Update: City employee left in critical condition after being struck by car in Silver Lake*

Officers conduct investigation on Silver Lake Boulevard

A Recreation and Parks Department employee  was left in critical condition Monday after he was hit by a car near the Silver Lake dog park.  An earlier story based on information from officers at the scene said the victim had died from his injuries.  But that was not the case, Detective Michael Kaden with the Central Traffic Bureau said this morning.  Kaden, who checked on the victim’s condition late Monday afternoon, said the man was alive but in critical condition.

The Recreation and Parks worker was hit  on Silver Lake Boulevard near Fanning Street at about 8:20 a.m. on Monday after he got out of his city truck and walked mid-block across Silver Lake Boulevard in the direction of the dog park. The driver of the car, who was traveling northbound at about 25 miles per hour, said he did not see the man because the sun obscured his vision, Kaden said.

* Update: Detective Kaden said the victim was pronounced dead at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 24.


  1. the information on this story is very sketchy. if this guy really did cross Silverlake Blvd. “mid-block” he is completely at fault. i see people do this all the time and sometimes with their dogs. there are two blind turns on a hill and it is super dangerous.

    • DO you have any idea how COMPLETELY messed up it is to say a thing like that? This man was a very careful and and there is NO WAY it was his fault, maybe you should stick to things you KNOW. Think about who you may hurt by saying such a callus thing. This “person” as you state was an incredible father and friend and you are WRONG!

      • okay Mel, as i said, the information on this story is sketchy. you say that this man was very careful so he must have been using a crosswalk. since you KNOW what happened, you must have been there. perhaps you can clear this up and share some of the details.

  2. I saw LAPD issuing speeding tickets at the dog park this AM during rush hour. I guess they’re trying to get people to slow down. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will help much.

    • They don’t ticket speeders. The police ticket commuters making the illegal left turn during rush hour from Duane onto Silver Lake Blvd.

  3. people drive too fast in residencial areas. I was hit last year on Silver Lake blvd walking at the cross walk. I will have injuries for the rest of my life.

  4. Is there an update on the man’s condition?

    • Update on my friend Scott is he was taken off life support last night sept 24th at 9:06pm. For anyone to say that he was careless is bullshit or he was at fault is bullshit. Last time I checked pedestrians still have the right of way and being a driver myself I know if you pay attention to the task at hand “DRIVING” then things like this wouldn’t happen. Don’t be so ignorant.

  5. Such a nice guy and very good hard working man….had a conversation with Scott on Friday and his positive attitude and his determination to make sure the job got done right.my thoughts and prayers for him and his family.

  6. We love you brother, RIP

  7. Scott you will never be forgotten RIP

  8. Doubt the driver was traveling only 25mph. Cars are driving much too fast on these streets. More signals. More bike lanes. More crosswalks. More road diets. If you want to speed go find a freeway!!!

  9. Oh, no. Is this the man who waters the meadow every day and, by and large, takes care of it? So sad.

  10. beamdog, indulging in hypotheticals and baiting reaction is hardly appropriate in this forum. Mel is correct in that his habits were careful. I had the privilege of teaching and working alongside Scott, and can think of few that were as devoted to their craft; especially the aspect of safety. Losing him this way is startling. The fact is, we don’t know all the particulars of fault. We simply know that our brother is ripped from us. We have to trust that LAPD will do the most thorough investigation they can and go from there. Scott Monzingo was an outstanding electrician that trained hundreds of apprentices and journeymen and loved serving the City of Los Angeles. More than that, he was a loving father and devoted son that will be deeply missed by his immediate and extended family. May God grant grace and peace to them in this trying time.

    • Beamdog’s comments in this forum is very appropriate. While there are two crosswalks (at Duane and at Van Pelt) on SLB, it is fact that Scott used neither one. That tells us that his careful habits did not apply in this situation. I, for one, find crosswalks an inconvenience. But, I’ve lived in this area long enough to know the dangers of that section of SLB. I use those crosswalks with care, especially the one on Van Pelt (no traffic light there). Thank you for pointing out the fact that we don’t know the particulars of fault, but then again, I can certainly put myself in the driver’s situation given that time of day, coming around that curve and being blinded by the sun.

  11. That particular stretch of street is SUPER dangerous. The crosswalk there is a joke. Everyone drives around 45 mph. Even at the light at the top of the hill, cars very frequently make illegal left turns. I have been almost hit going to the dog park on multiple occasions. R.I.P. Scott, and thank you for your public service. This is a grave reminder to everyone, myself included, to drive slowly and stay aware.

  12. The photo shows equipment on a tripod in the middle of the street. Is it related to the police investigation or was it set up by the deceased prior to the collision?

  13. This is so sad. Though i know we’re not sure if he was in fact using the crosswalk or not, i do think that crosswalk is terribly unsafe and we should do something about moving it away from that blind curve. It’s important we try to improve the conditions at the site of this tragedy and try to ensure the safety of others in the future.

    • The article states that he “walked mid-block across Silver Lake Boulevard”. So, I think that clarifies the fact the he did not use the crosswalk. If you are referring to the crosswalk on Van Pelt (at the bottom of the hill by the basketball court), I totally agree with you. Either install a signal light there or remove the crosswalk altogether and place it at the next block south where it is a straightaway section of SLB. I’ve seen and experienced too many close calls at that intersection. This is sad for those involved and let’s hope the city will finally do something about that area.

  14. When I first read this article, I was skeptical of the driver’s claim of being “blinded by the sun,” until I was driving northbound on that stretch of road this morning at approx 8am. As I rounded the corner and headed up the hill toward Duane, I was truly blinded by sun and couldn’t see out of my windshield. I wasn’t speeding, but remembering this accident I slowed to nearly a crawl, fearful that I might hit a pedestrian or cyclist because I literally couldn’t see anything.

    So yeah, totally in agreement that many people drive much too fast near the dog park and around the reservoir, but I can see the possibility that this was nothing more than just a horrible, tragic accident. I feel terrible for all involved. Hopefully something can be done about this dangerous area, possibly more signage for pedestrians urging them to cross at a designated crosswalk, and/or an even further reduced speed limit for cars on that hill near the dog park.

  15. Scott Monzingo was a great family man who achieved the hard earned respect of many people. My deepest condolences go out to his immediate family and also to those who remember Scott as a friend and a brother.

    Let us all remember Scott for his contribution of labor and leadership which helped to make Los Angeles the greatest city on Earth. I mean it and I know many who feel the same way.

    I know in my heart that everything Scott put his hands on is better for his knowledge and attention. Every word I ever heard him say were words of wisdom. He was and still is… one of the best of us. Thank you Scott Monzingo!

  16. RIP my friend and IBEW union brother….

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