More pizza serving soon in Silver Lake

Along with some gang tagging, the construction fence around the former Tom’s Burger in Silver Lake now provide a clue as to what will be replacing the former burger joint: a pizza joint. A black and white now hanging on the fence at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Parkman Avenue proclaims that “Wood” and “handcrafted pizza” are now coming soon (We are assuming that Wood is the name of the restaurant but you never know).

But besides the new sign and a building permits for the installation of gas and wood-burning appliances, there is not much information available about Wood. Stay tuned.


  1. That’s cool. At least it’s not another Starbucks!

  2. Another pizza place? Why? We already have Garage, Tomato Pie, Hard Times, Nicky D’s, Lago D’Argento, Two Boots, Los Angeles Pizza Co., Di Carlo, and many many more. Why do people think that the area needs any more pizza places? Can’t we get a little variety in the hood?

    • YOU FORGOT ONE: the E’pack store (including the little juice bar) across from the Walgreens is shutting down soon and becoming a pizza etc. restaurant as well. Arf.

    • I heard they serve a pizza topped with miniature pizzas.

    • You must be kidding. You’ve named a number of crappy pizza places in your list.

      The Simply Bad:
      Hard Times (the guy that took this over from original owners is still happy, after years, of serving mediocre food)
      Nicky D’s (sorry Nick, your pizza was way better when you first opened and ran the place yourself)

      The Mediocre:
      Lago D’Argento (only tried once, was unimpressed. Probably should try again to be fair)

      The Good:
      Tomato Pie

      That’s right, from your list, the only actual pizza place around Silver Lake that’s any good is Tomato Pie. Or, one can get pizza at Michelangelo’s, which is very good too. Or one has to go to Palermo’s on Vermont. We could use another (really good) pizza place, and put some of these other wannabes to shame.

  3. Sigh. smh. More Pizza? Who’s not doing their market research? Hello?? There are east coast transplants all over the place?! Try a Bagel shop (Brooklyn Water Bagels) or some proper Mediterranean food, at least a Zankou or something at the level of Carousel in Hollywood. $$$.

    • I agree with you. We need more Mediterranean on this side of town. A DECENT bagel would be nice too (you are never supposed to mention brooklyn water bagel… shhhhh our secret). Where do you guys go for a decent deli-sandwich or sub around here? Boo’s has a great cheese steak but I would like a deli sandwich. I am not a big fan of handcrafted/artisan pizzas. I’d rather eat a big greaser slice like Garage. Even a thick crust Chicago or Sicilian slice over the wood-fired pizzas.

    • A bagel shop would be amazing. I know there’s the place on Beverly, but the hours are limited. Seriously, I wouldn’t even complain if a Noah’s was opened on the Eastside.

  4. Atwater Village Newbie

    Logo makes me wonder exactly what kind of “wood” they’re talking about.

  5. re: more pizza

    As far as bagels … a quick jaunt down to Beverly, just west of Alvarado, to the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, will get you the best (to go) bagels around here. Not the best bagels period – can’t get those outside of Montreal!

  6. um. That was ~ yawn ~ re: more pizza
    I guess angle brackets don’t work for emphasis ….

  7. They’ll go out of business if the food is not to par around here,it better be some damn gopd pizza along with some italian items to choose from…or else…bye bye…lol

  8. Don;t know if this place will be any good, but it doesn’t look like its a chain, so this is excellent news. It was worrying that this could be a Coffee Bean or another national chain.

    As to the yawners, this part of Silver Lake has no pizza options within walking distance. One either has to go to Sunset and Fountain for Garage Pizza, which is not very good, or east to Echo Park to Two Boots/Buona. It would be nice to have a pitfire/800 degrees type of pizza joint to compliment the Ramen, Pho, and fancy pork in the immediate area.

    That being said, nothing beats Tomato Pie on Hyperion!

    • I am like 99% sure — but don’t quote me on this — that a commenter on Eater LA looked up the business licence for this place, and it’s being opened by the same folks who run the Big Momma and Poppa’s pizza chain.

      So, unfortunately, looks like chain pizza at marked up prices for us 🙁

  9. “Coming soon: Wood.” That’s what I tell my date when I like her outfit.

  10. Dirty me… The name of the restaurant sitting above the decidedly phallic looking object below it (a fancy pizza cutter, perhaps) leads me to skeptically consider what type of toppings will be offered and upon what type of pies.

  11. It’s not much…but I found this…


    • That highly offensive phallic graphic and phallic namesake have no room in our community. Shameful and disgusting. I will not give a cent to this misogynist establishment that worships the male form. This penis party has got to go!

  12. They should build an in n out nearby

    • Us NIMBYs would never welcome a delicious In n Out on this side of town. They create too much traffic and I’m sure the development will look out of place in this eclectic part of town. Also, the food is way way way too cheap. Inexpensive food options don’t fly around here.

  13. I have already started a grassroots campaign to remove this misogynist establishment from our neighborhood before it even goes in. The graphic and associated name makes me sick and forces community residents to accept in-your-face giant male genitalia in our neighborhood. Let’s get together and demand that this place shuts down before it can even open! I was speaking to some neighbors about creating a Kickstarter to raise funds to sue and block the offensive name and even more offensive graphic from appearing in our town. I have children and there are many many schools in the area! Shame on this establishment! Nobody thinks of the children anymore!

    • Not quite sure if you are joking, with the “think of the children” shtick.
      Misogynistic images and references have absolutely no place in society.
      I love and appreciate irony and humor but if this is sexist, then I say no.

    • You’re probably joking, but just in case you’re not, I’d say that young children usually miss symbolism and double entendres. Kids these days probably don’t know the double meaning of the word “wood.” As far as I’m concerned, any young person who sees the double entendre in the name and symbol – if they even intended it – is old enough to handle it. If you’re concerned about offensive graphics and have some time to kill, I’d direct your attention a few blocks east to the American Apparel billboards on Sunset and Alvarado.

  14. Do you know if they will be keeping the old toms sign?
    ( i really hope so)

  15. I like this area of the town, and to have a good pizza place right here, I will be very happy .
    I like to try new yummy stuff. If its a pizza place ,it means they gonna have salads too.
    I am hoping this will be great place . We need quality not quantity.


  17. Place is a brain child of the owners of Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria which has a bunch of chain stores.

  18. New pizza is all fine and good with me. I really enjoy Two Boots pizza.

    If, Wood, does not get rid of their stupid phallic marketing logo I will never go there. Gross!

    How are they going to explain the sign to their own children much less the general public children who go by there every single day. Was no one around to say, “Guys don’t you think we can do better than this!?” Sadly, they were probably all sitting around I their trucker hats, sipping microbrew and laughing.

    We don’t want your cute little wood in our face like that. Not going there.

  19. silver lake gang or don’t bang

  20. DeSano Pizza Bakery 🙂 yummm

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