Goodbye, Glassellland

Glassellland sign in April

Hillside after sign removed today/Drew McKinley

A little more than six months after it popped up on a Glassell Park hillside, the large white letters that spelled out “Glasssellland” were removed this morning by a crew of three men. Drew McKinley, who snapped a photo of the sign-less hillside near Kinney Street, said the men began dismantling the sign at about 7 am. Another resident, Carrie Bryden, was told that the sign was taken down because it lacked permits. “So sad,” she said.

It’s not the first time the Glassellland sign has come and gone. The sign first appeared about a half mile away when it was erected on a hillside near Forest Lawn last month before being removed a few days later. Is this the last stand for Glassellland or will it crop up on a hillside near you?


  1. Good. Personally, I think it looked stupid and “wannabe” like Hollywood hills. Why not just “GLASSELL PARK” ???? Still I thought it was an eye soar and just didn’t fit in when driving along the 2 freeway.

  2. Of course haters are always going to hate. It was a lovely piece of art, a tribute to Hollywoodland. PS, it’s eye SORE… The ugly stark hill is more of an blemish than a community building sign. I’m all for petitioning for permits to keep it permanently.

  3. J R said it best, eye soar. I must agree that it was an Eye Soar because my eye would certainly soar to take in the sight of the sign, every time I passed by. Bring the meme back! Glassellland!

  4. Loved it – irony, creativity, spontaneity amidst a sea of stiffs. Bring it back, please!

  5. Frankly I do not see how Hollywood and Glassselland have anything in common, it is two different words. I always thought it was very cool when I saw it. It made the area seem more special and was very representative of a hip Los Angeles. I hope they can put it back very soon.

  6. I’m going to be the pettiest person on this post, but three ‘L’s in a row is an eyesore.
    I’m all for Glassell Land, or Glassell-Land but ‘Glassellland’ can suck it.

  7. Public art should be encouraged. Our area is unique and varied and this sign made it feel a little more special. Personally, I loved it.

  8. Looks Like Many People Here Are Not From Glassell Park . Maybee The West Side Or Central L. A Like Echo Park Silverlake”

  9. It always made me smile.

  10. I loved that sign. I think it’s an ice ore. I don’t live in Glassell Park, tho’. But I drive the 2 a lot.

    How three L’s in a row can be an eyesore tho’ I don’t quite get.

  11. Boooooooooo!
    The sign added a sense of fun to the neighborhood.
    Please restore and reinstall the sign on the hill.


  13. Awww phooey! I thought that sign was the greatest, triple “L” and all. Guerilla art is absolutely the best. Too many tight-a**ed people here.

  14. i loved having this in my neighborhood…what a shame. did anyone ever stop to read the little plaque which accompanied the sign? i’d been meaning to for a long time, but never got around to it.

  15. That dried up ugly hillside is more of an eye sore than the sign! The sign was creative and unique. I’ve lived in glassell park 15 years and if I knew who the makers were, I’d contribute my own money to put it up for another 6 months or as long as it takes the uptight city of la to take it down. Guerrilla art all the way!! All you haters out there…go back to the Westside!

  16. I loved the Glasselland sign. I’m sad to see it go.

  17. Aww I loved it!! Bring it back!!

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