Storefront Report: Silver Lake home of Tang’s Donut looking for a new tenant

Tang’s Donut now up for lease/Photo by Julie Peasley

Where have the doughnut-loving chess players and cyclists who used to hang out at Tang’s Donut  go after the Silver Lake shop closed? A “For Lease” sign has gone up in the window of the Sunset Boulevard storefront, where a chess and backgammon match always seemed to be in progress at the outdoor tables and cyclists used to gather for a weekly Wolfpack Hustle ride.  It’s not known why Tang’s closed but the shop apparently closed in December, according to L.A. Magazine.

Julie Peasley said she had noticed workers dismantling fixtures last month but assumed Tang’s was being remodeled.  She snapped the photo above and bemoaned Tang’s departure:

It’s the end of an era for Silver Lake, especially the bike community that used the little donut shop … How sad today to ride by and see the For Lease sign.


  1. I never liked the name but sorry to see an independent donut shop gone.

  2. Echo Park resident

    What!?!? Noooo!!

    I used to live across the street from Tang’s, moved away just in November of 2013. They had the best — and I mean BEST — cheap sandwiches in the area. The woman/owner was always so sweet. This is seriously the most disappointing news.

  3. Tang’s will be missed. They had amazing sandwiches!

  4. WOW! I grew up across the street (in a complex behind Malo). Mornings were crazy/super interesting here; students from King Middle School on the arcade machines trying to keep from starting the school as long as possible, all the chess games going on, and the throng of bicycles on on the patio. I hate that they are being pushed/priced out.

    RIP Tang’s.

  5. I am devastated. Can’t believe I hadn’t noticed yet. My FAVORITE donuts in the city.

  6. I’m sure you can thank this endless push for high-end trendy restaurants, stores and bars in the area. Rents have skyrocketed through the stratosphere — so the kinds of shops that made this area desirable are all being pushed out. Tang’s appears to just be the latest, although certainly not the first. We are left with these high priced trendy places the same as you find all over everywhere you go, nothing special about this area any more, and no welcome for less affluent people anymore.

    When rents skyrocket, businesses like Tang’s are run out. This has been going on since at least when J’s Jayburgers at Santa Monica and Virgil had its rent quintupled, putting that landmark burger stand out of business after maybe 50 years. Consider the burger place that used to be at Sunset and Park, run out of business by skyrocketing rent and the landlord putting it on the market for $11,000 a month in rent — that’s a hell of a lot of burgers!

    • Echo Park resident

      To be fair, Tom’s Burgers (the burger place on Sunset that was $11k/month) was a decaying craphole of a restaurant and a health violation waiting to happen.

      But, as someone who recently left this immediate area as I mentioned above, there ARE a lot of changes happening in that neighborhood. (Franklin Hills?) The Tang’s shopping center saw Pho Citi turned into a vegan joint and a Thai place turned into a gastropub within the last year. The flower shop across the street is now a high-end “plant design” shop. As long as Tiki Ti stays, I’m not too bent up about it — but the new demographics (ie: older hipsters with lots and lots of cash) coupled with my rent being raised for the first time in 4 years, made me begin to loathe the little cute area I used to call home. At least it hasn’t hit Echo Park this badly (yet?).

    • yeah that new pizza place aint gonna make it but what a piece of poop toms was! Dirty nasty place. Had to go. Sorry;( as for tangs, it had it’s day and now it’s time to move on. Clean it up already and stop your bs whinning. Maybe a new nieghborhood institution will begin you never know.

  7. Thanks hipsters and Wolfpack Hustle for boosting the property lease value! Your years of free marketing really paid off for the landlord. Your cut of the profits? Zero. Great work!

  8. This is a loss. There’s is a huge hole in my life, does anyone know if the chess action that Tangs was home too has found a new place? I need a good cafe or dive were I can meet strangers and play blitz chess!

    • I’m so sad about Tang’s too. The best other chess place Ive found in the city is the Starbucks in Ladera Center, in shopping center near corner of La Tijera and Lacienega. The address is on Centinella Ave I think.

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