Police investigating car-to-car shooting in Silver Lake area

Police tonight are investigating a car-to-car shooting that was reported at about 10  p.m. in the 900 block of N. Virgil Avenue in East Hollywood near the western edge of Silver Lake.  Sgt. Melvin Gamble with the Rampart Division said no victims were found at the scene but police are checking at local hospitals for any possible victims.


  1. wana last. be the first to blast !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wana [sic] last. don’t join a gang.

      • Good sentiment, but it’s not quite as catchy as Mr. Wolf’s. Let me offer some assistance:

        Wanna live long? The gang life is wrong.
        Stay healthy and lean; don’t join MS-13.
        If you strive for longevity, gangs offer no levity.
        My personal motto: Don’t become a vato.

  2. Real Echo Park 30 plus years in MY Hood…

    All you stupid people that think this is your neighborhood make me laugh.
    Visitors thats all you are! Save your comments we don’t care what you think or say,
    These Streets are ours…

    • 30 years in one place? No wonder you idiots act like a bunch of caged dogs.

    • I think it is time for you to grow up.

    • A neighborhood is for all who live there AND care about their neighborhood. Some residents care more than others. People who go around shooting, tagging, etc in their neighborhood fall in the group of those who don’t give a sh*t about their neighborhood; therefore, the neighborhood is not theirs.

    • You obviously care a lot about what we say and think. Sqirl Jams is only the beginning.

    • If you truly believe these are YOUR streets, why would you glorify drive by shootings? Wouldn’t you want more for YOUR streets and the kids who grow up here than this? This article just speaks of a shooting. Nothing else. Yet you appear to show such pride that this happened in YOUR backyard. That this, these singular shots, are reflective YOUR “real” neighborhood and that no one- even the largely peaceful neighbors in your community- can take that away from you. Why are you so afraid of YOUR neighborhood NOT being victim to violence? Why show pride and bravado in the streets you claim as your own being stricken with gunshots? Why would you want to risk kids you know getting hit by a stray bullet? Why would you want things to stay this way?

      I’ve been in a shooting before. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I certainly wouldn’t wish it on my beautiful, unique neighborhood of Echo Park, nor our neighbors in Silver Lake.

      Show REAL pride in YOUR streets by demanding better for them.

    • gettingrichinamerica

      not for long homie. move to the 909 where you low lifes belong.

    • Echo Park resident

      People who own homes and businesses are “just visitors?” Wrong — they have just as much as a right to live in any part of the city as you do. The only thing no one has a right to do is destroy someone’s personal property or put innocent lives in harm’s way over turf wars.

    • “Real Echo Park 30 plus years in MY Hood…”

      Been here longer than you Mr. ‘My Hood’, so by your own rules of definition I’m not a ‘visitor. Glad to know that, I was soooo unsure until now!!

      And since I’ve been here longer than you, I’ll proclaim you a ‘visitor’ and command you to leave, since your attitude and inferred criminal beliefs (and acts?) are not welcomed here in our ‘streets’ by the VAST majority of residents that have been here longer than you.

      Now scram you waste of skin. This isn’t a gang banger poster board…..start your own, so the LAPD can monitor it, lol.

  3. I heard 4 shots in rapid succession, then lots of sirens.

  4. With clear gang-related incidents like these, why do people think we don’t need a gang injunction. Our streets need to be safer. Those bullets could have ended up hitting someone’s home or someone’s child.

  5. I live in this Hood and that is exactly what it is. LAPD doesn’t care about Virgil Village. The gang controls this street. Oh yea, there is a gang injunction… see how much they enforce that HA

  6. woke up today with this garbage written on my home ws crazys 13 i live on normal/hoover.

    • Yep, the Crazy 13s are moving in on the LML 13s. The Pride of Tony V. It’s like a soccer match, but they use guns instead of balls. And the streets are the stadiums. Welcome to Los Angeles homie.

  7. Sorry, I was just trying to romanticize gang life before YJC comes on here and does it. When can we round up these cockroaches and exterminate every last one of them?

  8. Crazies are moving in on La Mirada? Eeesh, Thats not gonna be good.

    • With gangbangers It’s all about drama, so they’re always trying to stir the pot.

      It’s a daytime soap opera with guns and maturity of spoiled children that bully others.

      What a life to aspire to, lol.

  9. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be a lot tougher to “turn around” the Virgil Village area (by the way, how new is that name? I haven’t heard it before this year). Where Highland Park, Silver Lake and Echo Park have a lot more single-family homes and small apartment buildings, Virgil Village seems a lot more densely-populated; the area bordered by Melrose on the south, Santa Monica on the north, Vermont on the west and Virgil on the east has tons of apartment buildings and seems really cramped. That said, I love how close it is to the Red Line, LACC, Silver Lake, and Hollywood; it’s ideally-located. If I owned property in that area, I’d try to get my neighbors to put up as many surveillance cameras as possible. Except for at the Braille Center. Oh, and maybe I’d ask the leather-clad patrons of that bar on Melrose just west of Vermont to patrol the area. Lastly, while we’re discussing Virgil Village, what happened to the guy who used to set up all of his flags in front of the gas station at the corner of Melrose and Vermont?

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