Man recovers his Echo Park time capsule before bulldozers arrive

William Pierce was an Echo Park kid living at 2040 Vestal Avenue in 1976 when he decided to commemorate the nation’s bicentennial by burying a time capsule in the backyard with instructions that it should not be opened until a century later.  Well, some things can’t wait. Thirty-seven years after burying that time capsule, which in this case is a white plastic bucket, Pierce returned to Echo Park to rescue his bucket of memories after he discovered that his childhood home was about to be demolished to make way for the Blackbirds, a development of 18 homes.

The video above that was posted on YouTube shows a now balding, and grey-haired Pierce struggling to dig up and open the bucket to find out what survived (fast forward to  the 5-minute mark to watch the opening).  What would an Echo Park kid from the ’70s save for posterity? There’s a reel-to-reel tape and a 1976 copy of Mad Magazine as well as a Planet of the Apes trading card and an unopened pack of Wacky Packages gum.  There’s also a dark sock and an air sickness bag from Air Jamaica. “There’s more shit in here than I thought,” Pierce says at one point.

There was really nothing of great value in this time capsule, except for a former kid from Echo Park.


  1. There was a former kid from Echo Park in the time capsule?

  2. It’s alright, my family relic is in the concrete at Elysian Heights! Moms maiden name is in the concrete, back when about the room 8 cat was in existence. Even my brothers name is there, from back when writing your name in concrete was kool. I cherish the memories of this area, and may have a little treasure of my own put away.

  3. good thing he go there before they threw away his “shit”.

  4. Great the Video isn’t available!!……….Now I’ll never know what type of “shit” he burried

    • Hmm … it says “… no longer available due to a copyright claim by Bill Pierce.” I viewed it before the video was taken down, and trust me, you didn’t miss much. It was cool to watch him dig up the container and pry off the lid, but there wasn’t much in the time capsule. In case any readers would like to experience the same feeling I did as I watched the video, here’s a link to a similar story:


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