Echo Park fires have residents on edge*

Fire damaged SUV on Portia Street | Dana

Fire crews respond to vehicle fire | Dana

A large popping sound and then fire sirens were heard one night  last week on Portia Street in Echo Park after an SUV parked  in front of an apartment building caught fire.  The fire began  in a recycling or trash bin and then spread to the vehicle parked nearby in what neighbors said is the most recent fire to have hit the in the area in recent weeks.

Residents suspect that an arsonist has been responsible for setting several recycling bins on fire on Galveston and Portia streets as well as the 1300 block of Laveta Terrace, which are all near the scene of last week’s vehicle fire, according to one man who lives on McDuff Street.  It’s not clear if one person or a group of persons is responsible for the fires. The Eastsider is seeking more information from police.

* Update: LAPD Senior Lead Officer Gina Chovan said the LAFD does not consider last week’s car fire as a result of arson.

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  1. Anyone who regularly walks the staircases knows exactly who does this crap since they congregate on the staircases under tree-cover so that the ghetto bird can’t see them.. They even tagged their name underneath their EXP crap all over garage doors on ep avenue Friday night. Is it really that much of a mystery? Gang injunction really seems to be doing a lot of good. I, for one, never see cops in EP except to write parking tickets on Friday mornings.

  2. It’s true, there is almost no police presence on any street other than Sunset Blvd at night.

  3. There’s a LOT of tagging going on in the Hollywood area near Hollywood/Wilton too, including the complete defacing of the once beautiful Spot 5750 club. Where are our Senior Lead Officers, the Neighborhood Councils, the councilman who’s office is right down the street?

  4. Also, never leave furniture or mattresses near a building or car, they are often set on fire.

  5. I’ve noticed more graffiti showing up throughout Echo Park, Silver Lake, Eagle Rock, and Highland Park ever since Garcetti came into office and it sounds like other people are also seeing an increase. It makes me wonder if graffiti clean up is less of a priority for Garcetti’s administration. If so that is a big mistake because it is something that people who vote on the local level care a great deal about.

  6. while people are quick to blame exp, it’s actually the group of strung out portland white boys who continue to live in the park at scott just below portia. they are an entitled group of 19 year old idiots who yell at women and children walking in the park. the cops have run them out a couple times but they keep coming back (again entitlement). the have set numerous fires in the park and are serious pack rats with trash everywhere. the jackasses need to go back home to their mom’s house. if you walk down scott and turn on the fire road and look up their is all of their shit everywhere.

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