?

        Stop making excuses for criminals.

        Poverty doesn’t create criminals, shitty parenting does.

        My parents and grandparents all grew up poor yet none of them were going around robbing, murdering or extorting anyone. So stop making excuses for shit families.

        No jobs? McDonalds is always hiring. I don’t see the Paisas at Home Depot murdering or robbing anyone and they seem to be able to find work. Why? Because they want to work. That’s the difference.

        Always excuses with gangs. Always excuses.

      • Mr/Ms What,

        I think it is you who doesn’t understand. First, I am going to guess you do not own property, which should automatically make someone question the validity of your statement “screw your property. i value life over property.” The neighborhood in question is filled with a mix of socioeconomic families and people. Not everyone in the neighborhood is a new transplant with a hefty annual income. There are still a lot of families predominantly latino and asian who broke their backs to earn their properties. When some derelict decides to destroy that property on a weekly basis in the name of a gang, a working class home owner has every right to get upset over their property being destroyed.

        I would like to think I am pretty liberal in my thinking, but that may or may not be the truth. Nonetheless, I am so sick of bleeding heart liberals making ludicrous statements such as yours. People who have lived amongst gangs for many years know the damage and tragedy that comes with living next to these people who have little respect for human life. People need to get real and address the problem of gangs. I can’t state this enough gang members offer nothing to a community. The suck up resources from an already dried up well, and cause frustration and often pain to their communities.

        I am not a class warrior nor am I a person who thinks I know better because I have been here longer, but I would say I am old enough to know what works and what doesn’t. I am guessing a lot of our new neighbors are from out of state, town, and obviously neighborhood. Some of our neighbors may be entering the inner city from affluent neighborhoods for the first time, which means this is their first real experience with gangs. With that in mind, a lot of you may not remember or even know the gang problems we had in the 90’s. Gang banging was at it’s pinnacle, it was literally in fashion to be in a gang or associated with a gang. Gang injunctions were a huge part in taming the insanity that going on in the inner city. For all the imperfections that the Crash units and injunctions had there were more positives that stemmed from that. They cleaned the streets, and I don’t care if it was in the name of gentrification. I do care that the murder rate when down, and that as of today the gang numbers have steadily declined, or at the very least haven’t gotten out of control the way they once were.

        The point of this long story is you can’t always fight violence with pretty words, ideals, and thoughts. Unfortunately the way to curve gang activity is to use the law to take rights away from those who do not live by our laws, and could care less about human life. Have a gang member cause bodily harm to a loved one and I am sure your tune will change. As you start to realize that a gang injunction is one of the ways to insure people’s safety and lives.

        • Silver Laker since 1975

          Kudos to you, Theo! Well said.

        • Bravo! Well-articulated filled with compassion yet pragmatic. I cannot believe how hard of a fight it has been for both sides when our goals are really the same: a better community.

        • Thanks Theo, for your clear thinking.

        • I was born and raised in Silverlake, I’ve seen brown bodies criminalized as a part of this racist system and I have witnessed the inexcusable gentrification of the neighborhood. I am responding to you because I really think you may have the capacity to understand. Mass incarceration of youth is a serious problem in the country and I would recommend that you read the New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander or Are Prisons Obsolete by Angela Davis. Following the “Tough on Crime” campaign that began in California the number of prisons doubled, this is around the time the first gang injunction was experimented with in the 80’s. What I think you are missing is that there is a prison populations that various corporations and private prisons are profitting off of. While crime, particularly in California continues to stagnate the number of prisoners are increasing. Rehabilitation centers, youth centers, PROPER EDUCATION can alleviate gang problems and drug problems, but the solution is CERTAINLY not a gang injunction. Any law that would promote increasing a prison population is one that needs to reevaluated.

          This prison population is also made up of people of color, particularly black people. While the majority of drug related crimes is not committed by black men, they make up the majority of men in prison for such crimes.
          I do not want to assume your race or identity, but it is a privilege to be white, you are not automatically profiled by the police. The people who pay the price for this injunction are black and brown bodies. I am also guessing that you have never been to jail or have been harassed by the police based on race.
          I would also like to add that there is serious gentrification of this neighborhood, the purpose of the gang injunction is to allow white population that has pushed out people of color to continue to profit off the increasing property value. Sorry, but you are exactly what a liberal, a quick fix for a socioeconomic problem that is rooted in racism and geopolitical segregation. Furthermore, the gang injunction has proven to criminalize brown bodies and yet you still support it, I guess what you are saying is, its okay that the system is racist and broken so long as I still have my privilege and home.

          • your fallacy is tying the problem of mass incarceration to gang activity. Not once in New Jim Crow are gang injunctions mentioned or even hinted to be a contributory factor in mass incarceration. so hold up on that.

            and hey dummies, we are not buying the discrimination argument. it only affects ~300 or so known gang members. why are you supporting gang members? we don’t want you in our community. the police should absolutely be discriminating gang members from law abiding citizens. get real.

          • your comment about “inexcusable gentrification” pretty much sums up your position though. you want to keep your neighborhood the same as it’s always been. you don’t want business owners or homeowners to to better their lives and create wealth for their families. it’s a pretty selfish position if you ask me.

          • I think it would be racist not to allow any ethnicity to buy into a neighborhood they could afford.


            People use the word “gentrification” as though it’s pejorative. Huh? Gentrification is just a natural cycle that neighborhoods go through. It is wrong to say that people moving into a neighborhood no mater what color are evil just because they can afford to live there. Is it not just as racist against white people to say they don’t have the right to move into a neighborhood?

      • what- you need to get your head checked bro. police brutality exists, but pales in comparison to the violence gangs breed. there are no positives to gang membership. you demonstrate immense ignorance, probably a college kid who has not lived much in the real world. wake up.

    • @Fauxican Sorry about your car being stolen and stuff but “reprinting” your walls sounds awesome. So you have one of those 3D printers? Can I borrow it? 🙂

  14. also, It seems every time the cops overly harass someone, they get a big payday. Not sure why this is such a big problem for the gang members unless they’re ACTUALLY doing bad stuff! The cops are scared of getting sued more so than the gangsters are of getting caught. I can only hope an injunction levels the playing field.

  15. Lapd rampart division is the most corrupted!
    Why? Becuase once they see a latino or African American they start harassing them and forming false information in cases. they are not here to help us they are here to arrest us and take sometimes innocent people away. Thats not helping people its only takeing there rights away lets help our community in helping homeless and drug addiction and prevent crime from happening. The real gangsters is our country thats trying to go to WW3 to take over. Lets help each other to live better . God is love .

  16. this isn’t about defending gangmembers. GANG INJUNCTIONS don’t stop crime they just criminalize people. they are extralegla tactics of extra harassment on streets of communities of color. they literally work off of an unaccountable database based on police discretion and profiling. then the city attorney adds people to injunctions WITHOUT a right to a lawyer or the right to a trial. there is NO DUE process it’s disrimination and it’s unconstitutional.

    OTHER THAN THAT more police violence does not stop reactive violence in communities. the reason there is crime or violence is because there is poverty, you will not address poverty with MORE police. The reason why people were outraged because the second we got there poeple were told we were not allowed to speak. And the vote was outrageously manipulated by the council.

    You can call it chaos when people decide to organize to be heard but we were peaceful. Saying we were ‘gangin up’ was meant to be criminalizing rhetoric. We have been using and appeasing the processes of the neighborhood council even though at every turn they have been favoring instittuional power, special interests and ignoring the issues of development, gentrification and INHERENT racism in the policing process.

    These media articles are always skewed to keep a story going. You don’t get to tell people how to respond to oppression and privileged political manipulation. THe people on the board also work for the city government, there are conflicts of interest. People have a right to be mad, you don’t get to demand POLITE protest. We are not here to appeal to public servants. The People were not heard. People don’t even KNOW what gang injunctions actually are they just sound like a nice way to stop gangs but all they do is give the police more power outside of the law, expanding policies that make LEGAL activites a crime and ADDED enhancements (which effectively almost tries people twice for the same stop/arrest/crime).


    • what’s ridiculous is people misbehaving in a public forum with the sole intent of supporting ~300 known gang members. you can call it what you like, but you are only there to support gang members, as those are the only people affected by a gang injunction. you should be ashamed of such bully tactics imposed last night.

    • Your mistake is claiming that the injunction functions as an “unaccountable database based on police discretion and profiling”. It’s been stated time and time again that this injunction applies to around 300 known gang members, with documented criminal history and obvious affiliation. There is no evidence that any random person could be added to this injunction simply because a police officer doesn’t like the way they look. Take off your tin foil hat and try to think logically.

  17. So now we are ‘foes’ because we oppose fascism and granting the police more power to criminalize communities of color without due process.

    So now we are ‘gangin up’ on people for being outraged at manipulative self entitled bureaucratic processes that have NEVER represented our people. Way to use criminalizing rhetoric.

    You want police resistance? We want police off our streets, and these fools want to support more police. DISRUPTION is not CHAOS. You silence manage and manipulate your community, the community will shut your shit down.

    • Beverly D'Angeleno


      Thank you for getting us to the crux of the debate. It seems clear by your reasoning that all in favor of MORE cops, LESS gangs in their streets and neighborhoods should vote YES on the injunction.

      The choice is yours, Echo Park/Silverlake!

    • Echo Park resident

      Wait, you want cops OFF the street? For what? So your gangs can continue to terrorize innocent residents who are law abiding citizens? So women can continue to be harassed and sexually assaulted by gang members? So personal property can continue to be vandalized?

      Thanks for pointing out the motives of the anti-injunction side! See everyone, they just want this area to return to lawlessness!

      • @ Echo Park resident, Where you living @ because i’m right in the heart of ECHO PARK and been there for many years not once have i seeing innocent law abiding citizens get harassed, sexually assaulted robbed or rape. WAKE up this isn’t Southland tv show, this is reality stop spreading such lies my mother, aunts, nieces and i walk up and down these streets of Echo Park and nothing like what you are saying is or has happened has anything like this happened.

        • Hey ‘epsince74’, remember a couple weeks ago when you said on this site that the gangs had called a ‘historic truce’? and then 3 days later they went crazy tagging each others turf all weekend? nice truce. remember that?

          Have you been naive since ’74 as well?

        • Are you implying that the nine-year-old girl who was shot to death on Kensington was not an innocent victim? How about the five-year-old boy who was killed on one of the streets next to Roybal High School?

        • Echo Park Resident

          You wrote: “not once have i seeing innocent law abiding citizens get harassed, sexually assaulted robbed or rape.”

          Um, what? Did you seriously just accuse anyone who is a victim of random violence or sexual assault in Echo Park of not being “innocent” people? A rape victim, by the very definition of rape, is an innocent victim. You, however, are a moron blinded by your own vendetta against the state of your life and what opportunities you felt like you were given. I’m sorry, but I can’t take anyone who blames victims this brazenly seriously.

  18. you don’t want tagging in your neighborhood? so you’ll support extrajudicial targeting of people? the police already have power under the law to stop tagging. BUT YOU want to support them using unconstitutional measure to make you feel safe from the ‘threat’ of violence. you are willing to support the threat of violence against communities to make yourself FEEL more comfortable, without any thought to how criminalization actually creates more violence, feeds the prison industry, criminalizes youth, and actually how the POLICE which are a violent gang with the full backing of the us government also help create crime and violence. you are willing to ignore all that because you don’t like tags. there are material conditions- poverty- that create gangs unless those conditions are changed through community self organization then they will continue. injunctions just displace crime and violence to surrounding neighborhoods. community self organization to deescalate crime and violence in our own communities can’t happen under a gang injunction because it makes it so easy to be added to a gang database. do your research and understand this process of policing and city governmen tis not helping us.

    • Sounds good to me. I support alternative measurements as well… but until you stop the bleeding, you can’t do surgery.

    • what if we flipped the script and gang leaders came out and said that tagging would end… if this law is not passed?

      • That would work as well as trying to make sense out of Scholaris’ posts…

        • How about your racist remarks?

          • @Scholaris
            I point out very well known statistics (blacks and latinos commit a disproportionate amount of crime by a very wide margin) and you call that racist? So now it’s racist to state facts? Hmmm. I think it’s more likely you are embarrassed by the truth. And like so many of your brethren are VERY quick to pull the “racist card” instead of looking at yourself and the culture you choose to perpetuate. You see by calling me a racist, that just puts the blame on ME for your behavior and if it’s my fault, then well, you don’t have to change right? Too easy. And given your confessions of being in a violent gang with a record of incarceration, aren’t you just proving my point?

            But you hold on to that lifestyle including your “blame” tactics. It’s working out REALLY well for you.

    • Good luck trying to claim a gang injunction is unconstitutional. Courts have examined this issue thoroughly and have concluded otherwise:

      “In 1997, the case of People ex rel Gallo v Carlos Acuna challenged the constitutionality of gang injunctions. Lower courts had held that provisions disallowing gang members to associate with one another violated their first amendment right to free assembly. However, the Supreme Court of California upheld the constitutionality of the provision against association on the grounds that it was not constitutionally vague – it only applied to named gang members and only covered four square blocks – and found that gang activity fell under the definition of a public nuisance.”

  19. I grew up in Hollywood, Crenshaw, Koreatown, & Westlake from the 1970’s to the 90’s. Having stuck with my hometown and invested my hard earned money in these and more easterly neighborhoods, I very much need to say: Those who proudly opposed the potential injunction have very probably either bought into the safely populist view that “These generationally entrenched stewards have shaped, and thus are rightful inheritors of, this conveniently devalued/ blighted land. Therefore, we who see opportunity in the modest rent of (yet lack the fiscal discipline to save up the downpayment to pay for…) such land must at the very least publicly allay any semblance of guilt by raising the banner of communal solidarity. OR…such vehement protestations may well have arisen from those very same persons who, perhaps through parental, familial, or associative ineptitude, can sadly always be relied upon to foster such perfect conditions for gentrification.

  20. so the NC members think public ridicule is an equivalent intimidation as being hassled by men with guns who can lock you in a cage or shoot you dead. It sounds like some sheltered people need a taste of actual police intimidation in order to get a little perspective.

  21. I’ll suggest it again:
    If the injunction doesn’t pan out, I suggest members of the community file a class action lawsuit against known active gang members. Sue for destruction of property, the destruction of the community, and for punitive damages for pain/ suffering. Sue them out of town.

    • @true Freedom

      You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.

    • @ true Freedom I should sue you for slandering! Go BACK TO YOUR HOME TOWN AND STAY OUT OF MINE.

      • might want to understand the legal definition of slander, before you waste your time trying to sue me for it.
        Go back to my home town? Free country, bro. I’ll come to your town anytime I please. Thanks.

      • Good one! Defamation of character, slander, and racist remarks.

        • @scholaris: you’d have better luck suing yourself for defamation of character.
          racist remarks? show me one.

        • @Scholaris

          It seems you don’t have a retort for the points I made above. Just as predicted you continue to call people that you disagree with “racist” without merit. It’s sad really. Your blaming the world for you and your culture’s problems… It’s never too late to turn over a new leaf Scholaris.

      • Echo Park Resident

        Again, here is ‘epsince74’ showing the true colors of the anti-injunction movement — they’re a group who wants to force out anyone whom they see is “not from” Echo Park. It’s reverse racism and classicism. It’s a desire to push out white residents from the area, plain and simple.

        Hey ‘epsince74’ — my family has lived in Echo Park since the 60s. Where the hell do you suggest I “go back” to?

  22. Let me begin by saying I have no sympathy for gang members. For me, the community comes first, and anti-social elements should not be tolerated. However, nothing good ever comes from the suspension of due process. I’ve recently read of the terrible abuses, nationwide and especially against poor people, of civil forfeiture. Gang injunctions seem similarly primed for abuse, especially in areas that are being transformed by “gentrification.” I’d rather see existing laws used to prosecute for specific crimes. Am I wrong to hope that crime can be become more isolated and hence easier to fight through the aggressive application of social programs, outreach and sensitivity?

  23. All you hang members are going to end up killed soon and all the people opposing the injunction a relatives of gang members. And when they get shot or called they come out in the news claiming their little innocent boy wasn’t In a gang with a mean old mug shut type photo of him claiming not in a gang. Then they blame the police and the city for not doing anything about it

  24. I know of FOUR children shot, three killed by gang members in Echo Park. The one that wasn’t killed is a paraplegic…he was shot in the back while running away. He was thirteen. This should have been done a long time ago. It doesn’t matter what color my skin is, or if I own a home. Four boys. That’s what matters. Stop trying to be cool by siding with gang members. It’s not cool. Grow up.

  25. Echo Park supporter

    Interestingly, Echo Park was a target area of the House Un-American Activities cabal during the McCarthy era in the early 1950. Then, as now, people were rounded up by police, not for actual criminal activity, but for “associating” with undesireables (then communists, now gang members) It was pointed out at the Echo Park Council meeting, but not Silverlake, that, because of the civil, as opposed to criminal, nature of the actual injunction, targets of the injuction are not allowed legal representation. How can this be legal? And getting off the list, after 5 years, requires the person to navigate the labyrinthine court and legal system (with no legal counsel provided). Clearly the injunction is driven by property developers engaged in the gentrification of Echo Park who just want it to seem more classy and white. The Silverlake meeting was a travesty. The community deserves better.

    • No. I’m a middle class hispanic man who is not a real estate developer. I’ve lived here a long time. I’m in support of the injunction. Stop making ridiculously cliche arguments.

    • dumbest argument yet. communists? no parallel. these are known gang members. if you are upset about the injunction you shouldn’t have made the decision to join a criminal enterprise. live with your decisions.

  26. All of you gang members and supporters of gang members… get out of Echo Park and the Eastside while you still can… Garcetti is not Tony V and he will not stand for mob rule and your savage Pre-Columbian lifestyle. Garcetti and the LAPD are coming for you! Tag my wall one more time you scumbags and see what happens! The community WILL start to fight back… we have Garcetti on our side now.

  27. Gang injunction = racial profiling. And my guess is that LAPD will not be questioning white people who are congregating in these neighborhoods.

    • You are correct sir. But it stands to reason as hispanics / blacks commit a disproportionate amount of the crime in this country (by a very big margin). So, if you are looking for firewood, you go where there are trees.

      • These are the kind of remarks that I am taking about. Realistically, you are really not telling us anything new. We all know that people that struggle in poverty are more likely to commit crime. Even in the institutions throughout the states are full of minorities; nontheless, there is also a population of whites inmates as well. Are you suggesting that white are better than black and Latinos, because they are less likely to get caught for crime? See, these are the comments and the reasoning why your gang injunction isn’t gonna fly. Even if it does I will still be kicking back in my pad watching all our tax dollar go to waste policing our street to appease a certain population. I would rather have other alternatives for our community, for positive a change.

        • Maybe you don’t see how you twist everything to shift blame on to anyone but yourself, so I’ll point it out to you.

          I state the facts about blacks and latinos, you say i’ts just that you get “caught” more and thats the reason. not that you actually commit more crime, but that you just get caught more often. Maybe you’d have an argument if the level (of black/latinos compared to whites) were double or even triple, but it is 10 times the amount. 10 times!
          The poverty argument holds no water either. I grew up very poor as did my friends. We managed to make it without committing crime. None of my childhood friends are in prison.

          • I guess you grew up in the hood. Did I not say that you were right, about your statistics. True story, most of my close friend are dead or in jail. Nothing to be proud of, just stating the facts.

    • I just want to say this is a different ‘really?’ than me. I’m lowercase ‘really?’. I am for the injunction.

      Also, I was at the Echo Park NC meeting last week and I agree with a lot of what people at the SLNC meeting are saying about crowd intimidation from the anti-injunction folks.

      Basically, there’s the YJC people who honestly seemed to have very good intentions and reasonable concerns about racial profiling. Some of there members would speak about their experiences of police abuse and it was impossible not to be moved, even though few of these people were Echo Park residents.

      Unfortunately, the YJC seem to have allied themselves with obvious gangmembers and sympathizers who are using the YJC’s noble goals of youth education to try and stay in a neighborhood they terrorize so they can continue to do so. It stinks when you see the vulnerable and naive being suckered once again by gangs.

      The anti-injunction people are harming their own cause wether they realize it or not with displays like these. I was honestly reconsidering my position on the injunction, when someone would get up and start ranting about ‘hipster gentrifier a-holes’ and they’d completely turn it into an ‘us vs them’ debate. They’re not trying to build a bridge to all of their neighbors. They’re being as divisive as they claim the injunction is.

    • I’m sure the LAPD is out looking for the dreaded “Beardit Flanelz” gang. Or perhaps the ever elusive “Mustachioed Marauders”.

  28. A word of advice for the anti-injunction camp, you MAY win this battle but understand that you have already lost the war. Gentrification has begun and is coming full force, that means higher rents and home prices. You have two choices, bitch about it and get pushed out when your apartment gets bought up and the investor pushes you out for higher rent paying tenants OR start working your ass off, saving your money and buy now before it’s too late. This isn’t a racial thing, it’s all about money, and if you don’t see the investment dollars pouring into this area and can’t read the writing on the wall (sorry it’s not spray painted there, it’s more subtle), then you my friend are going to be pushed out of the neighborhood you love. Time is short, get to work, literally!

    • Gentrification is not racially based? Are you kidding?

      Then why is it, literally, almost 100% of the people gentrifying the neighborhood are white and the people getting priced/kicked out are people of color?

      Sorry, it’s race.

      And to all those disagreeing with the posters about the police not being racially motivated via profiling etc, walk the streets of Echo Park and Silverlake as a black man, which I do. I get questioned by the authorities walking around at least twice a month. I’m just an reality TV editor and I prefer mass transit. But apparently, my skin color makes me suspicious here. Why is that if there is no racism involved?

  29. Wow the wacko 3 of the Silver Lake council sure made a mess of things again. They need to be kicked off the board and get on with the public’s business. And bussing people in from Inglewood to protest! This is not Echo Park let EP deal with their own issues constructively with the city instead of screwing with SL.

  30. I will be glad to see the motion pass. No need to feel bad for the gangsters.

    Deal with it.

  31. Last night over dinner at the uber expensive “new” Black Cat restaurant, I asked my husband why people were opposed to the Gang injunction and he looked up and pointed to the photograph of the Black Cat in the 60’s and referred to Stonewall. Remember that, a bar full of gays beat up and/or thrown in jail because they were hanging out together?

    Do we want to empower the police to violate our civil rights? It’s a slippery slope, folks.

    I don’t like having to grow ugly ivy on my wall so I don’t have to repaint it every other day either, folks, but giving people with guns the ability to violate our civil rights is never a good idea…

    • What do you call gang members with guns who also have the ability to violate our civil rights? I think I’ll take my chances with the cops.

      • You wouldn’t be saying that if you were Black in this city, trust me. It’s not good, even in Silverlake, to be black around the police. They don’t like that sort of thing.

        • @scott4life

          The Avenues were intimidating, beating and murdering black residents until just a few years ago. At least 4 of them are doing life for hate crimes.

          Who would you rather ask “where you from?”

          A cop or a gangbanger?

          Who do you think is gonna shoot after you answer?

          • Windowpane, are you white? Not that there’s anything wrong with being White. I just don’t think you understand what it’s like to be Hispanic or Black.
            When a gangster asks me where I’m from I say nowhere. He might say something like “(gang name) cuz” or “this is puro (gang name).” It will usually be left at that. Although, in certain occasions they might say something like “you pussy! don’t your balls hurt in those skinny jeans?” i don’t care if someone says that to me, specially a low-life. However, when a cop creeps up on me it’s a whole different story. I can literally feel a tingle go down from my spine to both legs. A cop can beat you, kill you, or put a stain on your record that can then keep you from getting certain jobs or financial aid from school. The worst thing about it is that cops are given this power so not only are you humiliated but also creates a hate towards the government.
            Minorities are targeted in medical research projects such as syphillis project in tuskegee, henrietta and her cells, and two years ago African-Americans were also exposed to (i forget the name of the bacteria) at a big university in the east coast. Cops have the power to lie and say you admitted to drinking and get away with it like they did to Aloni Bonilla. Never heard of that case? Look it up. There are many cases like it. I don’t do anything illegal so why should I have to deal with cops harassing me and my younger brother. We don’t have a criminal element in our minds like some would like to say. Cops in our area have just been jerks and we can’t trust them. Many people including myself think “why call the cops? They only make matters worst.”
            Some people argue that Blacks and Hispanics deserve it. So, i volunteer my time and talk to all the youth around me. I will never buy into the idea that a gang injunction is a good idea. Some people like to say that the Avenues gang injunction is working. Well it’s not. What really worked was the massive blow they took a few years back during the DRew street raids. When they removed the power players that were supplying the drugs and gun and the main guys calling the shots. The younger gang members that somehow escaped are now calling shots and recruiting.
            That whole “race war” between blacks and hispanics was really just a gang war. once people started seeing it on tv they misconstrued it and made it seem like blacks hate browns and vice versa.

          • I’ve dealt with gangs, I’ve dealt with the police. The gangs never harassed me. The police still do.

    • mayberry mommy, get a divorce. Your husband is an idiot. I’m Mexican and I want every porcelain urinal tagging idiot frog marched right out of the United States.

      You know what gang members are? They are 40 something year old men living with mom. They don’t deserve sympathy for their failures. They don’t deserver sympathy from Latinos who have worked and sacrificed.

      It makes me sick to my stomach to get lumped in with these morons cause we share Hispanic last names.

      Let’s be honest about where you come from. Your business does not hire many Latinos. When a resumé comes in with a Spanish last name, you look at it with a veneer of condescension-It’s ok to admit it. I know it is true.

      . Asians don’t have to suffer the shame of ne’er do wells screwing up opportunities for all Asian kind.

  32. Bravo! What leadership!

    Oh, the poor folks of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and Silver Lake, complaining of intimidation. As if they and their leadership don’t sanction and engage in intimidation themselves. I guess it’s just not called that if you’re a group of predominantly white homeowners with art or liberal arts degrees complaining about infrastructure construction or beloved trees. Now that’s real oppression. Have you seen how Silver Lakers behave at meetings with city agencies or DWP or representatives of the City when they’re not getting their NIMBY wishes or when any sort of change is happening in the neighborhood? And SLNC members just sit back self-satisfied, encouraging it. As if it’s any different. Well, I guess it is in that it’s a predominantly white crowd; therefore it’s better, it’s their right to make their voices heard. Of course, the NIMBY leaders of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council will use more sophisticated tools, like having their attorneys send threatening letters to their opponents, or calling their opponents names then claiming they’ve been assaulted by them, or by taking the time out to disrupt yoga classes and show up with Police to try to ticket mothers in mini vans trying to safely transport their children to new public space the NIMBYs hate so much. Or better yet, putting in a call to their City Councilmember employers.

    Of course, this is all just my opinion (I have to write that because of said sophisticated intimidation tactics; of course, this parenthetical is also all just my opinion).

  33. Echo Park resident

    I think the injunction opponents do bring up important concerns that the City needs to address prior to any injunction being put into place — namely the purported questioning/racial profiling of non-gang affiliated Hispanics many fear will occur — but the opponents also need to realize they cannot fight fire with fire in this situation. They will have so much more success winning over Echo Park residents who are undecided in the matter if peaceful, logical tactics are used in these community meetings.

    Being Hispanic myself, I personally don’t feel like the injunction will cause LAPD to target anyone and everyone who is Latino — but the anti-injunction movement has made this their rallying cry and have alienated/singled out their white neighbors as a result. You can’t strengthen community ties by telling the gentrifiers — a majority of which are nice, respectful and honest people who have a deep love and respect for Echo Park — they are “evil” or “not wanted” in the neighborhood. Furthermore, bullying tactics and violent/aggressive taunting of those who support the injunction only makes outsiders question whether or not the anti-injunction crowd is as “law abiding” as they claim to be.

    Using aggression and vandalism — how many wheat pasted “no injunction” signs have you seen illegally posted on homes in the area? —to essentially voice support for criminals doesn’t reflect well on these individuals. Also, I’m a little upset that the South LA crowd showed up. This isn’t their fight to fight, and I know that their neighborhoods need more community involvement and activism…so perhaps they should focus on South LA and keep their noses (and aggression) out of Echo Park.

  34. WOW! This is crazy. I cannot believe how disgusting the east sider is. For reals? You decide to portray people of color as bandits instead of calling out the corruption that the Silver Lake CN committed last night? For your information Renee violated the bi laws, she is not supposed to vote unless is a decisive vote. She attempted to vote without it being a decisive vote and that is why people stood up. Also to the people commenting, ARE YOU PLAIN STUPID? DO YOU BELIEVE ALL THE LIES THE SYSTEM FEEDS YOU? The name ‘gang’ injunction is an euphemism for Black/Brown/Poor/Migrant injunction. Gang activity has been at its lowest in the area. If this is too much ‘violence for you’ if Brown people walking in THEIR own neighborhood is too ‘scary’. Then get THE FUCK OUT.

    • Your reasoning is about as good as your spelling of “bylaws.” I see you speaking up about “the lies the system feeds you,” but when else have you spoken up? Have you ever told your kids to not tag and followed up on that, or insisted that they stop tagging & made sure that they did? I doubt it.

    • Here is why people are afraid of people in Gangs:


      A seven year old girl was murdered because some young men in a gang decided to harass her family.

    • lol I am a “brown” person living in this neighborhood, and I know have nothing fear, because I am not a gang member. This isn’t about whites vs. colored people. It’s about a neighborhood, with people of all races, that want gang members out.

  35. I’ve actually tried to find common ground with those who are opposed to the injunction, but it’s just not happening. I went to the Youth4Justice website with an open mind, honestly looking for reasons why I should support the opposition to the injunction. For every reasonable argument that they made (such as the fact that crime is already down), I got some preposterous reason that just blew my mind. They mention how older gang members are needed in their communities because they help keep the peace and ask younger gang associates to reduce violence. They also go on to say that the injunction is bad because some gang members are undocumented immigrants and the risk of deportation breaks apart their families. (sigh)

    It sounds like a lot of the opponents are trying to build their world around the existing crime instead of trying to eradicate it to the greatest extent possible. It’s frightening to think that some young people have been brainwashed into thinking that gang life is something that should be assimilated into any given neighborhood.

    • Well said, JS. I’m equally perplexed some of these well-intended groups are for continuing the gang cycle. Gangs are a part of almost every single immigrant community (Italian mobs, Irish, Korean, Vietnamese, Mexican, El Salvadorian, etc.) until that same community stands up and says, we’re stronger and better without you. I think that time has come for any associated with gangs in SL/EP. We don’t need you, we don’t want you, please disband (note, I didn’t say leave). Some of the changes may be painful now, but better in the long run. Have no younger members, let the older ones reform and stop the cycle. Stop being a gang member/committing crimes then you won’t be deported, getting to stay with your family. Go away Gang Life, make room for safe communities, giving young men their dignity and freedom that comes with education and hard work, not from banding with gangs.

  36. I am shocked how many people on this commentary are so apathetic towards the you of our community. I am just happy to know that all the whites in our neighborhood don’t feel the same way as some on this blog. Gang on gang violence, knocking each other while the haters like this and wish for us to continue. Wow, I never thought us Americans could have so much disregard for eachothers feeling or emotions. I guess some of us are straight spiritless. When they make comments and never gave our youth an opportunity to develop mentally, but knock em for decisions that are made will they are young. To make comment that have no regard for their lives, simply because of who they are. I think a lot of people should analyze thenselves on this site, myself included!

    • Beverly D'Angeleno

      From what I’ve read here, if any judgments are being leveled here, it is based not on “who people are” but rather “what people do/have done”. In the real world, our actions have consequences. Not sure why that’s such a difficult concept for some people to understand.

    • You’re painting with a broad brush. I’m in favor of the gang injunction, though I do understand opposition to it – and it’s not fair for you to claim that people who favor an injunction “never gave our youth an opportunity to develop mentally” or that we’re apathetic towards the youth of the community. I have taught in inner-city schools for nearly 15 years – and I have always pushed my students to work hard. I took plenty of work home and gave them more assignments – and tougher, more rigorous writing assignments – than I needed to, even if it meant more planning and grading for me. How is that evidence of apathy or disregard for young Latinos? Incidentally, you’ve never mentioned what kind of work you do or have done in the past. If it’s not relevant, that’s fine, but I am curious.

      • I have dispatched for multiple cab companies, mostly Los Angeles County units. I also volunteer at, The Center for Health Justice. Payed my taxes, and continue to push no matter what kind of obstacles are in my way. I see light at the end of the tunnel, and really am going to impact people’s lives one day for a positive. My parents do own a house on the hill, that may or may not be past down! It really doesn’t look like my kids and I are leaving anytime soon. But not to be misconstrued, my wife and I pay rent from a reasonable landlord.
        Something is definately wrong around here, a lot of hatred. I am also guilty, but whoever is opposed to us is also guilty of misguided hate. We are gonna get past it no matter what is said or done, and will continue to breathe the same air as our foes.

        • I don’t think there’s as much hate as these blog posts (on both sides of the issue) might make it appear. A lot of people become more animated and opinionated online than they are in person. I also think that people who post their opinions are often more passionate about their views than the average person. I do think there’s a lot of pent-up frustration on both sides; frustration with gangsters and taggers, and also frustration with heavy-handedness on the part of the police and authorities. At the moment, I’m just frustrated with the heat.

          • James and Scholaris,

            I can’t believe I’m saying this – but well played.

            Thanks to you both for being reasonable and honest with a side of empathic.

  37. The Eastside commenters make me so sad for my neighborhood.

    • Amen Kelly. I can’t even comment anymore because I just can’t.

      It’s on the level of a spiritual teacher at this point.

      • I commend both of you ladies, for your kindness and understanding. We all can at least try to better ourselves. Have a wonderful day!
        Sincerely Scholaris,

  38. Love how the writer indirectly paints the image of — Hostile “Gang Injunction” Opponents vs. Innocent & Diplomatic neighborhood Council — How bout an alternative account of what happened..


    • Beverly D'Angeleno

      Have any of the 300 targeted gang affiliates spoken on the record at any of these meetings? Be interesting to get their official statements since they are the direct targets of the injunction.

      • I don’t know where they got those numbers from, it doesn’t even seem right. Lets say that there was 25 guys active at all times from each of the six so called neighborhoods on the list, that would be about 150 gang members! Not likely and highly exaggerated. I heard the cops are putting it out there that they don’t want these guys to give it any kind of rebuttal, otherwise they are going to inconvenience them. Now someone is going to say I am lying .

  39. if you give respect it will always come back to you. my son joshua d arellano was killed the day after his birth day, 10-3-2001 and to this day his friends and there famileys have always stood by my side . L.A.P.D. will, the- $35.00 got booked and took, I was told to fill out some more paper.s that said you will not at any time-hold them or any one in the city lible for any rong doing at all. thats not going to happing as the money was and stell is my mony that i gave to my son. did i forget to say the dicktictive lift an masage on by anssoring- m.saying agin that all my sons things where throune away but I gess he forgot to run it by his boss that did show my son.s jackit-case-file north east P.D will like I said you get what you give be good to all of your kids-in the schools and out you are a part of them and thay are a part of you .live long be happy .

  40. I see nothing wrong with trying to keep known gang members from coming back to Echo Park. This as a quality of life issue, not a racial issue. Why should all of the law abiding residents of Echo Park (of all races) be subjected to the criminal behavior of a few, just because they grew up here? They chose to join a gang and now they must live with the consequences.

    Almost once a month they tag all up and down Echo Park Ave. with their gang graffiti; it takes days and sometime weeks before it gets covered up. If the gang members want to us to feel sorry for them, they are doing a lousy job of it. Harassing the neighborhood council is typical of these selfish low-life criminals. They don’t give a S#!T about their neighborhood, if they did, they would move away and let families,friends and neighbors live in peace.

    When I moved here many years ago, I’d hear gun shots and car racing through the neighborhood, but that almost never happens anymore these days. Echo Park is a really nice place to live, but I still see the same gang members hanging out on Echo Park Ave near Baxter (the site of several drive by shootings in the past.) Just imaging how nice it would be for everyone if gang members were forced out of the neighborhood! Good riddance!

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